Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The last minute - just like home!

I have learned several things on this trip - I don't have time this morning to list them all, but I have learnt that I am a last minute gal!  Oh yes - I had things that I wanted to do and I FOUND a way to leave them all until the last day!!!   Just like home.

Here is a whirlwind tour of the last day on PEI.

The day started off with a bit of a sewing frenzy as I wanted to tidy up a couple of things before I started to pack up.  Worked on my next block of the busy backgrounds - good thing I had a point trimmer with me as that made putting this block together a breeze.

Point trimmer to trim off those point!

Block two - done!!!!
 Finished all the Itty bitty blocks as enders and leaders.  Well let me rephrase that - I finished the bow tie blocks that I had cut.  Not sure how many of these I will need for my project, but I have 43 of the little things.  They are very cute. Now onto those darn baskets!!!

43 Bow tie blocks

Binding got put on my PEI quilt - just needs to be hand stitched

While I am scurrying around, M is watching TV on the computer.  I know I was happy she came, but she mostly watched TV on the computer so.........................

M watching TV

Sammy got to test out the PEI quilt - just right!!!!

When I suggested a walk on the beach, look at Little Sammy - she perked right up.

"Walk on the beach? - I'm in!!!"

Sparky and Little Sammy snuffling on the beach!!!!

Then I was off to Charlottetown to do some errands and guess who came with me. DH.

We passed that house that I saw for sale that I posted yesterday so HAD to stop and take a picture.  It is a beautiful house right along the highway so no danger of that road NOT being plowed in the winter.

House for sale
 Then we saw this ahead of us on the road?????   What????

What is that?????

Oh great - a truck lost part of its load of potatoes!!!!

I'm sure he apprciated us driving past him several times - oh yes - I drove past and then decided to turn around and go back for a picture of the house which was just before the potatoe spill and the spill!!!!   Crazy - but what the heck - you only live once and YOU got to see the potatoe spill!!!!   Oh how I cater to you all!!!!

Once we arrived in Charlottetown, I had a list and quickly zipped through the errands. One of the things was to stop at the quilt store and get the pattern (and a kit) for the Row by Row.   Yeah - my first official pattern and kit, although I know people are picking up plates, patterns and kits for me across the country.  My aunt (hello Yvonne!!!!) picked up the kit and pattern in Salt Spring Island for me yesterday.  Too funny to get the eastern most pattern and one of the most western patterns on the same day!!!!

Still waiting to hear from a couple of my scouts.   I might just have to fly to BC, rent a car and work my way home.

Me in Quilting B n More in Charlottetown

While I was in the quilt store, DH went to the pub to check out the cruiser bike that M and I had seen earlier in the week.   Turns out you have to buy a Radler beer to get a ballet.  So we had a beer. The timing was perfect.  Check out this link for interesting information on the RADLER. It appears Radler is a style of beer not necessarily a brand of beer.  How cool is that.  And radler in German means CYCLIST -hence the bicycle prize.

Buy a beer - win a bike!!!

Look how nicely my purse goes with it!!!!

The beer was excellent - light with fruit juice!!!!
 Silly me - I forgot to ask when the draw is, but perhaps best that I don't know.

Many more little stops along the way - yes all things that I wanted to do while I was here and either forgot or hadn't gotten around to.  We stopped at Bargain Fabric Outlet to show them my finished PEI quilt.  It might be best if you are coming to PEI that you don't mention you are my friend!!!   They will think you are nuts.  They think I worked hard on this vacation but it was so much fun sewing whatever I wanted and in the first two weeks - I accomplished a LOT!!!!!

Stopped at the garden center and got my bird feeder which I will have to show you when I get home. Robin has one and I love it so I got one now.  Getting down to the last couple of stops and the clock is ticking. Both places close at 5 PM and it is 4:30 PM.  Get the GPS out to find the quickest way and LOOK......

A shortcut through the forest on a dirt road!!!!
 But we hit both places in time - I got my photos, DH got his lobster.

I would be remise if I didn't post a picture of the lupins.  They are everywhere along the road side and quite beautiful.

Lupins along the roadside

Purple lupins

Pink and cream lupins

Back home to start packing, but NOT before I finish this.

My PEI Chubby Charmer is done including the election sign bag bottom!!!!!

Oh yes - I forgot about the quilt I am leaving here.   I checked photos of the house before I left, picked the quilt I had that fit the colour scheme the best.  Technically the quilt isn't for the house, but for the owners as a thank you.

What do you think????

Not bad - matches that couch perfectly

Although if it were my house and the quilt was staying here, I'd move the pillows from the sun room couch into here.
Ah - much better!!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.  We have to be out of the house by 9 AM, but I am hoping to be out by 8:30 AM  (cripes - one hour left!). I have a very silly schedule mapped out today - oh yes - I am working my way home.  But it will be a slow process (four days). So do not worry - I will try to post something, but I wouldn't count on it.  I still have lots of stuff that happened on PEI that I haven't posted yet and I shall try to get those posts up while I am travelling.  I'll be posting on Facebook where network availability allows me without having to pay exorbitant roaming fees and that is all I'm saying about that.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   (I see it rained all night here and is pretty gloomy this morning - a perfect day to travel!!!)


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