Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pan - Am Games

Should I keep you in suspense about the PAN-AM games????  I decided to ACCEPT the position. That way I am at least IN the system and we can work out dates from there.  And the venue (Hamilton) is reasonably close to me.   I must say that when I finally got home last night after dinner that I was VERY DISAPPOINTED to have no further information.  The group on Facebook says they are fast tracking all the volunteer staffing now - DUH - the games have begun and in two weeks it will be all over except the PARA PAN-AM.  Fast track?   They better fast track FAST or  - well -   it is craziness.

However I talked to a friend who is volunteering and has been for a week - she is driving delegates all over Southern Ontario and she is having a blast!!!!   So it might be worth it to stick around and see what happens.  No changes made to the plane ticket yet, but it is very possible.  I am playing the waiting game.    I am just ticked at the process.

Apparently there were volunteers who were offered a job and then refused it because it wasn't the venue they wanted or it was too far away. Others have left because the shifts were too long, they didn't like the food.  PLEASE - you are volunteering at a very special event.  For some - it may be once in a lifetime.  Oh well - I wil try to keep quiet about it now.  I am "in the system". Let's just wait and see what happens.

I am so far behind in posting pictures of the classes that have taken place in the last two weeks.  I have one more class next week and then I will try and get them all up.  Hey - I still have two posts from PEI that never went up.  And people need inspiration about things to write about???   Not a problem here!

However I have to tell you about yesterday.  Right after my class, I had to zip home.  I had about 15 minutes to get changed and head off on my bike.  Another community ride - we were starting at City Hall which is 10.9 KM from my house.  I grabbed everything, slathered on the sun screen and I was off.  I really really needed to get to Lens Mill in Toronto to get the rest of the missing binding for the girlie John Deere quilts, but there just wasn't time before or after my class (trust me I checked the tiimes of the store opening) so I will have to go back this week.

There is no question - the more you ride in the city, the more fun it is. And doesn't seem so scary!!!!   The Burnamthorpe trail is awesome. I could ride on the road, but I truly think it is faster on the trail and then you don't have traffic to worry about. So I zip down to Burnamthorpe and ride all the way to City Hall. 30 minutes!!!!!   Seriously - you can't beat that - OK - so when I wasn't waiting for a street light - I was flying along that trail!

My first experience on that trail, I almost ditched the bike a couple of times because I wasn't sure where the flat edge of the curb was. Well DUH - if you look for the painted lines for the pedestrian crossings - that is where the flat edge of the curb is!!!  It is just that sometimes the cross walk is not quite at the corner and sometimes it is.  Once I got that figured out and the light was in my favour - I could zip along there no problem.

Then we grouped up and we were on our way to the Hershey Center to watch the judo at the Pan-Am games.   There are bike trails and bike lanes all over the City of Missisauga.  What can I say!   These community rides have been an eye operner for me!   I had no idea.  If you live in the City and own a bike - why not come out and try one of the rides?????   I believe all are under 20 KM so they are very doable for anyone and there is always free ice cream or some form of refreshment at the end .  The other committee members have done a SUPERB job of organizing the events. If you want to check out the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee web site - here it is.  If you want to know when the next community ride is and where - check out this page.

Heading over the 403 on McGlaughlin
My pace slowed down considerably once I was with the group and I ride at the end or up and down the line.  So many people just wander out into the road.  They FORGET there are cars on the road.  I don't know how I am going to ever drill that into their heads. Then they wonder why car drivers get upset!!!!

Arriving at Hershey Center

Everything was well organized at Hershey Center.  The parking lot wasn't full - not at all. The arena wasn't full either but a good number of spectators.  When you buy a ticket to an event - you get public transit and there were survey takers out there with their iPads gathering information.  Other than we had to walk 100 M through the "bus" pick up area as the organizers didn't want us on the road where the buses were, everything went smooth.

I think the event lasted two hours. Now I know NOTHING about judo. So Dorothy and I made it up!!   We spectulated why one person won, how points were accummulated, etc.  We found the women to be way more agressive than the men.   I am glad it worked out that I could go on this ride and that I could get into the event.

Judo competition

They often had a match on both mats

The crowd went wild whenever a Canadian come up!!!!

Then the ride back home - we took a different route home but in no time we were back at City Hall and enjoying a smoothie from Second Cup.  

Stats from the bike ride - total of 37  KM

I saw a lady on the ride who I knew and she knew me. But we could NOT place each other.  So bizarre and I really knew her.  Then during the event - Susan remembered.  Our kids went to the same homebased day care!!!!!   How cool is that.  So we had a good chat about what our kids are doing now - all grown up and off doing this and that.  Susan is still friends with Mary Lou (the baby sitter).  I hope we have a chance to get together!!!!

Now for the backyard update!!!!   That Mother Robin is SMART.   As soon as I see little beaks in the nest - she shoves them back down so by the time I get the other lens on the camera - they are out of sight!!!!!   BUT I managed to get this picture and cropped it down.   See that little beak - yelling "MOM - I'm HUNGRY!!!!!"

Baby bird beak
 What will I do for entertain when the birds are gone?????

The last couple of mornings the raccoons have been out in full force so today I brought my camera. We happened upon a group of two adults and about three babies.  When they heard us coming, the signal was sent out and they all hustled to a tree, but didn't necessary climb it.  Just waiting to see what was going to happen.

My girls are getting too old to chase stuff and honestly - I don't think they were aware or they just said "hey - it's too hot to chase - we don't care about the raccoons"

Mommy raccoon peeaking around the tree

Two babies climbing a tree

See the little baby up the tree.  "Is this far enough Mom???"   His mom was at the bottom of the tree

I will take my other lens next time and try to get some close ups!!!!!

I just love the pond now that it is fixed.  Three waterfalls and they are noisy!!!!!   But without clambering over the rocks - I am supposed to get those weeds out.  Yeh right!!!!

The three waterfalls

Yesterday I found my long lost twin.  We must have been seperated at birth!   I have been chatting with Connie who lives in the US. We are trading a license plate. She mentioned that she got it from her Husqvarna Viking dealer.  Oh my - what machine did she have????   Turns out she has the same sewing machine that I have had for years - the Designer I that requires you to use FLOPPING DISKS to do the embroidery. Neither of us upgraded the machine to use USB. Then we both bought new machines - the SAME machine - well hers is a Ruby Royale and mine is a Ruby Deluxe (the older model).  I got a good laugh about that.  Good morning Connie!!!!!!

I have so much to do today - I almost want to go back to bed instead of being an adult and facing the challenges.  But the most important thing on the agenda is to do some grocery shopping. There is NOTHING to eat in the house - no milk, no bread and god forbid that someone else would offer to pick up that stuff!!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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