Thursday, July 9, 2015


Let's just say that I did NOT go to the gym this morning, but I already feel like I have had a good workout. and why? Well - you guessed it - more technology woes.  Since yesterday I have been trying to print labels for the Misty Pines kit.  My printer wasn't cooperating. Actually it wasn't the printer - it was the network between the printer and the computer.

Everything used to be in the basement. However someone more brilliant than I decided that it was a good idea to move the router and the printer to the main floor. Why????   I have no idea, but they thought it would be better. So I have spent the last hour (oh yes - my cuss jar is now full) up and down the stairs - resetting this, testing that, trying to get the stupid thing to print and then I have to check to see if the stupid thing printed.  AHA - another good use for one of those video baby monitors. I can set it up at the printer!

Anyway on one of my trips upstairs, I happened to look out the window and I saw the Rogers truck outside. By the time I got back up with the camera - he was gone. But everything is now printed.  Part of the problem is that we have THREE networks in our house and in order to print - the computer and the printer have to be on the same network.  Perhaps I need a lesson or two in how to get everything working?  Bottom line - it is done!!!!!

Yesterday was embroidery - yeah. So nice to sit around, relax, chat up a storm and do some stitching.  The good news is that I finished my little Christmas ornaments. Well I finished the stitching!!!!   Now if I were Tish - I would have whipped those finished blocks to the cutting table, cut them apart and had the ornaments done before noon!!!!
Redwork ornaments - stitching is done

Now I know that took a LONG time, but I only work on it on Wednesday mornings and those words and little lines were fiddly diddly.   Now it is time to pull out the next project.

Winter Wonderland
Yes - this is Winter Wonderland by Crabapple Hill.  I have been working on this for YEARS.  It is time to get it done.  I checked and half the blocks are stitched - good news the BIG blocks are stitched (I'm working on the last one). That is good news. The bad news is that when I marked it many years ago - I used blue wash out pen.

My next block - this was partially started
The blue wash out pen - not so easy to follow

However with the pattern beside me - I am able to follow it.  Too much work to take this out and restart so I will make it happen.  Who cares if it is not exactly like the original.

And the blocks for the outer border are ALL CUT.

Border blocks are CUT

The other day when I was talking to Claudette - I told her to get one project per month lined up and that was to be her priorities for the rest of the year.  I should do the same.  Heck - I don't even have to look far - there are enough sitting at the bottom of the stairs.  I am going to write them on a big piece of paper so they are obvious.  Each sewing day - I should spend half the day working on those UFOs and half the day on something else.   OK - got to dig those out and MAKE a commitment to myself to make that happen.

Diane was showing us the fancy tool she bought at Quilt Canada in Lethbridge this year.

Do you know what this is?????

It's a fancy seam ripper!!!!!
 Nice weight - nice handle and reasaonably priced. I believe it was $10.

Elaine came to embroidery and brought me some goodies so I decided to lay out the haul of license plates and admire them all.   Yikes - that is quite a few and there are still others coming that I will pick up or that others are getting for me.
My license plate haul to date

The problem is that some NEW ones are coming out. I see there are now TWO in NS, THREE in NB and Ontario has added TWO more. Oh well - what can you do.   Just try to cope with the mess.  I am happy to start getting some of them that people have picked up because it is a logistical nightmare to keep everything organized. But I think I am good to go - everything is pretty much covered off - I hope!!!!!

 Got the binding on my Border Creek mystery.  This was a bit tricky as I had to leave some extra along the edge of the quilt to accommodate my generous 1/4" seam and not cut off any points.   Not every point is perfect, but I am OK with that.   The bottom line  - this quilt needs to get finished ASAP.  I hope to drop it off by Monday?????   Still need to whack on a sleeve - temporary pinned will be just fine and then make the label and stitch on. Watched another movie last night and still have the 5th season of Modern Family.  I can get a LOT of binding done while the 24 episodes.

Hand stitching the binding

OH MY GOD - just got a call from Nelda who wanted to know if I had gotten a plate from near where she is vacationing.  Yes - I had gotten that one, but she will be going through NB and so she is going to pick up the new plate from there for me!!!!!  

On that note - now that I am LATE because of that stupid internet - I have better get on with my day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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