Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Taming the Jungle Part 2

Amazing what team work can do.

I had casually mentioned to M, that I would appreciate it if Berke could help us with some of the dirt moving. After I taught my class on Sunday afternoon, I arrived home to find Berke "ready and eager" to work.

First we took an assessment of the situation. Hmmmmm - there is another side garden between the Secret Garden and the front of the house, BUT it was VERY overgrown. It is also the easiest way to get into the backyard with a wheel barrow. SO......................   out came the trimmers and clippers. A few snips later and VOILA - there is a path to the backyard.

Trimming the jungle

More trimming

Those branches on the left completely covered that open area. Right to the white fence. It was TIME to get rid of that!!!!!    I want to completely get rid of those shrubs on the left, but what to replace them with??????

Sparky enjoying a luscious moment on the grass. We have no grass in our backyard and she loves to lie in the grass. 
Sammy standing guard on the front step

Once the pathway was clear - we quickly got a system going. OH - but another surprise awaited me - DH decided to help out. Well with FOUR people, three shovels, two wheelbarrows and a rake - that dirt and mulch was flying.

Berke - hard at work - oooops

Berke HARD at work

Here comes another load of mulch

Even the princes was helping

She was the official dirt/mulch spreader

Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now the Secret Garden looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ooops - they forgot that when the gate gets closed - there is now am EMPTY spot right at the gate!!!!!!!!!!!!   I need to buy some patio stones to go under the gate. Dear little Sammy has learned that she can dig her way out of here and then escapes onto the street. She has been caught NUMEROUS times. I have blocked up the hole with a log, but I don't want that to be a permanent situation. 

Bottom line - I couldn't keep ahead of them in clearing the weeds. But I made a HUGE advancement on the weeding and trimming. I figure another couple of hours and everything will be done. We are planning another dirt/mulch slinging party this coming weekend. Anyone want to join us??????

It really was a lot of fun!!!  Trust me.

And we almost got through TWO of those big bags - one of dirt and one of mulch. We will certainly not run out, but we won't have much left over either. But I will find a spot for it all.

Now I have to tackle the front yard which has periwinkle, but the grass has grown into the periwinkle. I decided to bite the bullet and pull it out up. Oh should I say that I am DIGGING it up. What a pain - thank goodness the area is NOT big.

I managed to eek out another quilt - I made the deadline!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am still in the double digits as far as number to be done before I leave, but I am feeling in good shape!!!!!

Customer quilt

Detail of customer quilt

On that note - I am off to yoga this morning. There are FOUR major kinds of yoga - I am doing restorative yoga. I don't need anything aerobic in my yoga class. But I desperately need the stretching.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (It is raining, but that makes it a perfect day to get some quilting done or some paperwork and NOT feel guilty because I am not outside)


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