Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What to do on a RAINY day???

Despite what you may think about my weather comments, the weather hasn't been that bad.  OK - it has been windy, it has been cool (OK - cold some days), but yesterday was a BAD weather day.  I woke up to heavy rain (the dogs did get a walk in but no beach time) and it rained pretty much like that all day.  It wasn't too warm and obviously the skies were grey.  But seriously  - one BAD day out of 28 - can't really complain about that.

I did not come to PEI to sit on the beach. Especially on a warm sunny day.  Nope - I would rather be bundled up and sit on the beach and hear the waves crashing on the shore. That is way more exciting and that is what I got.  Granted - I would have like the temperatures to be a teeny bit higher but nothing that warm clothes, wool socks (I got a LOT of use out of those socks and of course my new big black rubber boots which I think I have worn every day) couldn't handle.  NOTE to self:  ALL camping, cycling, country vacations REQUIRE rubber boots.

So what does one do on a rainy day????   Well - I decided to sew. That wasn't a difficult decision at all. And what did I work on??  I do have a couple of projects that I NEED (OK - would really like to get done before I leave).

Just so you get the picture of how cool and damp yesterday was, I caught Sammy and Sparky sleeping together on the dog bed.  Cuddling for warmth???

Sammy and Sparky

M had on a toque and a big sweater!!!!

OK - time to get my PEI quilt done!!!!    I decided to put on two borders and piece the back.  What the heck - I had everything I needed!!!!   So I did and I'm glad.

PEI souvenir quilt top- DONE!!!!!

Little Sammy checking to see if all those seams match - guess what - I passed the inspection!!!!

My only regreat with this quilt is that I didn't put blueberry fabric in it.  Too late now but I don't know what I was thinking.  I might add some to the label on the back.

When I started to put this shell fabric on - I decided that it was directional - I know - it doesn't look like it - but it is. I don't know how much I had, but that meant that I had to start cutting cross wise strips and length wise strips and because I like to join on the diagonal - well there were a few joins.

I had mere scraps left!!!!!  
All that was left of the border print

The binding is sewn together - just needs to be ironed this morning.

Then I was in for a special treat in the afternoon. Why????   Because Robin let me borrow her long arm to quilt the quilt!!!!   I know - how cool was that.   She has the same machine that I do, loads the quilts the same way that I do and uses the same thread that I do.  Yep - she could be my double!!!   Well not exactly - she is more crazy than I since she purchased a place here on PEI.    Although I did see a great house for sale yesterday on Facebook. Check out this link.    Just not sure that I could handle the winters!!!!   I could stock up on groceries and just stay indoors every day!

Anyway - I went to get my bag to put all the stuff in and look what I found. This bag had been sitting empty for a couple of weeks and Sammy had "buried" a dog bone in it!!!!   How cute.

Sammy's little bone hidden in my bag

I had to be careful when putting on those borders because of the batting I bought.  It was 73 inches wide by 93" long.  The quilt ended up being 68 by 78 so a bit more than my generous lap but better to be bigger than smaller.

Off to Robin's I go.  It's great because she has a dedicated quilt studio just mere feet from the house.  Keeps all the quilting crud out of the house. Not sure that I could do that especially in the dead of winter. But nice to be able to quilt at all hours of the day or night and not disturb anyone else.

Quilt is loaded and ready to go

Making good progress
 I did a panto on the quilt - it is just squares so doesn't need anything fancy. Got to use a different pattern from any that I have and also got to see several patterns on quilts that Robin has quilted. I have the patterns but didn't know if I would like them on a quilt. After seeing Robin's quilts - hey - I have a couple of "new" patterns to use.
Just needs to be trimmed and get that binding on!!!!!!
 Look at this gorgeous quilt rack that Robin had someone make for her.
Gorgeous quilt rack

Nice iron work!!!!!

I have to laugh about Robin.  I think it is five years that they have been coming to PEI and several years since they purchased a home. Everywhere I go on this side of the island, EVERYONE knows Robin and when I "like" a place on Facebook, Robin also likes it!!!!   I go to a gallery and mention an artist - Robin has had them over for dinner!!!!   It's pretty funny, but hey - if you are going to live here - you better embrace the lifestyle, get to know the players and enjoy!!!!   I think PEI and Robin are a good fit!!!!

Just so you can see how wet and icky it was yesterday (definitely a day for rubber boots), have a look at the road into the house.

A tad muddy

There is a shortcut from my house to Robin's however it requires that one drive on UNPAVED roads down some pretty big hills. I opted to take the long way and stayed on pavement!!!!

I did get a bit more stuff done when I got back from Robin's.

Block sewn together

Yes - this is my exercise in using busy prints for background.   ACK - so far I am OK with it.  I have the next one cut out and ready to go!!!!

And this morning I finished hand stitching the binding on the quilt I am leaving here.  Just wait until you see the quilt!!!!   That will be on tomorrow's blog.

Binding hand stitched down

I must be really out of shape because when I got home from quilting my quilt, I vegged around the house and had a really really long nap. Then I got up and went to bed!!!!   Must have been the weather.  But the new quilt is toasty and warm - Sammy and I tested it out last night.

Today could be a very sad day, but I'm not going to let that happen.  You see it is my last day here!!!!   By this time tomorrow morning, my car will be loaded and I should be about heading down the road.  But wait - there is no time for sadness - no - I have TWO bags to finish sewing today, we MUST get to the beach - the dogs are clamouring for a walk on the beach, I have a label to sew on a quilt, I guess I should pack a bit and not leave it all until tomorrow (hence the reason - I need that bag!), some quick stops around the island to get a few last pictures and other stuff.  Oh yes - it is going to be a busy day so no time to be sad. Besides that means it is time for the Row by Row to start.  Bring it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here!!!!!!

Have an awesome day. There is no rain today - sun is trying to shine. Who cares - it is going to be awesome!


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  1. Hi Elaine would love to trade a PEI plate with you. Creemore? Maxwell? Orillia? Huntsville?
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