Saturday, July 18, 2015

Done, done, done AND done!!!!

You would think that I would catch on by now.  Got a vacation planned - it is best to not leave everything to the last minute. But seriously - where is the fun in having everything ready?   What would I possibly do the night before going away if everything was packed?  Never going to happen in my lifetime!!!  One day I might arrive without something essential but so far so good!!!

Nope - it is after 10 PM, doing laundry so I can pack. Where is that darn suitcase?  And let's not forget there are still four small errands to do besides packing!!!!

I guess I shouldn't have been doing row by row this week!  

Anyway - I am happy to report that I am in fact in good shape tonight. No I am NOT.   Guess who else is doing laundry tonight and when I go to use the dryer - his clothes are still in there - WET!!!!!   Oh well -

Despite the fact that I was in a class today (taking, not teaching - more on that another day), I got a lot done.

I finished that giant customer quilt.  A mere 114 by 114 inches!!!!

Customer quilt - DONE!

It is a beautiful quilt!

And she likes to do weird stuff with the backings - this one was on the bias.  It actually turned out way better than I expected. There were four pieces of fabric on the back.  The edges were serged and that helped a lot, but had to keep it straight to prevent stretching!!!

The back of the customer quilt!

Running around a bit more - and next thing you know the binding is on the fourth and final girlie John Deere quilt.  That was 10 PM.   Yeah!!!!!

Binding is on the fourth quilt!!!!

Four labels are made and ready to sew on!!!!

Time to clear up those last four small errands, then pack and I will be good to go.

Yes - I am leaving on a jet plane EARLY in the morning. Almost no point in going to bed at this rate, but I do need some sleep (of course - I could sleep on the plane).

I will catch up with you once I get to my destination, but it going to be a planes, trains and automobile kind of day and it is going to be LONG LONG LONG.

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don`t forget - if you are in the Toronto area - get out to Quilts at the Creek (Black Creek Pioneer Village).  It promises to be a spectacular show - over 250 quilts.  Will you be able to spot my quilt????   You should check it out - I think that is the FASTEST I have ever made that intricate of a quilt and got it completely finished - EVER!!!!!  It is part of the Mystery Quilt display that was sponsoredd by the organizers of the show.

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  1. It was just a beautiful day to see the quilts at Black Creek, my negative would be that the description's pins were way at the bottom, hard to read..... And your quilt was
    French braid obsessions, I believe. HAVE a great vacation. oksana