Monday, June 22, 2015

It's all about M!!!!!!

Yes my last visitor on this trip is M!!!!   She reluctantly broke down and agreed to come for a couple of days.  Good grief - it's a FREE vacation   - you would think she would have jumped at the chance. Perhaps she just wanted a few more days away from ME!!!!   She probably only came because the girls have been away for so long.   Plane was a half hour late so I read my book!

"People we know come through those doors!!"

Welcome to PEI sign as you leave the airport
 So much easier to get photos when someone in the car CAN take photos since it is hard (and not adviseable) for the driver to be snapping photos while the car is moving.

The three Coastal Drives in PEI

Then  we headed to downtown Charlottetown for some lunch. Nice outdoor patio so the girls could sit with us.

As we were back in the car and driving around, I spotted this beautiful cruiser bike. M grabbed the camera and got a photo for me.  At first, I thought someone had ridden the bike to the restaurant, but NO - you can win it.  Well - I have to go back tomorrow to get my name in the draw or whatever I need to do to win this bike.  It is gorgeous!!!!!

Bike that you can WIN!!!!!!
After much running around and doing some errands, we were on our way home.  Then we headed out for dinner at which point, I finally realized that I had NOT taken a picture of M yet.  Oh yes - I was hearing loud protests from the back seat.  Same way I heard loud protests all day yesterday because my blog post was not about HER!!!!   As you can see - today's post is all about M!!!!!


We have NOT had great luck at going out for dinner the last couple of nights.  On Friday night, we wanted to pick up some cooked lobsters for DH and pizza for me.  Pizza place closes at 6 so we hussled over there to get the pizza and would pick up the lobster on the way back.  OH OH - the darn lobster place closed at five!!!!   No worries - found something at home that we could survive on and I shared my pizza.

Then on Saturday night, we headed to the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company to have dinner in the restaurant. NOPE - the restaurant was closed for a fund raising event so no dinner. We went to Carr's Oyster Bar instead which was great.

Both places had great gift shops and we bought a few things at each shop.  Look what we found at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company gift shop - now THAT'S a tea pot.   That is probably the size of my friend Ruth's teapot. She alwasy talks about the Nott Teapot which is HUGE!!!!!

That's a big teapot!!!!   A mere $280.00
 As the sun was setting, we were watching it to see how spectacular the sunset would be and as the sun went down - it got better and better and we kept running outside to get ONE MORE PICTURE.

Sunset started like this

Went to this

Then this

And finally like this - it was GORGEOUS

M getting a picture of the sunset on her phone

 M really really really wanted to go kayaking.  She has done a bit of kayaking before and I was a bit hesitant, but as the Mom of an ADULT - really she can do what she wants and I try to be a good Mom.  So off we went yesterday morning to rent a kayak . The weather wasn't that great, no sun, could have been warmer, but at least it wasn't raining.

However when she came downstairs dressed in a light T-shirt and short shorts - I'm thinking - NO WAY. You will freeze to death. So like a good Mom, I lent her my light hoodie and my wind pants and she borrowed DH's fleece lined golf wind breaker.  I notice that she still had all those clothes on when she got back (not that she had any place to put them). But at least she was warm. That is one for the parents, but I'm not supposed to say that!!!!

Adjusting the pedals

And she is off!!!!!!!!!!!

I had the girls with me and we decided that we would just hang out for a couple of hours.  I had taken a  quilt that needed to have the binding stitched down and a book. I tried to sit outside, but the mosquitoes were bad so we all went back to the car.

Little Sammy using my quilt as a pillow

Sparky looks absolutely bored!!!!!

I ended up reading my book which was really good. I am now down to the LAST book that I brought. But it is a library book (my overdue library book)  and so I must take that one home with me.   We did go for a short walk as well and then we went back to the parking lot to watch for M's return. She was planning on being out for two hours.

Look who is coming................

Nice form!!!

Right on target!!!!

I had two very excited dogs (once they realized that M was coming in from the water) and trying to take pictures and the darn dogs were hampering the guy trying to pull the kayak in.  I bet he was thinking "lady can you just back off with those dogs so I can work!!!!"

The welcoming committe

Ah - yes - YOU have to help carry the kayak back to the rack!!!

Carrying the kayak!!!!
 These are a couple of selfies that M took while kayaking!!!

Love this picture!!!!
 I think she was pretty tired when she got back. Actually I think she did a pretty good job considering that she doesn't do a lot of physical activity. She was happy and thank goodness no one was around while she was on the water. I think there was a lot of shouting (for joy) and singing going on!!!!!

This was a GORGEOUS old house that we spotted on the way to the kayak place.  I didn't back up because there were people in the yard and dogs barking. Didin't want to cause any trouble so we quickly snapped this and moved on!!!!

Gorgeous old house

Now M could not have chosen a better spot for the kayaking. We went to Victoria by the Sea.  Ah a place I know well. There is the BEST little chocolate shop there and a small cafe.  I have been there TWICE on my bike.

My car parked out front of Island Chocolates

And here is my bike parked out front................

My bike - 2014

I was also here in 2013, but not sure where the picture is - probably at home!   That Neil Miller could sniff out a coffee/bakery shop anywhere!!!!

Great chocolates in the shop, althought they do taste better on a bike and no calories when you are riding!!!!

Diet Pill anyone?????

Super chocolate coins!!!!

M and the girls at Island Chocolates

We did have some yummy hot chocolate and shared a piece of cheesecake!

Remember those quilt blocks from the Arts & Heritage Trail? - well they are everywhere and we found one more here in Victoria by the Sea.  We didn't stop, M was wet (some bad paddling???) and we wanted to get some lunch. I know - after that cheese cake - how could we have room for lunch.

Red Sand Jewelry and Fine Art

The quilt block!
 We stopped at the little bakery in Summerside where we were going to get lunch - closed on Sunday!!!   We ended up not needing lunch - too much cheesecake!!!!

Another quilt block in Kensingtono

At last we get home and M had a nap!!!!  Poor thing - not used to all that hard work!!!!  She was watching a movie and fell asleep with the head phones on.   She looked cold so I threw a quilt on her.

M having a nap!!!!
 When we had been at the Prince Edward Island Preserve Company the night before, we made a reservation for last night so we would be sure to get a spot.  Which we did and enjoyed a nice dinner for Father's Day.

M hamming it up on her bag pipes out the Preserve Company

Boy that kid comes prepared - all this for THREE days????   Gosh - even a glass jar for her pencils.  No hard ships for her!!!!

I keep telling you that Little Sammy is very camera shy.  Heck - I don't have to tell you - you can see from the photos. Well look at this photo that M snapped of her in the car.  It is asbolutely adorable!!!!!   She really is a cutie patootie!!!!!

Cutie Little Sammy!!!!!!!

I was snuggling with the dogs on the floor and trying to get them to sleep together.  This was the result. Sparky looks squished, Sammy is thinking - oh god - not another picture!!!!!

Me and the girls!!!!!

And there you have it - my day with M.  I had better get this posted before she bursts a blood vessel!!!!  So impatient.  Blogging takes time!!!

Oh yes - the weather - perhaps if I write that it is raining and doesn't look like it will clear up - perhaps it will later.  A GREAT day to stay inside and sew!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!


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