Tuesday, February 6, 2024

The learning NEVER stops!!!

I am jumping over the moon right now! Can you see me? I have had a slight issue with a software program (not Outlook - believe it or not!) that has been bugging me. What is wrong? Or better yet -- what AM I DOING WRONG? 

We discussed the issue at Monday sewing, and I've learned there's a workaround or at least a different way. But this function HAS to work. Then I left it as I had to get stuff prepped for an embroidery software class. This morning, both things got niggling in my head as I loaded a quilt on the long arm, and seconds later -- VOILA -- I have the answer, and it works FAST!!! 

I have another software Zoom this morning, so I won't be able to go and play with my new skills for a while, but WOW --- persistence pays off! 

Now, if only that same persistence would work in Outlook. I have a couple of leads on certain items, and I'll be checking those out. And there are MORE storage issues - more on that tomorrow!! It's all because of these darn emails with large attachments. I WILL get it cleaned up!

The more I teach, or the more I have to explain or question things, the more I NEED to know how they work. I'm becoming super bright! Not really, but being able to explain it and hopefully so others can understand it -- that's my goal. I'm so happy!!!! And, of course, I'll be sharing with the appropriate group! 

OK -- what else happened yesterday? I managed to get some blocks cut for the Heartfelt Sampler. 

One block prepped for sewing

One more block is prepped for sewing

I still have THREE blocks to cut for this month's homework. And then I'll need to work on the homework for next week. I should be able to get caught up, but a lot is happening, so not a ton of time to mess around. 

The third block half prepped

As mentioned, I got a giant quilt loaded on the long arm, and I'm not sure I can get to it today, but if not, I'll be on it tomorrow. I have THREE big ones to complete this week, and I can't delay with them as they are overdue!

I had an AMAZING time at the spin class. Some days, you get there, and you are dragging. That wasn't the case for me, but I always start slowly. Then I picked up and went mad! I was going to stop at my 30 KM, but Joseph put on one of my favorite songs, and well, I slogged it out to the very end and ended up with 31.5 KM. I "complain" about how noisy this one guy is - grunting and groaning. Oops -- I think I was as bad as he was yesterday. Sorry! 

But the feeling you get from that is incredible. It's almost as good as solving a software problem!! Yep --- I'm flying higher than a kite these days, and I'm not on drugs! 

It was such a nice day that when I got back from my walk (I picked up a parcel from the post office and a book from the library), the girls, the boy, and I went into the backyard, and we sat and enjoyed the view from the gazebo - of course! The boy was quite happy to sit on my lap while the girls roamed the backyard. As you can see, there is NO SNOW, which is not good. 

The view from the gazebo

I think we are the only ones with a wee bit of snow still in our front yard, and that's only because I was diligent about getting it out of our driveway. With the temperatures in the forecast, this won't last long. 

The last of our snow right now

My brain is going a mile a minute right now, with follow-ups to do. Well, the more information I can provide to people about accomplishing a task, the better. I'm all for it! 

So Murphy is having a heyday with one of her toys. This toy has sat in the toy box for a long time, and she would pick it up occasionally but never really got into it. Well, she managed to destroy one end, and I found the toy in this position one morning by the front door. 

Upright toy!

This is what the end is supposed to look like. 

And this is what the one end looks like now. She chewed that whole end off. Good dog, Murphy!! I'd rather her do that than chew something in the house, although she has NEVER chewed anything. 

Murphy has strong teeth

Now that we are a one-car family, I'm on train duty! Several times a week, I have to get DH to the train station. There have been a few moments when it's been a challenge! Not for me, but for him, and we once almost didn't make it. I'm not even in the parking lot yet, and the train is coming into the station. We made it! That was a bit too close for comfort!!! But I have company, as the little guy doesn't want to be left behind! How cute is that!!!

My train drop-off companion

OK -- I must go as I have stuff I need to get done!! OH, GREAT - I now smell like a skunk! I just let the girls and the boy out, and Murphy and Lexi (but especially Murphy) went ballistic because a skunk was sauntering along the back of the fence - thankfully on the outside. But I'm trying to shoo the skunk away and keep Murphy away, and well, I didn't get sprayed, but the skunk sprayed, and I have residue on me!! Yippeee!!!! Bad dog, Murphy!

Oh, here's a reminder: Every Tuesday this month at Cineplex, it's $5 for a movie and $5 for a small popcorn. I may need to steal away for a bit!!!

Have a great day!!!!


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