Monday, July 27, 2015

New digs

At last - there is some rain here.  The weather is absolutely crazy - Battelford had a wicked storm two nights ago and there wasn't a drop of rain at the farm.  Looks like we have a nice steady rain which is just what they need.  Let's hope they get enough to do some good for the crops.

Dad and I went to the picnic at the new building they will be moving into in November. We had a great catered lunch and then into the building for a tour.  Very exciting!!!!!!

The front of the building
The view from their balcony - yes that is Tim's in the distance on the left
Dad in the kitchen of their apartment

Dad was chatting to the foreman and well you couldn't help but notice this guy.  I snapped this picture because no one would believe me.  It is NOT a trick photo - they are standing side by side.

Dad and the giant!
Anyway - it is going to be a very nice change for them to move in.  Well we will see who exactly moves in. At this point, Mom is still very much up in the air.  In good spirits, but there is definitely a mobility issue that has to be dealt with. We are back to town today - hopefully going to get a start on an assessment. In addition, we have a lot of meetings to set up, then discuss the results and see what is going to be the best.  I am glad that I am here as it gives Dad someone to bounce ideas off.

While driving around, we saw this little vehicle. Is is a bike, is it a car????  

A new vehicle

Pedal power

Just in case you didn't figure it out!

We ran into the guy at Tim's. He went through the drive thru and then parked in the parking lot.  I am surprised that people didn't have accidents as they drove past.  Every one's head swiveled to have a better look.

It is actually an electric bike.  The owner of this particular bike is visually impaired and unable to drive a car, but he is allowed to ride this bike.  Let's just say that he has already been pulled over by the RCMP as they had never seen one before.  He is allowed to use pedal power ONLY - no motor because of his eye sight although I am not sure what difference that makes.

Check out this video to see more.   Yes - it comes in orange.   They are not cheap, but what a cool idea if you don't want to ride a bike out in the elements.   If it wasn't so pricey (this guy paid $11 K for his with all the bells and whistles). But if it is your only vehicle - what a bargain and he gains mobility to boot.  But think - no gas, no insurance, minimal maintenance!!!!!   Might be a bit hard to get out of the city!!!!

I snapped these two pictures on my way to the farm a couple of nights ago.  I saw a couple of hot air balloons.
Hot air balloon

A mommy and daddy deer - they crossed the road in front of me

That's it for today.  I am half way around the last quilt getting that binding on.  I am certain that I will finish by tomorrow.  Two labels are on and we start delivering this afternoon!!!!!

On that note - I am out of here!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hey... just letting you know we had a great day at Monday Mania - 9 of us were there and all very productive - sewed til almost 3pm. Judith is almost finished her "rosettes" quilt - forget what they are called; Anita finished quilting a beautiful quilt for a 5 yr old and she did amazing quilting; I was working on 'disappearing 4 patch' for d-i-law bday next week; Lynn worked on her mystery - great border on it and 'hopscotch' for a male family member; Paula still working on her "dear jane"; Claudette worked on a "kids" quilt for her grdhter - very colorful; Annadale hand stitched on beige/gold/cream quilt she had with her previously; Joyce R worked on Bento Box and has an offer on her house tonight; Crissa worked on a quilt with all large triangles - don't know the pattern name; I think that was everything - had a few laughs and thoroughly enjoyed our day.
    Glad your mother's spirits are up and I hope they figure out a good solution for her mobility issues.. better days will come!