Thursday, July 2, 2015

Row by Row in Maine

You know Row by Row FRENZY has hit big time when your NON-QUILTING neighbour (Hi Rhonda) asks if she can pick up license plates for you when she is on vacation!!!!!   "But of course",  I said and immediately sent her all pertinent information.   You gotta love that!!!!

Marie has entered another contest for one of those ORANGE RADLER bikes. A bike was at the liquor store near where she lives and she didn't even have to buy a Radler beer.   Must be an East Coast thing????  I wonder if we have that beer here???  It was good.  Now I wonder if Marie checked when the draw was???   Because I sure didn't think to ask that question!

The world is filled with crazies and if I can put a smile on someone's face - then I am happy.  Let's just say that YOU ALL put smiles on my face and that keeps me feeling young and VERY happy!!!!

Radler bike - just waiting to be won!

I thought I would share my Row by Row experience on the way home.  Instead of coming back through Canada for the trip, I decided I could get way more Row by Row stuff if I went through the US. So yes - there are "somewhat" faster ways to go when taking that route, however I let the stores dictate what the route would be. However after three days of  meandering down secondary highways, I had to cut the trip short by one day and headed for home once the shops closed.

All I can say is THANK GOD for the GPS - there is NO WAY that you can do Row by Row without a GPS unless you are sticking to your home territory.

The first state was Maine.  I have never been to Maine before, so obviously never been to any of the shops.  Some very delightful ones. I hit SEVEN shops along my route. I was trying to cut down the number, but ALL of them had license plates so I had to hit all seven.

OK to the other State/Provinces out there - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a look at what MAINE did on their Facebook page.  They have ONE PHOTO per store with the logo for Maine, a picture of the shop, the license plate (if the store had one) and the row.   What a brilliant idea!!!!!   Judos to the MAINE organizer!!!!    Now all they need to do is put that in an album called 2015 so you don't scroll through everything and it would be PERFECT.    If you are reading this - please pass along this information to the appropriate OTHER Facebook pages if they haven't set it up this way.

Rather-B-Quilting - Houlton, Maine   - picked up the plate and the kit

I also found a super cool treasure that I have been wanting to get for a long time, but didn't want to pay for the shipping.

This is a quilt block made of METAL.  It was cut with a plasma cutter (and a computer).  It is 12 inches square, but you can also get 24 inch square ones.    Make a good ornament for outside!

Metal quilt block
If you had an eagle eye - you would have seen TWO other blocks in my pictures from my way home.

The red block by the front door is the same concept except this one is 24 inches
Another quilt block - again 24 inches square

The Cotton Cupboard Quilt Shop - Bangor, Maine - picked up the license plate, the kit AND the generic Row by Row pin

Choppin' Cotton Quilts & Creative Sewing, Bangor - picked up the kit, the license plate and their pin

The Fabric Garden  - Madison - picked up the kit, the plate AND the pin.

Plus I found another TREASURE here.  An unexpected one and those are always the best.

Now how cool is this!!!!!!!

Pinwheels Quilting - Skowhegan - picked up the kit, the plate AND a 2014 plate

2014 plate

Pins and Needles - Farmington - Plates are on order, picked up the pattern and got a 2014 plate

2014 plate

Quilt Shop At The Rostay - Bethel - picked up the license plate and a pattern

And that was my visit to Maine!!!!!

 I did snag a few BUSY light background fabrics for my project that is still in the CAR!!!!!   A couple of patterns, nothing as exciting as Row by Row stuff.

Oh yes - I want to make an observation.  Notice the difference between the pins in Maine and the pin in NB.

New Brunswick


The Maine pin has a LOT more information on it including the name of the store. I wonder if there were different styles the shop owners could choose from??????

OOOPS - I STAND CORRECTED.  The New Brunswick pin is a GENERIC pin from what I gather!!!!!

Again - it would appear that the PinPeddlar's web site is NOT UP TO DATE as they do not have this pin listed.

Bottom line - just ask wherever you go if you are into the pins and plates.

I have run out of time!!!!!    I am so behind with the blog, but I only have so much time each day.  I will get the other two states up tomorrow and I haven't forgotten about that Northcott notation I made as well.  Got the pictures for that yesterday and will post as soon as I can swing it.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Wow!! Well worth the road trip in my opinion.. are you going to share what you are going to do with all the Row by Row collectibles ....hmmmm?? Can't wait to see the project you create...