Saturday, July 4, 2015

And so the madness continues................

Row row row your boat - gently UP the stream of insanity!!!!     Yes - we are all a bunch of crazies!  And I love that so many friends and family members who are NOT quilters have said YES when asked to pick something up.  I hope they realize that they are just adding fuel to the feeding frenzy!!!!

Here is what I scooped when I went through New Hampshire...............

I hit TWO stores on the most northern tip of the state.

One Stitch, Two Stitch in Littleton

They had TWO plates - got them both


I also got the kit. They had a very nice display of the Row by Row in their store and THREE different configurations of their row - a horizontal, a vertical and something else - I can't remember!

I also found the Bobbin the Robin pattern at this store.  It was very hard to find. Only ONE store had it!


Seams Sew Easy - Woodsville -    (no internet presence)

Got the license plate and the kit.

5099 NH SEAMS SEW EASY • Woodsville IM A CUTUP_resized.png

Still have a lot more row by row to poast and each day - the stack gets bigger, but I will get through it.

I called Peachtree Quilts in Regina and the GREEN plush is winging its way to me for the last girlie John Deere quilt.  I double checked on the website of the distributor and YES - GREEN is GREEN - there is only one colour called green and it is that emerald or Roughrider green!!!!!!

So while I wait for that backing to get to me - I have other quilts to quilt.  Now this is going to be a first.  Well maybe a second.  You see I just quilted those three girlie John Deere quilts which I just put together in the last couple of months. Then while on vacation, I finished this quilt which I only started a few months ago and it got quilted yesterday!!!!   Oh yes - this has NEVER happened before. And I have TWO more smaller quilts of mine (plus the last girlie John Deere quilt) that NEED to be quilted ASAP.

My quilt - DONE

This is the free mystery quilt that was designed by Sherri Hisey of Border Creek Station for Quilts at the Creek  My quilt is going to be in the show - Quilts at the Creek - so come by and see it in person.  There will be lots of others and it will be fun to see how everyone treated the mystery instructions.

Quilts at the Creek is an outdoor quilt show at Black Creek Pioneer Village - July 18 and 19.  It is going to be loads of fun. I've never been before and this year - I have a quilt in the show and signed up for a great class. I can't wait. Come on out!!!!!!!  I hear they have over 250 quilts.  Going to be an awesome event.

I am slowly making my way through the projects, bags and boxes that are sitting around. I am really really trying to not put anything in UFO status - that is why the room is such a disaster. I only have so much time and at one point, I will have to pack some stuff away, but I am determined!!!!  

Remember this project that I worked on while I was away................

The crazy ender and leader project - while I was away!!!!

Got home - found the rest of the project box.  Yep - there are the "missing" spools of thread and a whole lot more FINISHED blocks.   In total there are 36 blocks - 30 are completely finished - the other six need about 5 minutes of applique each.   So that has moved UP the ladder and I WANT to get it done.   The project is called Fickle Pickle by Bee Creative Studio.  For the life of me - I have no idea where the pattern is, but I found a picture on the internet which is how I remember the name.

The thread and the rest of the blocks

As you know - I have many obsessions. While quilting is a huge one, reading is also another one.  I LOVE the library.  BUT I also have quite a collection of books (OK - compared to a lot of people - this might be small), but the bottom two shelves have FIFTY books each (yes - count them - there are TWO rows of 25.  Yes - doesn't seem like 25 in each row - and that's a rough number) and the top shelf has 25 books - more or less. So we are talking 125 books here.  Let's say that I read ONE book a week - that is TWO years of reading. Never mind that some of them are part of a series and one must never read books in a series out of synch.

My books to read

The best part is that ALL my novels are consolidated in one spot. This is it and once I read those books - they are given away.  I will not knowingly reread a book. What is the point???  Although I just finished reading The Runaway Jury by John Grisham and for some reason - I didn't remember the book, but I have a sneaking feeling that I read it many years ago!!!!   Which is why having that list of "books read" is a good thing.

Instead of using the library - I am going to try and get some of these books read and rely on the library to fill in the mising books from the series. But no - the library had different thoughts on that - I got an e-mail telling me that I had FOUR items on hold. DRAT - well one was a book and THREE were DVDs.

Movies to watch

The bottom three are from the library and when I was taking a picture this morning of the bookshelf, I found TWO movies that belong to us that I have never seen.   And shoot - I completely forgot that Tish and Lynn lent me a pile of movies and they sit right in front of the computer. DUH!!!!!!   Oh well - good thing because I will have SEVEN quilts that need to be BOUND ASAP so no minutes to be wasted.

Guess what I will be doing each evening.  First I need to get those quilts trimmed and get the binding on.

Also found an extra book of LOGIC puzzles.  Bernice - did you want this????   If not - any other takers??  I bought it at Value Village in Missisauga and found another one at Value Village in Charlottetown.  Funny that both have the same number of puzzles completed - the first 5 and the rest is blank!!!!   I love these things and wish I could make it a priority - but those damn novels get in the way!!!)

Logic puzzle book

When I was at the movies this past week, we saw the trailer for the Minions movie.   I thought I should watch the Despicable Me and Despicable Me Two movies - those little Minions are so cute.  Turns out we have Despicable Me Two.  Duh!!!!!

Anyway - when I was in Micheals the other day - look what I found!!!!!   Too cute.

Minions tins

In the parking lot - I saw this car.  Now I LOVE that little Fiat, but these accessories were just adorable

Eyelashes on the car!!!!!

This next photo is a pet peeve so bear with me for two seconds.  I am filling my car up with gas yesterday and this van pulls up RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STATION.  A lady in her 60s gets out. I so wanted to say something - there is REAL PARKING just a few feet beyond where she parked.  Let's just say that she could have used the extra steps - and guess what she bought???? Cigarettes!!!!   Obviously her health is NOT on her list of priorities.

I kept my mouth shut but I gave her the evil eye!!!!

Is this a parking spot????  I think not!!!!!
 Drives me crazy when people feel they are "entitled" to park wherever it is convenient for them.

The next photos are from this morning in the forest.  We are walking along, minding our business when I hear rustling in the woods.  Wait - what is that????   Oh  - a skunk - thank goodness my old girls are no longer as sharp as they used to be. They had no clue and wouldn't have been interested anyway.

That black thing - yes - Mr. Skunk
 And then we are in a completely different part of the forest and I hear rustling again and whoa - there is ANOTHER SKUNK.  The first one was never aware of us, but the second one was - but no defensive action was necessary.

Mr Skunk on the left - the black thing
And if you look on the tree between the two big trees - there is a raccoon climbing up that tree.  Big excitement in the forest this morning!!!!

On that note - I am out of here.  Got stuff to do and classes to teach and THREE quilt stores on my list of things to do today.  Got things to pick up at all THREE stores (and NOT just license plates!)- one of them is the store I am teaching at.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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