Friday, March 8, 2024

Clean Sweep!

OH --- someone mentioned that it was funny I went to the bank to deposit that $20 bill! Well, I was pretty sure it wouldn't go through the ATM, and I asked the teller, and he said NO. I thought this polymer bill was introduced years ago. I was a bit surprised that it was in September of 2015. Seriously? I thought it was older than that. AHA --- a bit more research and it was, in fact, introduced in November 2012. A commemorative note in honor of Queen Elizabeth was introduced in September 2015. 

I could have spent that $20, but I figured that many people would not know what it was and wouldn't accept it, and I don't use cash anymore. So I thought it best to go to the bank where they would know what it was! Although I bet that teller showed it around the office saying -- can you believe that someone still has this old bill? 

I bet my mother has MANY old bills, and she's probably not alone. 

It's Friday, and although there are still three days in the week, I'm making decent progress through the events. There are four Zooms left and an in-person event on Machine Quilting. If you want to learn to machine quilt or improve your techniques, sign up for the in-person class at The Hobby Horse. WAIT -- -you can't sign up -- it's sold out!!

And if you have the mySewnet embroidery software (you could get some help if you have Premier Plus2 - the previous version), I'm running a seminar tonight on the PLATINUM level. I did one last night, and it was amazing!! So, to check out what you can do at that top level, contact Stitch by Stitch today to get the link. I had a lot of fun prepping for it, and I discovered something cool after closing the call. I need to stitch it out today!

I downloaded all the photos from my phone to the computer to free up some storage space. 

No more pictures on my phone

That did NOT seem to help. Why is this happening? I may have to reboot my computer, but the server says it's still full. I do NOT get it. Unless the photos it's talking about are the photos on the blog. Grrrrr --- I just want answers!!! 

But after I moved the photos, I noticed there were still photos on my phone. Yep -- those would be photos from What's Up, IG, Facebook, and Messenger. So, I have deleted most of those as they are the ones people send me- there is no need to keep most of those. It's still a learning curve, and while deleting files, I have yet to free up some storage space. Obviously, more research is needed to clean up this mess. 

I have another storage area, Dropbox, that I need to move the files out of and close my account as I no longer use it. What a storage nightmare!

Speaking of nightmares, this was Studio B when I closed down last night. Yikes -- that is scary. 

A jumbled mess

And this is what it looks like this morning. 

Look at all that room!

Yep -- a few changes. I have someone coming over today to work on the embroidery machines, and it was a tripping hazard! I know the timing is not good, but we have delayed this play date for months. Well, let's just do it!!!

I have some small folding tables, and all of them have been called into action to hold the stuff rather than dumping it on the floor. Some stuff got shoved against a table in the right-hand corner, and some of it is in the area where the long arm sits. 

All the technology got shoved into this corner. 

The technology corner

I'm OK with all that. It needed to be done—it was getting very crowded. I hope to get all the samples and accessories/tools set out for the next two weeks, and as I use them, they can be put away. I have a plan, and I'm not worried. 

I had to clear the cutting table off so we could have a space to work. That got sorted onto one of the spare folding tables. I've lost count of how many tables are currently in use! 

That leaves me with the dilemma of what to do with this crappy cutting mat. 

The front

The back

It's the one I cut on all the time, yet I have THREE almost brand-new mats of the same size. I was going to toss this, but I decided to keep it for cutting batting and trimming quilts, which can make a mess on a good cutting mat. 

All I had to do was switch the mats on the cutting table. The cutting table is again covered, but with the supplies we need for our play date. I also wanted to experiment with something to help us with the project. Of course, this morning, as part of the mad cleanup, I got out the appropriate tools and a quick video on YouTube, and I was on my way to success!! I love it when things work like I want them! But why leave it until the last minute? 

Here's the thing about experimenting. Because I knew how to use this tool, it only required a little effort to try my experiment. The more we experiment and play, the easier things get! 

I also completed a few more blocks for the Heartfelt Sampler quilt. These two blocks complete the third last block set. 

Two more blocks for the Heartfelt Sampler

I still had a bit of time, so I got two blocks done on the second-last block set. There are still seven blocks to sew, but they don't take a lot of time. There are eight blocks in the final set, but I realized this morning that I'm missing two squares for each block. DRAT!!! Back to the cutting board for that. 

Two more blocks for the Heartfelt Sampler

I have to say that I'm getting pretty handy at setting up videos and camera equipment. Perhaps I should start a serious YouTube channel with all my wealth of information? I don't know—I really do not have the time to do the editing required. But I have all the equipment, and I LOVE this switchbox. I can connect FOUR cameras to it, and now that I know how to work it with Zoom, it's a breeze to switch from camera to camera. 

My BlackMagic switch box

And yes, there was a learning curve with the darn thing, but I've got it now, so I want to get lots of use out of it. 

I'm thrilled that I learned how to use the iPad to file the files in the way that I want. Yesterday, I downloaded more files, which are safely stored in their appropriate folders. I see I have to remove the ones I read from iBooks, but that's OK. I keep the darn thing powered up now, which I never did because I wasn't using it regularly! 

The iPad gets constant use

Last night, I downloaded the instructions for the project we're working on today! No paper, printing, or losing the documents because I know we won't finish today!!! 

I spotted these flowers on the counter this morning. I suspect they came from the event that DH attended last night in honor of International Women's Day, so we get to enjoy those for a few days!!


There are no pictures of the girls and the boy, although I guess you can see Miss Murphy in the corner. Her favorite spot to lie is next to the fence. Then she can see into the forest and the backyard! If anything moves, she can bark at it! 

A beautiful day in the backyard

She is like a naughty child with the barking. She knows she is not supposed to bark because she usually stops when you tell her. And I've seen her turn her back to me, bark at the forest, then turn around to see if I'm watching her!!! That girl!!!!

Is it too early to announce the projects that will start in October? Yep --- I got some feedback from people, chatted with the store (Thimbles and Things), and I think it's set! That was easy!! I have two other projects I'd like to run, but it means I'll have to run them myself. ACK ---I said I wouldn't do that!! But it's a way to get them done. I'll post pictures of the two I want to do, and let's see what your response is about doing them. Don't lecture me!!! 

Oh, I should make you guess which quilts they are. Both are designed by Wendy Williams. Can you guess which two I want to make? One is in the list on that website, and the other is in the Pattern Book category (you can find it through the link above). Actually, when I look at the quilts, I see that there are way more than two I want to make. 

Well, there's a lot of follow-up and e-mails to be sent, but I won't have time until much later today. Thankfully, I don't have to prepare for the Zoom tonight, so that saves some time. I might just get all my blocks for Heartfelt completed. 

On that note, I'm out of here! I know I should be writing today instead of having a play date, but I'll be writing tomorrow, Sunday, and all next week. No more messing around with errands—it's time to get serious!

Have a super day!!!



  1. When my mats get crappy like that, I use an exacto and cut off the 'good' part and use for trimming HSTs and small blocks. It's nice to have "a small mat" to put on the table for that. I'd guess about 12x15?

    Happy Friday :-)

  2. Is it Colour My World? Is it Spice Market?