Friday, July 3, 2015

Shades of green..............................

Going to try and catch up on a few things this morning and then I'll get back to the rest of the Row by Row stuff another day.

BTW - I unloaded most of the car yesterday - only because I needed one thing. While I knew where that was, I decided to bring more stuff in.  And YES - the studio looks like a dumping ground - of course - I'm not going to take pictures - it is that bad. But I will work my way through it.

So back home and car basically unpacked, it is time to get back to work.  Customers (including me) want their quilts and classes have to be taught and let's not forget that paperwork!!!!!

This is what has been happening around here the last couple of days..............

There were a couple of us at embroidery this past week. It was Canada Day and some people had stuff to do and for the rest of us - we stitched. The good news - I have ONE ornament left to stitch and as you can see below - there is just a SMALL section left and it will be done!!!!!!    YEAH!!!!!

Embroidery project is almost done

As I am finishing, I realize that some of the images are pretty close together so not a lot of room for seam allowances.   Not to worry - I will figure something out.  My plan is to find some fabric to go with them and get them done. No sense getting it this far and letting it go.  I already have the next project out and waiting. It is something I picked up on my way home - I already told you about it, but you have not seen specifically what I got. It shouldn't take that long to do and then I MUST get back to my big red work project that has been sitting there for YEARS!!!!!

Time to fire up the long arm.  It was funny using Robin's while I was away. The machines are the SAME, and the table system is the SAME, but they work differently.  As much as I was glad to get my quilt done while I was in PEI, I am HAPPY to be back using my own long arm.

First up - stuff for me!!!!!    Time to get those girlie pink John Deere quilts done. I am using plush for the backing and while it is wide enough (the plush is 62 inches wide - the quilts are 60 inches wide), I need to add some waste cloth to the sides to give me room to work.

Just enough extra on both sides of the quilt

See - ONE inch on each side of the quilt

Girlie John Deere quilt - Number ONE - done

And now it is trimmed

I had to trim it because I needed the waste fabric to sew to the next backing. So after trimming the quilt, I trimmed off the waste cloth - the other scraps went into the pet mat pile.

Trimming off the waste cloth
I am also getting rid of batting. I spent a lot of time piecing backings for these quilts. Mostly 2 or 3 pieces.  It just takes time to trim the batting and then iron together with fusible interfacing. But save money!!!!!   And helps to keep the batting closet somewhat under control.   Remember to label those pieces BEFORE you store them so it is easy to figure out what size they are.

Joining the batting

Girlie John Deere quilt number TWO - done!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 It was at this point that I had to get the other two out of the car. I had put the borders on them when I was in PEI and they had not made it into the house yet.

AH - these last two are a bit narrower than the first two - so I do NOT need to put the waste cloth on the sides of the plush.   Super - saves some time there.

Cutting the backing
You really have to lay this stuff out flat in order to get it cut right. It loads and quilts up like a dream on the long arm.

Oh my - I just noticed in that photo above - THREE machines scattered on that table!!!!   Well one is a serger, one is my travel machine and one is embroidery machine. NONE are regular sewing machines!!!!  OK - so I'm in denial!

I ended up with an entire BOLT of this emerald green plush.  It was supposed to be a different green - more olive, but I didn't look at a shade card when I ordered it and this is what they call green. OK. I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but I have done four quilts with the bolt - all John Deere themed and if my dear darling daughter hadn't cut a piece out of it last summer, I might have had enough to do another quilt, but I am short and I'm not done yet!!!!

Bolt of plush

Girlie John Deere quilting number three - DONE!

I tried to call the local store where I bought it (I doubt they would have any more because I ordered and bought the entire bolt), but worth a try. They did NOT answer the phone. Crips!!!!   So I called the girls at The Quilt Patch in Moose Jaw as they stock a LOT of plush.  Nope - they have olive green, but maybe the store in Regina (Peachtree Quilts) would have some.   Hey - why not.  So I called them and asked if they had emerald green plush - you know John Deere green.   Rememer this store is in Regina, Saskatchewan - homeland of FARMING.

Do you want to know what their response was????   "We don't have John Deere green, it is more like Roughrider green!!!"    I laughed so hard. DUH - how silly of me to think that farming was more important than football!!!!!

BUT - if you look at this web site - I think we are talking the SAME green.  The ladies at the store are probably thinking that "I" am the loonie toon.  John Deere green indeed!!!!!!

My green - OK - so it is much more emerald than John Deere green

Image result for roughrider logo saskatchewan
Roughrider logo

OK - I'm calling Peachtree today to order two meters so I can finish the last quilt.   That just made that last quilt pretty special since it is going to end up BACK in Saskatchewan.   I love it!!!!!   We have to hustle on this or I won't have time to finish the quilt. 

Got another one of my quilts on the long arm - well I will be loading it later today. Have to make the backing and get some batting together. It is also one that I finished while in PEI and it needs to be quilted ASAP.  

Speaking of John Deere quilts - when I got home, I remembered that I was making at least one more quilt from the "gifts" and "purchases" of John Deere fabric that happened this year. 

MY regular John Deere fabric

What I am "borrowing" from Diane
Let's not forget the one I bought in PEI

I figure I have enough to make TWO more quilts and if I EVER EVER see John Deere fabric again - it will be too soon!!!!!   And let this be a warning to ALL OF YOU.  If you so much as mention John Deere fabric - well just don't!!!!!

The other day, I mentioned that I saw something on Northcott's web site.   Well here is the link.

Northcott/McCall's Quilt Along

Misty Pines quilt

This quilt was designed by Patti Carey from Northcott.  It is going to be a sew along on the web.  You can buy the pattern on-line - it was originally in this magazine. 

Image result for picture of misty pines quilts
McCall's Quilting - Jan/Feb 2014

Well in case you are wondering how to get the fabric to sew along - you can purchase a kit from them. OR

I have all the bolts necessary to make the quilt
 My intention was to make kits and have a class and that just hasn't happened. However if you want a kit and take a class in the fall, let me know. I believe I have enough for 20 kits. And the best thing - I am NOT giving you .5 meter of this and .4 of that.  Nope - I have pretty much cut everything out as you need.  Yes - pretty much a "ready to sew" kit!!!!!   Come on - you've all been asking me to do this and now I am!!!!!   The kits will be $100.   If enough are interested, I'll host a class in the fall.

Yesterday I reported that Marie saw an orange bike at her liquor store in the Maritimes that was part of the Radler contest.  I had some bottles to return to The Beer Store so off I went to see what I could discover. However I did not find a bike. But I did find this.................

TWO cans of Radler - no bottles yet

And a Summer Taster pack - no six packs - just 12. That is stupid
And advertising works. When I was at the movies this week, I saw an ad in the theatre for this beer and when I saw it at The Beer Store - well I had to buy some as well. Again - ONLY 12 pack. What if I don't like this?????

Bud Light - Apple beer

 Hopefully won't have to fight the family for this - M doesn't like beer and DH considers this stuff - girlie beer.  PERFECT!!!!!

Now I have a favour to ask of YOU! - yet again!!!!   Does anyone have any Elvis fabric in their stash that they do NOT want.   I have FOUR different ones, but I need a bit more variety.    Now wait - before you go off on a complete tangent - I only want to make ONE quilt with this theme.  Let's not go crazy - so if you have a FQ or something you want to swap - that is great - I don't want copious amounts unless you absolutely don't want it and then I'll make lots and find a home for them.

Elvis fabric

On that note - I am out of here. Got some e-mails that HAVE to be sent this morning and then off to work.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I might have some Elvis fabric. Probably can't get to it until next week though....I have strawberries to make into jam and then going away for the weekend. Will let you know.

    1. No worries Mary. Enjoy the jam making!!!! And Happy Fourth of July!!!!! I don't need Elvis right now, but want to work on it soon. Whenever you get a chance to have a peek.

  2. Hi Elaine, I'll take one quilt please - already have pattern
    Nikki Aoki

    1. Nikki - you want ONE Elvis quilt???? What pattern are you going to do??? I don't know what I am going to do yet - will depend on what I get for fabric I guess.

    2. Oops - sorry..........I'm interested in the Misty Pines kit ;-)

    3. Nikki - got you down for the Misty Pines kit

    4. Thank you!!

    5. Hey Elaine.......considering your insane schedule, if you're looking for someone to do the cutting, I volunteer. Perhaps we could work something out on the barter system ;-)

  3. I am definitely interested in a misty pines kit, Elaine. Not sure about a class though, that would depend on the timing. Thanks for the offer!

    1. No worries - we can work that out. Got you down for the kit.

  4. I'm interested in the misty pines quilt and the course. Thanks Elaine. Lin Young