Wednesday, March 13, 2024

"Another" hobby!

Well, I did not find that sample, but that's OK because I made new ones, and they are probably nicer than the old ones! It's still super annoying that I can't find them. They will turn up at one point, but where are they hiding?

I'm a bit strapped for time this morning as I have to be somewhere at 8 a.m., which is prime dog-walking time. So the blog will be short, and the spin class will be short, so I can at least get them outside and fed. When someone offers to do you a favor and they say 8 a.m., you switch the schedule to make that happen. 

Oh my—for those in the digital cutter world, this store is INCREDIBLE. It's called Sign Supply Canada, and they have everything you can imagine for digital cutters. It's not like I have time for another "hobby." As usual, I'm trying to find a way to combine everything, so I picked up a few things to try. OK -- so I already had a few samples, but I now have projects in mind! 

Shopping for vinyl

I switched up my Zoom setup, and I like it much better. I'm using three sewing machines for two Zoom classes, and the U-shape gives me much more room. Once those three sessions are over, I switch to the other brand, which is on the other side. The last two of the week are on software, which requires no machines. The scheduling of those events worked out perfectly for me. Sitting in there with two video cameras becomes tight, but it works fine! 

Lights, camera, action!

The little guy was trying to play gaffer, but he wasn't much help!! I had to move him because he was right at the entrance to my spot, and he was scared I'd trample him like Murphy has been known to do!

Grandma -- I can help!

I've been trying to think of a more permanent filming area where I don't have to move things around so much. However, once these next two weeks are over, I won't need so much equipment for zooms, so it'll be much easier to set up. Anyway, I'm thinking about the future or even about my personal zooms. I rarely need three machines, so this is a bit unusual. I really need some practice on the lighting, as my face always looks awful!

Some of the samples I stitched involved using two spools of thread. Do you know what that means? Yes, you can do so many cool things with twin needles!

Using two spools of thread!

It was such a beautiful day. How could you NOT be outside? Even though I had loads of work to do, I went for a walk and sat in the backyard with the girls and a boy. He's not keen on sitting on the ground but quite happy to be a lap dog!

The lap boy!

Of course, all three of them have to be right there. After this picture, I took his sweater off. The little guy was hot! 

My entertainment while outside

And while I was sitting there, this little guy was busying himself in the tree beside the gazebo. 

Nature close at hand

Look at that sky, and there's my beautiful glass wind chime. I leave my wind chimes out all winter and love to sit and hear the tinkle. Soon, the waterfall will be open, and I'll never stay awake out there. 

The glass windchime

As mentioned, it's short today but I have to run! 

Have a super day!!!!


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