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North Cape Coastal Drive - PEI

ACK - back to PEI for this post. I know - you can skip it, but this is the day trip that Nancy and I took around the North Cape Coastal Drive.  We had a hoot and just goes to show that you should ALWAYS STOP and ask questions.

We had the GPS and a map and NO PLANS.  I just love those kind of days. I think the only thing that was a MUST STOP at our trip was the quilt shop in O'Leary.

Signs for the North Cape Coastal Drive

Of course we had to stop and take pictures of any of those quilt signs that represent stops on the Arts and Heritage Trail.
Acadian Museum of PEI

As we started to go up the coast, we looked back and I snapped this shot of the general direction of where we were staying. 

Farm land on the North Cape

Most of the roads were well marked with the North Cape Coastal signage, but we goofed once or twice.

NO EXIT - duh - guess we shouldn't have turned down that road

This dirt road was part of the Coastal Drive, but well maintained

Stunning design for a church.

There are a LOT of churches on PEI - almost felt that I was in Quebec.  This one in particular was gorgeous. Painted a soft yellow with white and black trim - it was unusual, although I think we did see another church in those same colours somewhere else along the way.  

Then we came across this place.   Green Gable Alpacas

Nancy spotted the alpacas and we almost drove past, but decided to stop and take pictures.

Green Gable Alpacas

The alpacas had just been shorn and they have the most adorable faces.  They looked like big poodles.


Baby alpaca
OK - so I took a "few" pictures of the alpacas
Look at the pattern left on his neck after his wooly coat is gone

See how long their necks are????  Like a mini giraffe

The little baby one standing up!!!!

Then it was back to the car. Ooops - I think I left in a hurry - I didn't even bother to shut the door.  We got a chuckle out of that.

The "getaway" car

WAIT  - we are both textile artists or quilters and this might be a cool place to visit.  The sign does say that visitors are always welcome. So we went in. We were greeted by a nice little dog named Otis and then we met Janet. Wow - Janet's story is mind blowing.  There is a video on her web page - you should watch it - it is a tear jerker. Janet lost her daughter in 2007 and this is her story.   Janet is truly a remarkable woman and we were very moved by her and what she has done with her life.   Turns out that Janet and Robin have become good friends - they have a lot in common - both "from away".   Anyway - watch the video on the Green Gable Alpaca site.  

We did spend some money in the shop and bought inserts for our boots. Nice and warm and SOFT!!!!!!   A must stop if you are in the area.

Another quilt block -

Bideford Parsonage Museum

There are NOT a lot of trees on PEI.     Here we are going through a FOREST!!!!!

A PEI forest

We stopped for lunch in Alberton. This was going to be the furthest north we would go.  There just wasn't time to do the entire drive in one day. Too many stops!!!!

Mural in Alberton

Having lunch at The Albert & Crown Pub & Eatery

Had a great lunch in Alberton. Nancy was good at chatting up all the locals.

Another quilt block
Alberton Museum

We headed south on the main highway so we could get to our next stops.  OK - after we were on the road a bit and I browsed through the brochure and we saw the time - we started making plans.

A truck loaded with potatoes

Ok - I admit - we were hoping to see some potatoes fall off that truck - but no go.

We had to stop at MacAuslands Woolen Mill

MacAuslnds Woolen Mill

What a fascinating place.   We didn't have time to take a tour, but we poked around on our own. They take the raw material from the sheep/alpacas.

Raw wool
Part of the cleaning process
Historical info on the MacAusland's Woollen Mills

Part of the spinning process

This was a neat set up to get a thicker rope material

Since we didn't have the tour - we just guessed at what the stuff was.  But a pretty cool place.  Not only could you look, but you could buy!!!!!

Bags and bags of wool rovings - you pick the colour!

How about those socks - looks like a John Deere fan would love those!!!!

They did have gorgeous blankets, but they also had seconds. Smaller ones with some minor flaws - we bought those. They were very reasonably prices.  And toasty warm!!!!

Back in the car we were off.  We did stop at the quilt store in O'Leary which I don't have any pictures of - well not here.

Very different beach from the one we had
This beach was on the Northumberland Strait - so protected beach.  Our beach was on the Gulf of St. Lawrence which wasn't protected.

We were going to stop and visit this lighthouse, but we couldn't find the road to get there.

One of PEI's many lighthouses

Our last official stop of the day was at the bottle houses.  And look another quilt block. 

The Bottle Houses of PEI

Wow - these three buildings were amazing and so neat to see how the builder constructed the house using various colours and sizes/shapes of bottles.

Inside the chapel

Nancy waiting for the service to begin - I'm kidding - I made her sit there!

From the outside!!!!

Bottle sculpture

Fish in the pond

Nancy relaxing outside The Bottle House

A lighthouse on The Bottle House property

The bottles on the inside of the houses

And then it was time to head home. We stopped to watch these guys on the beach.  They were kite surfing - the perfect place for it as it was windy like crazy.  The only thing I do not understand is how they can go BOTH directions in the wind. They would go with the wind and then they were able to use the wind to come back as well.   I need to understand that so the technique could be used on a bike!!!!!   I'm not against rigging up a sail on the bike - imagine that!!!!

Kite surfing

Hard to see but there was a farmer in his tractor right by the ocean - just so weird for me. 
My farming experience  - there is NO ocean anywhere nearby!!!!

A challenging fence to escape over!

That was probably the most touristy day we had on PEI.  It was a fun day and I will keep those memories forevery.  Not to mention, my wool blanket and my alpacas inserts for my boots!!!!!

If you get a chance - all three places are worth a stop.

Have a great day!!!!


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