Thursday, July 30, 2015

A lesson for us all..................

This trip has definitely been an eye opener. Of course in a situation like this, there are many questions and my Dad and I (with assistance from many family members) are plowing through the paperwork and appointments like a hot knife through butter. So far we haven't hit any major road blocks, but what a lot of running around.  The bank needs some paperwork. Does it even exist?  A call to the lawyer. Yes - it does.  But a letter has to be written and then signed by Mom and back to the lawyer and then back to the bank and then back to the bank again for more paperwork.  The good news - we are almost done!!!!!  At least that part of it.

Now we are working with the health care system to try and figure out that aspect.  We are making progress but just have to wait. In the meantime, Mom is in hospital and will stay there until arrangements have been made for a safe place for her to go.  That is a huge relief!!!!

And now we have the issue of the house or rather the contents of the house.   All I can say is and this is to EVERYONE out there - start cleaning out your house NOW!!!!!   If you have finished quilts or other finished items give them to friends and family - donate them or something, but do NOT let them pile up. WE are dealing with fifty years of a mad handi-worker!!!!

I feel like the afghan gift giver.   We went through one closet - or shall I say - we have attempted to get into the closet.  What a mess that was - I had to move boxes and boxes of yarn before I could get to the closet.  We have dug out over THIRTY afghans SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And the closet is still very full.  Mom wanted them donated to various family members so we have loaded the car with what we found so far.

Trunk full of afghans
Back seat of the car is also full

There are boxes and boxes of yarn and I mean BOXES.   Boxes and boxes of old sheets, fabric (not quilting) that "friends" of my mom bought at garage sales and gave to her.  ACK - "friends".   I have made a resolution.  I am NOT taking any more scraps for the pet mats. At least until I get what I have under control.  No way do I want my house to look like this.  I have two tubs of yarn and god help me if I buy even one ball more until I make progress on those tubs.    But for the scraps from Monday - we just need a pillow case to put that in - so don't throw that out!  Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are scads of pillows and rugs that have been crocheted.  We have to start small because I don't have a lot of time left here.  Let's get done what we can and the rest will have to happen later.  Thank goodness for brother, SIL, and aunts who are pitching in with help and advice - both now and offers in the future.   So nice to know that we are not in this alone.

Had to fill the car up with gas last night and we stopped at the new Co-op which is beside my parents new place.
Service!  but at what price?????

Cheap!!!!!    I'll take that
 Stopped off on the way home to get a picture of the buffalo. Quite a big herd!!!!

Anyway - we are off to Saskatoon to gather more information.   We will then be able to make some major decisions so that is good.  Hope to get most of that decided before I head back.  And let's not forget there are TWO quilt stores in Saskatoon that are in Row by Row - no plates, but I'll get the patterns.

On that note - I am out of here.

YOU on the other hand are going to your basement, stuff room or wherever and you are going to get rid of at least FIVE things today!!!!!!


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