Monday, October 26, 2015

Quilt Market Day Four

As tired as I am - I get up at a ridiculous hour in the morning. And this morning, I can hear a BEEP BEEP BEEP from somewhere nearby that is crazy!  As I said - there is tons of construction here.

At least the rain has stopped.  Took a cab yesterday morning back to the Hilton because it was still pouring rain. But walked back in a bit of a drizzle at the end of the day. It wasn't bad, but there was one puddle that we couldn't get around and I got half a wet foot!

Started the day off with a class on hand stitching.  Oh my goodness - one of the instructors is an author and has the most amazing book on hand stitching. I am wondering if that would make a good class instead of another quilt for the $10 quilt or the Saturday Sampler??????   Any thoughts on that?   At the end you had a beautiful sample book filled with wonderful ideas for hand stitching.  No pressure - no choosing of fabric, no madly sewing the night before.  Sounds like a plan to me. Got to give that some thought - I think it's a great idea!

I don't even know where to begin on what happened yesterday.  I had appointments with so many people. Chatted with magazines for content purposes, sew alongs, demos for upcoming shows (QuiltCon), potential designers - the day was packed!  And of course through it all - I chatted up a storm. There doesn't seem to be any end to my chatting and I am sure my colleagues are sick of me by now.

But I'm having a blast!  So who did I see yesterday???   Well a few quick words with Tula Pink, a lengthy conversation with Deb Tucker of the Tucker Trimmer fame, chatted with the owner of the publishing house who prints Yoko Saito's books. This lady used to live in Japan and buys the rights to the books, translates them in other languages and sells them.  A very interesting person and she shared some of the ways the Japanese Quilt Masters work.  All very fascinating.
Met with editors of FW Media who own McCall's, Quiltmaker and a couple of other magazines. All very interesting conversations.

Let's see  - oh my - well I can't even remember them all.  I've been collecting cards and brochures and well - it is going to be insane to go through it all when I get back. I have to take it all with me this morning so it can be packed on the crate later tonight. I am NOT carrying it all home in my suitcase.  I need room for my quilting stuff!!!!

Oh yes - a NEW TOOL that I MUST HAVE.  I couldn't buy just one so will have to get a local store to order it in.   Add a Quarter Ruler for paper piecing.   We all have one - right?????   Well the new tool has a beveled edge along the opposite edge of the 1/4" ridge so you don't need card stock to do the folding.  This is brilliant and as the lady who designed it said - it only took her 20 years to come up with that.  Apparently it is available NOW and I want one. Everybody who paper pieces should get one.  It is great.

Had some great chats with Daphne Greig. She is a designer and an author and also is a sales rep for Northcott in the Vancouver Island area. We've chatted about many of the stores in her territory - some I have visited often over the years and others - I went to this year for the first time because of Row by Row. Did you know that Stitches quilt shop on Salt Spring Island has closed??????   I loved that store and visited it every time I went out.  It was for sale - no one bought it - so now it is gone.  We had great chats about guilds, speakers, quilting techniques and well many other things!

I have one more class this morning and then back to the show which runs from 9:30 to 4 and then the fun task of tearing down. Which is supposed to happen in FIVE hours.  Oh yes - I see a long exhausting night ahead of us. But tear down is always much faster than set up.

I have so many people I want to see today and I still have about 14 rows (of 29) that I haven't visited yet.  I don't think I am going to get everywhere. There just isn't enough time. But then - I am not actually here to shop  I know that is very tough.  As I lay in bed this morning, I thought of all the pictures I need to take as well.  You know me - always on the look out to improve the processes.  Yep - I think my employer as some point may tell me to stay in my office and sew instead of researching everything and wanting change!  OK - I'll stay in my office and sew. People love the fact that I have a sewing machine in my office!

Later this week when we visit Quilt Festival - I am technically working and will have the sales manager with me - so hopefully he will keep me on the straight and narrow and prevent me from buying too much. Besides we only have 1 day so not a lot of time.  I've seen so many amazing products that I want to make and not just quilts. Working on some deals with some companies to swap products - and well - I may never surface again!

We came up with some amazing ideas for QuiltCon which makes me feel much better.  I am very excited about the preparation for that show and as soon as we get back - I think we will be in the wild fury to make that happen. Oh yes - it is all about having FUN!!!!!

Oh yes - as I flip through the tiny thumnails of my photos - I remembered that I met Sue Spargo and saw Tim Holtz. One of these pictures is from his booth where EVERYTHING was his fabric.  I'm not sure what the other picture is.  Someone's booth.

I guess I had better get myself organized and ready for my class. Well breakfast first and I'm hungry - I had chocolate for lunch yesterday!  There is loads of candy at all the booths and well - I had chocolate!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!


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