Monday, July 13, 2015

The Saga continues....................

I have no idea how the backend of the volunteer situation works the Pan-Am. I know it must be complex, but I tell you - my patience levels are being severely tested.

On Saturday morning, I accepted the position. Now what????   Well - I went onto the Facebook page and was told to wait as I would be contacted via e-mail or the volunteer web page.  On Sunday morning, I noticed that the link for the training was up.  I clicked on it and attempted to sign in with my volunteer sign-in information.  NO GO.   I tried several iterations in the event that something got messed up.  Nope - the training system didn't even recognize my e-mail and I ended up messing up my log-in to the volunteer web page (which is now fixed!)

Back to the Facebook page where someone suggested I call the volunteer office.  I did (On Sunday) but this is the message I got "Our office hours are MONDAY - Friday".   Seriously - I was about to lose it at that point. Maybe this was a test to see if I had the patience to be a volunteer????   Then someone clued in that I had NOT received the e-mail that provided me with the password and user ID to the training site.  You think that IMPORTANT detail could be on the link page!!!!!   Saying WAIT for an e-mail with this information.

So now I am back to waiting for that e-mail to come.  By the time I get the e-mail (up to two days but supposedly things are being fast tracked?????), and do the training, then get a uniform together and get an assignment - well the games will be over.  My biggest thing is why are they still asking for volunteers when the games are already on and those volunteer schedules should have been set weeks ago???????

How many of you are participating in some form of the Row by Row Experience???  I think the name should be changed to the Row by Row FRENZY!!!!   I am going to try and post some BIZARRE stories of what people have done - I am hearing rumours that some people have gone to GREAT lengths to collect rows and plates.

Let's just say that is NOT just the quilters that are into this.  NOPE - my neighbour, Rhonda, offered to do some shopping for me on her recent trip out west.  Was there anything in the cities she was visiting????   Immediately, I went to the appropriate web sites, looked up the information and forwarded it to her.  Look what I found in my mail box yesterday.

Goodies from Rhonda!!!

I think they must have had a great time - out quilt shop hopping and RIDING BIKES around Stanley Park!!!!  Oh yes - the world is being converted to CRAZY QUILTERS ON BIKES - one person at a time!!!!!

Thank you so much Rhonda - your story is going in with the rest of them!!!!

On that note - I have to get out of here - it is Monday and I am off to do some hand stitching. I am behind in getting those bindings done. Hope to finish one more today - then 4 more to go - three by the weekend???  I doubt that.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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