Monday, July 6, 2015

Leaving on a jet plane!

I had great ambitions for yesterday and then I don't know what happened. Oh I know - that darn Row by Row just took over my day!!!!   I am VERY happy to report that thanks to Evelyn, Wendy, Katheleen and Anna - I have a good part of those missing license plates accounted for. There are FOUR stores left.

Diane's Creative Elements - Sturgeon Falls
Needleworks Studio - Cochrane
The Cottage Quilter - Corbeil
The Quilting Barn - New Liskeard

And the good news - those four stores are all in the same basic area.  Now I do have a cycling buddy and his girlfriend who live 1.5 hours from New Liskeard so this might be a good time to visit with them.  I know the girlfriend as well so it would all be fun and a good chance to brush up on that French since Carole doesn't speak English!

Let's see what the summer brings.  I need to wait a couple of weeks and let everything settle down to see what I am missing although I think I have a good handle on it. 

Well - I did get some work done yesterday - here is what I did...

Baby quilt of mine - DONE

Binding is on

My god daughter recently had a baby. He was born at 28 weeks and weighs about 4 lbs now. This would be a good present when he gets home from the hospital which will be by the end of the summer.  He can lay ON the quilt since it will be too heavy to put him under it!!!!  


Got the binding on one girlie John Deere quilt

I watched a movie last night while I did some hand stitching on the binding. "The Drop".  OK - I need someone to interpret that movie for me!!!!!

Then I thought I would start sewing my Plate and Pin tote.  Oh shoot - I don't have any blue thread - so off to Fabricland today to get some.

Plate and pin tote
 The kit is great - EVERYTHING is in the kit except the thread!!!!

Then it was off to the airport. NOPE - I wasn't leaving on a jet plane, but Carol was and I met up with her to swap license plates for the Row by Row.  We were in the Wendy's parking lot which had tons of people sitting around - OH - they are here to watch the planes so of course, I had to wait and get a picture of one of the incomoing planes.

Plane landing at Pearson!

Carol managed to collect some 2014 plates as I was missing a few for my project.

These are 2014 plates from South Carolina and Florida

And then I got a bunch of 2015 plates. I have or will have so many - I have no idea yet what to do with them.  I will have to lay them out once I have stopped collecting and figure something out.

2105 plates from Wisconsin, Florida and Illinois

On that note - it is MONDAY and that means sewing.  Today I am responsible for opening the room so I had better not be late. 

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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