Friday, July 10, 2015

I LOVE to ride my bike!

Yesterday was a puttering day.  Out in the garden, spent some time getting some blog posts ready for QUILTSocial. Loading a quilt ready for quilting. You know - just puttering.

Speaking of QUILTSocial - check this out.  I have started a new series (still doing the sewing machine reviews) but the new series is 50 ways to keep a quilter happy while on vacation.   There are some awesome tips - check them out as there are NEVER BEFORE posted pictures from things I did on my vacation. Oh yes - you think I was on vacation in PEI - nope - I was collecting material for these posts.   Never a dull moment in my life!

QUILTSocial - post one

QUILTSocial - post two

Yesterday was a community ride for the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committee of which I am a member.  I have felt guilty the last while since I haven't been around to help with these community rides.  The rides have become quite popular and the ride last night was in Port Credit.  We all met at the Diary Cream on Lakeshore near Cawthra.  Why DRIVE your bike there when you can ride your bike - the weather was perfect.  It was 17 KM to get to the event.   No big deal especially since it was downhill.

I was in charge of keeping the stragglers from getting lost which was funny since I didn't know the route!!   Anyway we had a beautiful ride along the Waterfront Trail by the lake. It is absolutely gorgeous down there. I have never ridden that part of the waterfront trail and I would definitely do that again.  The community ride was about 17 KM, but I think it got cut short as the slow group was well - slow.

Getting ready to ride!

I think we were about 100 in total.

We were all supposed to have free ice cream when we got back to the ice cream shop.  I knew that I wanted to get back home because by the time I would get back home - the sun would be setting and I don't like riding in the city after dark. Too dangerous. There are two other guys on the committee who live in the same general area as myself so we were all going to cycle back together. However one of the participants (who had been in the slow group) had also cycled there and was going to cycle back. She also lived in the same general area, but farther north than all three of us.

The gates are much easier to navigate than those on the Confederation Trail in PEI!!!!

Started off by riding together and then Roy said he would stay with this lady and make sure she at least got to a major street where she could take the bus. Donnie and I booted it home.  Oh my god - of course - he is a fast cyclist and I wasn't sure I was going to be able to keep up with him.  But I did.  Of course -we are now going UP HILL.  But it isn't a big uphill.  No - it was amazing ride home and you know - once you are used to riding in the city - it really isn't a big deal.  But there are so many paths in the city that it is fun (for the most part) to ride in the city.

At one point, I ditched my bike.  We were stopping for this lady and we were in a construction zone.  There was loose gravel on the side of the road and a raised curb.  I had one foot unclipped (just in case) and was trying to jump that little curb, but my bike said otherwise and it slipped along that little curb.  The bike went down, but I remained upright. My other foot unclipped automatically and the only damage was the seat of my bike whacked my calf.  

Here is a link to my bike ride stats.    The weather couldn't have been more perfect.  The best part is that some of the people on that ride had never been out much before and never in a group. I think they had a lot of fun and that is what it is all about.

On that note - I am out of here - I have a very fun adventure today and I must get myself organized.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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