Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Row by Row Experience - Atlantic Canada

The row by row frenzy has hit everyone this year!!!!   People are going crazy - plates and kits and pins are flying across North America.  I am going to have to buy one of those delivery drones!!!!!  And there are so many people on the hunt for stuff for me that I thought I had better write it all out here so if you happen to be somewhere where I will NOT be - then by all means pick me up a plate.  We can work out payment terms - I pay cash, barter or swap!!!!!

I'm just going to do the ATLANTIC provinces today - this is time consuming stuff, but GOD FORBID that I miss something.  Yes - that is the VIRGO in me popping its ugly head. Note - there are NO PARTICIPATING SHOPS in NewFoundland.    If you spot something I have missed - let me know.  If I had my way about the planning of the event - they would have the map (which they do) - the map is CRITICAL to the success of this event.   Then you would also have a list of participating stores (which they have) but they need to put the license plates/pins/picture of the pattern on that list!!!!!!     It would be so MUCH easier to go through everything. But the metal pins are on a seperate page - Pinpeddlers. The license plates are elsewhere on the row by row page and you find out what the patterns look like on Facebook.

So kudos to the Row by Row organizers, but more consolidation!!!!!    In light of that - I have somewhat consolidated the information for Atlantic provinces.

Prince Edward Island 

Quilting B & More  - Charlottetown- got the plate  and the kit

3420 PE Quilting B & More • Charlottetown stitch rippers_s.png

Nova Scotia 

A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop • Digby   - got the kit - PLATES are on order and will be shipped

This is a FABULOUS store if you get a chance to stop by. Say Hi to Darlene - a wonderful lady. So much new (to me) stuff in this store - it was WELL WORTH that drive!!!!  (and the ferry ride back to NB)

5418 NS A Needle Pulling Thread Quilt Shop • Digby DO RE MI FA SEW_resized.png

Atlantic Fabrics, Dartmouth - no license plate so I didn't stop there.   But here is the row in case you want to know what it looks like

New Brunswick

Spruce it Up Quilt Shop - Port Elgin 

Got the kit from this shop, but it appears they have a NEW pattern since I was there. Did they run out of the old ones so quickly?????

I have this kit

A "new" kit ??????

No worries - I got something from the store - I am OK with that.  

Country Crafts and Curtains - Fredericton    

OK - so here is the other somewhat frustrating thing about Row by Row.  I'm not complaining, just making an observation. I was very close to Country Crafts, but because they did NOT have a license plate, I didn't stop. I was on a very tight schedule. When I arrived home, I checked the web site and NOW they do have a license plate. They ordered it over a month ago and it took that long to get on the web site!!!!   I spoke to the owner of the store and she is expecting the plates any day.  I have one on hold but I want someone to go there to pick it up.  

Now I know you think that sounds a bit presumptious of me, but I know THREE people who are going to that store so I want to know who is going to get there first?????   Would that be Judy, Heather, or Sheila?   And should the plates come in tomorrow, then someone (THE boyfriend of a friend's daughter) lives there and he could bring them back when he comes this weekend!!   Oh yes - the planning and scheming is part of the fun. When I talked to the owner, she said that she already had lots of orders for the plates. First one from Ohio, second from Texas.  Apparently, they just call up the store and order the plate.  While that is perfectly within the rules, what is the fun in that?????   No - I just love the personal connection to all the plates and when I see them - I remember how I got them and that makes for good memories!!!!!

5486 NB Country Crafts and Curtains • Fredericton You Sew Girl!_resized.png

NEED: license plate is on order (not paid for). Need someone to pick it up??????

stead of a license plate, they got the little metal pin with their saying on it. 


They will also be stocking the generic Row by Row pin so if you want one - this store will have it. I only saw ONE other store in all that I have visited that was selling the generic pin. I believe it was in Maine. 

Generic Row by Row pin
This store will also be stocking the Bobbin the Robin pattern.  It is cute. There is a contest associated with it, but I'm not doing any contests.  Not my thing - well no time. But here a link to the Facebook page. I did manage to get the pattern, but again - I only saw it as ONE store in all that I have been to so far. 
Bobbin the Robin pattern

The Christmas Crab Quiltery - New Maryland

Got the KIT and the metal pin.

Instead of a license plate, they have a metal pin with they saying on it.

The Covered Bridge Quiltery Ltd. - Riverview

Again, this license plate was NOT on the web site and I don't think it is on the web site yet. However I saw the licesne plate on Facebook (see why I have that niggling bit of frustration????) Well just to make sure - I chatted with the store owner yesterday and indeed an order for a plate for ME has been placed and paid for by Shelley.  I should emphasize that the order was for CRAZYQUILTERONABIKE, NOT Elaine which we had a chuckle over.  A big thank you to Shelly for that - so this one will be winging its' way to me later this summer. 

And a big thank you to Marie for getting me the pattern for this gorgeous vertical row.  I just could NOT justify the time to get back to this store.  Hey - if you don't believe me - it is a LONG way from Saint John to Moncton area and then back to Fredericton.  Choices have to be made and this one worked out perfect!   With a little help from my friends!!!!

The Fabric Cupboard - Moncton

Got the patterns thanks to Marie!!!!

There you have it - the recap of the Row by Row offerings in Atlantic Canada. Now it wouldn't take them long to consolidate that information in one place?????  Although that was ONLY eight stores. There are over 2,700 participating across North America. I will put the New England stuff on the blog tomorrow, then western Canada and lastly Ontario. Trust me - it's complicated to find all the pictures. 

On that note - have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Bahaha, I am positive I did not say who plates were for!,lol. I will pick up in Fredericton for you. I have the other Moncton store coming for you too, I am also going to Gatineau on way hone.