Monday, October 12, 2015

To INFINITY and beyond...........................

Did you see Carol's comment yesterday about DEAD LINES???   Yep - you could have a dead line in relation to your telephone!   Love it!!!!    Thanks Carol!!!

See the blog title today?  I heard that expression years ago and had NO IDEA where it came from, but I loved it. I loved the way it was said (with so much enthusiasm) and one day - who knows when - I found out that it was from the movie Toy Story (which was released in 1995 - in case you were wondering).  I think we used that phrase in some marketing training thing we did when I still worked at HP - and I left there in 2000 or thereabouts.

It is still one of my favourite sayings today - you can conquer the world - there are no limits. Well - that is how I like to look at things. BUT inifinity is having a new meaning for me these days.

Do you remember this picture from this past summer when I was on Salt Spring Island.

News report with bicycle scrarf

Now that is not just a scarf - but it is an INFINITY scarf.  And I wanted one.  Then this happened.

I was visiting with Susan and look what she managed to snag for me - somewhere in the midwest US or was that Fernie, BC??????

Yes - that is an infinity scarf with bicycles on it. The bikes are a bit bigger than the picture and a bit different colour, but none the less - a bike infinity scarf. Thanks Susan!!!!!

Bike infinity scarf

I think I didn't start wearing it until August and the first time I did, my family went crazy. "Where did you get that scarf? "   I told them Susan got it for me from out west and that was that.

Then my birthday came along and guess what my family had bought for me. An infinity scarf but an ORANGE one.

Orange infinity scarf
 Isn't that wild - I think the source was the same - although Susan bought in person and my family bought on-line.

Two different colours - same design

They also bought me this one. Which is similiar to what the news reporter was wearing.

Another bike infinity scarf

And my personal shopper Carol, found this one in the US and I got it from her last week.

Another style of bike infinity scarf

Hmmmmm - the next time someone asks me if I want another infinity scarf with bikes on it - perhaps I should say no.   But I love them and so on those days when it isn't appropriate to wear a T-shirt with a bike on it - I can wear one of the scarves. Yeah - I am covered!!!!!  Now I just need to find a jazzy pair of pants with bicycles printed on them and I am set!!!!!   OK - I just need the fabric and my MIL will make them for me.

Yesterday, I picked up one of the items that she is making for me and it is GORGEOUS.  So well executed. Now I have some work to do before she can continue on the next items.  Hopefully that will get done today and back to her tomorrow.

Yesterday was an absolutely insane day of picking up and dropping off.  It started when I went to drop off the HUGE quilt with Sandy.  The goal is that I pick it up on my way to work on Tuesday AM.  Where I will proceed to put the binding on by sewing machine. ICK!

Then I was back home to finish quilting the second lining that needed to be dropped at my MILs.  Pauline brought over her Misty Pines to be quilted. Oh yes - look at this photograph that Tish found on Pinterest.

Misty Pines photo

Misty Pines  - the quilt
Hmmmmm - get out EQ7 - I feel a quilt design coming on.

Then Elaine came over to pick up a ticket for the CreativFestival (remember - I will be there on Friday - if you are also going to be there - let me know!!!) and some money that I owed her and money to pay for my participation in the new Border Creek Mystery.  Don't even ask about that!!!!!   We are doing it through the Brampton Quilt Guild and I am excited about that. For the most part - I do love Sherri's designs. Only one teeny tiny glitch that I still haven't worked out but one day I will.

Have a look at this blog post by Sherri - go right to the end to see all the quilts that people did of her mystery for the Black Creek Pioneer Village show.  I don't think mine is there.

Then Mary called and I met up with her.  We had license plates, money and PJs to exchange.  Yes - Mary's sister found these PJs at Target in the US with sewing machines on them.  A buying frenzy ensued and I now have a pair of PINK PJs with sewing machines on them.

My new pink PJs.

Haven't even taken them out of the bag yet - I may wait until I leave for Houston and take them with me. I'll deal with that issue the night before I leave!

Let's not forget that Diane was stopping by to pick up more petmats that were completed by myself and by others.  They were sitting on the doorstep so I didn't have to do anything there!!!!   But Diane's sister, Joy sent me these photos of some of the cats sleeping on the beds.

Cats on the pet mats

Hmm - these cats didn't get the memo that it is ONE cat per mat.  that is what we sized them for.  But they are looking pretty comfy!!!!!

Bug off!!!!!

While this cat looks pretty comfy - he sure didn't appreciate having his picture taken!

Pet mats put to good use

So a HUGE HUGE thank you to everyone who has donated pillow cases and fabric scraps.  The cats are comfy and loving them.   Now I have to get more ready, but hopefully get back into that swing of things in a couple of weeks.  I have ZERO down time until after Market.

OK - that is a total and blatant lie.   What did I do yesterday afternoon when it was so gorgeous outside????   yep - I was outside reading a book.  I could not help myself.  It was interesting (although I am certain that I read it years ago - but it would have been prior to 2007 when I started to keep track so I read it again.  It was a page turner. It was the first one in the Harry Bosch series so very old.

And then we went out for dinner at the golf club.  I was so exhausted and my eye was watering - I didn't enjoy dinner one bit. I got home and went straight to bed but not before I started a new book.  I know - I have a disease!  It's called OBSESSION.

However I am happy to report that progress did get made on the T-shirt quilt although it isn't in one piece quite yet. But all the T-shirts are backed with interfacing and cut (more or less to the right size). Now a bit more measuring and cutting and then sewing and the top will be done.  Oh yes - I think I have to transfer a couple of pictures and work them in - no worries - there are gaps for those.

The T-shirt quilt

I love making these T-shirt quilts - the hacking and slashing is fun. And like Eleanor Burns - I just toss those scraps on the floor.

Scraps from the T-shirt quilt

What I want now is to make a T-shirt quilt from Tim's t-shirts.  They issue a ton of them every year.  I must go into my local Tim's and ask one of the managers what they do with the extras - well  see if some employee will give me theirs and I can make a quilt. For what purpose??  I don't know - just to make one.

Should you want to make your own T-shirt quilt - there are tips in my book - Elaine's Tech Tips.   If you don't have a copy and want one - I have them for sale - $15.

Elaine’s Tech Tips Quilting Book cover

 You can get part of it for free if you sign for QUILTSocial.  You can get half of it in a free download, you can buy the entire thing as a download or you can get the hard copy from me.

On that note - I am out of here!!!!      Remmeber - to INFINITY and beyond!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (credit to Buzz Lightyear for that)

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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