Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Back to PEI!

I still have some photos from PEI that I didn't get a chance to post while I was away.  Since they are edited and I am short on time this morning - here you go.

BTW - I do have some of the information for the Row by Row almost ready to go.  Just need to confirm TWO things and add one more picture and I think you will find a very NICE compilation of all things Row by Row for Atlantic Canada. That is for tomorrow.

Anyway - enjoy another day on PEI and let's all pretend that we are all there.

This was another day on the beach and although I am NOT a water person, I just loved being on the beach and watching the water. The sound of the waves crashing is incredible and the louder and angrier the ocean was - the more exciting it was although I did enjoy the calm days as well.   If you look at a map - you will see that this was NOT a protected beach.

If you look at the map below  - see the writing for Gulf of St. Lawrence???   Right below the word - "Lawrence" there is PARK CORNER.  There is where we were staying.  A LOVELY spot and I'd go back in a heart beat!!!!

Map of PEI

The girls absolutely loved the beach as well, and were quite happy to wander if I was walking. But as soon as I sat down - they hovered!!!!!

Off to explore

It was a WINDY day

A very windy day

The girls playing around

Sparky had no qualms about the water!

Yep - she could have been a water dog!

Oh yes - this was one of the scary days at athe beach.  The tide was up, but we thought we could sneak around some of the rocks and Sparky got caught.  No harm done, but I was a bit worried because she is so unstable.

We just walked where that water was!!!!!

OK - this isn't good - Sparky just sat there - I don't think she was all that happy so we turned around

Yes - we have to walk around those rocks!!!!!

But we made it!!!!!

You can just see the ocean HEAVING.   It is so incredible and so powerful.  You feel very small sitting there and watching. It is a humbling experience.  We have so much to learn from nature.  I think we do NOT put enough emphasize on nature.  Since I couldn't walk in the forest - few trees there, the beach was a great substitute.  I can't say enough for getting out and walking in nature EVERY DAY!!!!!!   Next time - you ask "where do I get my energy????"   NATURE!!!!!

Heaving waves

This next picture was taken where the stream meets the ocean.  It was so cool to watch the conflicting flows of water.
Conflicting water flows

Remember those nets in the water that I posted?  Well they were being put there for a specific reason. When not in use, they were stored on the beach.  I have more information on those in another post.

Fishing nets stored on the beach

Sammy was thinking that if she ran - she could cover more sniffing territory!!!!

Sparky just chillin

The scroungers

My boots - I love my boots!!!  I got my money's worth out of them

BUT - I was worried as that little river was pretty deep some days and I had to find a shallow enough spot to cross it

The beach!!!!!!

The constantly changing grains of sand!!!!!

And yet more waves - sorry!

Prepping for the group shot!!!!   "Hurry up MOM!!!!"

OK - that was the best I could get for a USIE (group selfie)

It was very hard as I didn't have a good surface to place the camera on and it was windy and the dogs were being silly - but we got a picture.  Notice how bundled up I am!!!!!   But I wish I was back there!!!  It was so much fun!!!!!

At last - back to the house

Little crab  - it was about one inch long

Thanks for bearing with me for yet ONE MORE DAY of beach and waves and sand.  It was such an important part of my vacation - well I took loads of pictures.  I promise tomorrow - no time today - to get back to quilty stuff.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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