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Hopefully you checked out my other two QUILTSocial links for the new series on "50 ways to keep a quilter happy while on vacation".

There is a new installment and here is the link.  check it out.   Even if you are NOT on vacation - you could plan a vacation around many of the items I chatted about or will chat about!

OK - I am in a foul mood today so watch out!   It just starts with one little thing and then another and another and pretty soon - you are yelling at everyone or everything and well - it just isn't good news. I feel much better now but my spin bike this morning took a beating. 32 K - it was protesting at the speed and the tension, but I sucked it up!  Now I am much calmer!    Breath one two three...................

The bottom line - I had to move my laptop back into the dining room from the basement. Ever since we moved the router and the printer up to the main floor (because it is better!!!!  - right for whom????) - I have had issues and just when I really really needed it yesterday - no go. We have three networks iin this house and I keep getting the slowest one and - well I could go on and on - but I won't. My laptop is now sitting amongst piles of crap on my old desk so I can function, but now I need to address this mess and I really didn't want to.  OK - I do want to address the mess, but I don't have time????

I am so tempted to get a dumpster to the house and just pitch anything that isn't nailed down - except in the basement of course!   There is stuff in the garage and I keep saying "today" is the day I will make a trip and then something happens. Hopefully some time will be freed up now that I am not struggling with the internet connection.

I am going to post the LAST set of pictures from PEI.  Yes - I know they are more beach pictures - deal with it!!!!   Then I can get back to all the show n tell that has accummulated the last couple of weeks.

These pictures were taken on that other beach we went to on PEI.  The one on the channel - the girls and I were out geocaching. It was a hot day and for some reason, I didn't bring water for the girls, so we didn't stay too long.

Beach in PEI

Fishing boat on its way back to the harbour or do we say dock?

Sammy and Sparky!

Funny how they were very comfortable on OUR beach and a bit out of sorts on this one. New place I suppose.

Little Sammy
 Because this beach was protected and although not far from the other beach, it was very different.
Low tide - we could walk very far out. Even Little Sammy was brave although she may have been looking for water. 

Driftwood on the beach - we had NONE on our beach

The pilings of an old dock across the way

See that geocache hiding in the tree????  
 This one took a bit of bush whacking to get to and then it was right on top of the sand dune so had to be careful to not take misstep or down I would go!!!!

A light house in the area
 There was a geocache in that tree beside the lighthouse, but I couldn't find it.  As I was looking for it, I noticed a vehicle stop and they kept looking in my direction. I thought "oh crap" they are going to come over and ask what I am doing. I lost my nerve and we scooted back to the beach. When I drove past the vehicle later, they weren't even from PEI!!!!!

But we almost lost Sparky at this beach.  I was hunting for another geocache and she was wandering around. Then when it was time to go, I couldn't find her.  Oh oh - did she go into a yard of one of the houses nearby????   Not a good scene. And she has very selective hearing!!!!   But at last she came and we headed home.

Sparky finally coming back!!!!   See that big black dot!

I was looking at this picture and wondering what it was, but now I remember.  This was a spot on the floor where the dogs had lain AFTER they had made a trip to the beach.  Can you see the sand????

Sand from the dogs

Yes - I think the wind drove that sand into their fur and then when they would lie down in the house - it shook out onto the floor.  Let's just say that frequent floor sweeping was in order.

That is IT!!!!   NO MORE PEI pictures.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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