Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The CRAZE continues................

I cannot thank everyone enough for all their help in supporting my obsessions. But then I guess I support all you in your obsession so we are even!!!!

From that list of TEN Ontario stores that I was missing - well - it appears that I am only missing ONE store now!!!!!!   Who knew that there are people even crazier than I and various people are just travellling!!!  I have yet to hear the full story, but I have a funny feeling that someone actually drove all the way to Red Lake, Ontario because it was on the Row by Row - check it out - it is WAY WAY WAY up north.   Now that is dedication!   Anyway - the missing store is New Liskeard.  I have a feeling that I have missed another store as well so I need to do a bit more research to figure that one out.   So bigs thanks to Anita, Jenny, Pat and Jane to make those other stores happen!!!

It was great to get back to Monday sewing. I didn't take a lot of photos - oh no - I was heads down on a new project.   Someone and I can't remember who, gave me a bag of strips. Bright coloured strips of children's fabric.  They said they would never use it and when I looked at the bag - this was WAY TOO GOOD to be used for the pet mats.  
The bag of "scraps"

Although that bag looks big - it is a regular grocery bag size. Not the huge bags.

So I cut up some muslin to make a foundation for the strips. The squares are cut 8 1/2".

It was a jumbly mess and I started out pressing some strips - sewing them to the foundations, then pressing more. I had 30 foundations with me and I made good progress on all 30.  Won't take too long to finish those off.

Scrappy blocks

However the bag was still quite full. I decided to spend the rest of the day pressing all the strips.

The rest of the strips are now pressed!!!

I will cut some more foundations this week so I can continue on that project next Monday. The big question - how many to cut?????  I am going to cut an additional 33 to give me a total of 63 blocks.  I will likely trim those squares down to maybe 8 1/4", maybe 8". That would make a quilt about 54 by 63 which would be a good size for a child.

Honestly if I never bought any additional fabric, I would have fun sewing for the rest of my life.  A big thank you to whomever gave me that bag of strips.  It is being put to good use. And like those yellow and blue triangle cut offs - I received this bag of scraps just mere months ago.  That is amazing for me to deal with it so quickly.  At the expense of a lot of other stuff but so what!!!!

Tish made this cute little scrap catcher.  I think that was its' intended purpose.

Scrap catcher

You remember the other day, I posted a picture of that Misty Pines quilt.

Misty Pines
There is going to be a FREE VIDEO sew along. I checked this morning - the videos are NOT available yet. But based on that - I am madly cutting the fabric to make the kits.   I mean when you buy this kit - you will be ready to sew.  YES - when it says you need 8 rectangles of fabric 4 that measure 2 1/4" by 9 7/8" - you will get PRECUT pieces.   I know - silly me - like I have nothing better to do!!!!

PRE-CUT kits
 However  - I do LOVE to cut so this is fun.   I'm bagging and tagging and hope to get them done fairly quickly so if anyone wants to follow along with those FREE videos (for a limited time), they will have the kit to do that.

There are still a few available so let me know if you want one.   ($100 - PRECUT)   No binding or backing (but we can talk as I am sure I will have leftovers from the bolts)

Ah - the row by row.  I got TWO new license plates yesterday.  One was from Maine - plates that I had to put on order because they hadn't arrived at the store yet. I didn't take a picture of it.

The other plate was delivered to my mailbox by hand. Thanks Pauline!!!!   Also got a kit.

Canmore plate and kit!

I think I will be getting another handful today from a friend who picked some up for me.  I will take a "group" shot tomorrow.

Carol has an EXTRA plate from 2014 that they would like to trade/sell?????   It is from Cobwebs and Caviar in Shelburne.  So if you want a 2014 Ontario plate - let me know.

Fabric License plate up for grabs

I saw this little plaque when I was on vacation and thought it was priceless.  Don't worry - I did NOT take a picture of the sign - I actually bought it!!!!

 And it was perfect yesterday as I searched the house for the garage door opener.  We have all seen it because it was on the table which makes me think that someone has put it away without thinking.   Hmmmmm - better show up soon.

Besides getting the license plates in the mail yesterday, I also got a package. And what was in the package?????   The PLUSH backing for the last girlie John Deere quilt.  That was FAST.  I ordered it on Friday afternoon from Regina.

Plush backing

Dye lot colour is off slightly, but close enough!!!!!

I also finished binding ONE of the girlie John Deere quilts last night.  Amazing what you can do when you watch a movie and no danger of falling asleep as I watch the movies on my computer on a wooden chair. NO worries  - I got my feet propped on a stool and I'm comfy!!!!   Yeah - only five more quilts that need urgent binding.  I had better trim them and sew some more bindings on!!!  I got season five of Modern Family and ONE more movie from the library that I have to watch this week.

I was buzzing around the family room yesterday and something caught my eye.  Something was stuck in the tree right outside the window.  I thought it was a bunch of branches or leaves, but upon closer inspection, it is a bird's nest.  A ROBIN's nest. And mommy bird is sitting.

Robin outside the family room window

She is very brave as this nest is about three feet off the ground. My dogs won't bother her - they are probably totally oblivious that the nest is even there.  And because of the dogs - we don't have cats come visit. Wonder how long before we have babies?????   I wonder if she built the nest when the dogs weren't here???

On that note - I had better get myself organized today.  I do have a lot of work ahead of me and I haven't been quite as productive as I would like the last couple of days. I'm doing some research for a blog post and that darn row by row have taken up lots of time.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Hey Elaine, love the quilt, I'm interested in getting the kit, how do I get it? And where could I find the free video tutorial? :)