Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A MYSTERY is solved!

I WILL get caught up with all these posts.  I had better stop taking pictures!  Anyway - here is one more post from PEI.  You can skip it or at least skim the pictures - some fun ones!!!!

In case you think we stayed on the SAME beach all the time - we did not.  This picture was taken a couple of miles away from the beach we were staying at. That was the day that we geocached on this other beach. You can see that it is a  much more protected beach.  It is actually a channel that the fishing boats came through.

Little Sammy snuffling on a new beach!!!!

Sammy and Sparky BOTH looking at the camera!!!!

Our foot/paw prints in the sand!

We did get down to the beach a couple of times later in the day.  ACK - I miss those walks!!!!

Late afternooon walk on the beach

Oh yes - this day was pretty funny.  Sammy and Sparky (who received absolutely NO ATTENTION from me)  got friendly with a couple of people on the beach and rather than follow ME - they started to follow these two ladies!!!!

Sparky and Sammy - running away!!!!!

Late afternoon on the beach

Rock colour is just spectacular
 I am certain in one of my other posts that I mentioned the fishing net on the beach.  At first I thought the net had escaped from a boat. But upon closer inspection, it was obvious that the net was there on purpose. It was anchored down. So what was this net doing there????

Another time when we had walked around the rocks further down our beach, we came across another small stream and another net.

Fishing net at the mouth of a stream AND the small motor boat

The fishing net

The fishermen's truck
 This particular afternoon, I saw this truck arrive (I had seen it numerous times) and they unloaded their boat and off they went.  AHA - they were going to check the OTHER net that was around the rocks.

I hung around until they came back and then I went to chat with them.  Yes - they had a couple of nets - they set up the nets to catch a small fish called gaspereau.   Apparently the fish swim UP the stream so the nets were placed to catch the fish which are then used as lobster bait!!!!    There you go - the mystery of those nets on the beach SOLVED!!!!!

While on the beach - we had time to kill. Time to try another USIE.  Those girls were NOT interested at all. I meant to get a better picture by a HUMAN, not the self timer, but we just didn't get a chance.

Me, Sammy and Sparky!

Little Sammy and Sparky

Sunset from the house

My favourite view of the beach!!!!!

The girls had so MUCH FUN!!!!!!

That little stream changed EVERY DAY.   Look at the picture above with the truck and see how DEEP the channel (the edges of the sand are) compared to this picture!!!

Edges of the stream are SHALLOW


Another beach picture
 Thank goodness you can skim through these VERY FAST!!!!

Little Sammy - camo dog!!!!!

Little Sammy having a great time eating lobster claws!

I have ONE more post from PEI and then it is over. Maybe I am trying to hang onto that vacation. It was one of the best vacations (besides my bike trips) that I have ever had.  Can't wait to see what I do next year!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!


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