Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Modern Quilting

I have been intrigued by the Modern Quilt movement for a while.  I have bought the magazines, I have surfed the internet and I have attended a meeting at The Workroom by the Toronto Chapter of the Modern Quilt Guild

I have also been trying for MONTHS to get to the Waterloo Modern Quilt Guild.  Our schedules just didn't work out but finally - last week - everything worked and I went to their meeting. 

OH MY GOD - what a fun group!   The group holds their meetings at Creative Sisters Quilt Shop.  They are a small, but CREATIVE group. I was in awe. OK - I had to buy stuff at the store.  They had a couple of things that peeked my interest. 

Here is a sampling of stuff that was shown that evening.   I hope I got all the names right.  

This first piece is Jen's.  It is part of a block exchange.  Seriously????   She is trading this away??????  I would trade something with her.  I just love it.  There is a name for the block, but I have forgotten what it is. Something to do with mountains??????

Jen's modern quilt block
Of the 11 people at the meeting (including Linda - one of the owners of Creative Sisters), seven of them had long arms.  I mean a long arm quilting machine!!!!!   WOW!!!!!!   That tells you something.  These people are serious. The others that did not have a machine were fairly new to quilting.  Amazing!!!!!

So this is Marilyn's quilt.  She used a piece of Yashiko's fabric that was acquired when several of the ladies attended QuiltCon earlier this year. I don't know what pattern she used, but it is paper pieced.

Marilyn's quilt
As a traditional quilter, I would like to see a bit more contrast in there, but for a modern quilt - this one is stunning. But have a look at the quilting.  Marilyn did it herself - some done by free hand, some computerized.   It will knock your socks off!!!!!

Quilting done by Marilyn!   STUNNING!!!!!
A new member who happens to be a blog reader!  Hi Liz!!!!   She had this quilt top to show.  It is beautiful. We discussed some ideas for the quilting.  I call this a transition piece.  While the piecing in it is very traditional, the fresh white background brings a modern touch to it.

Liz's quilt
Marsha took a class with someone at Stitch (the store in Jordan).  Can't remember the name of the instructor - hey the meeting was last week!!!!   Anyway - very impromptu style and it is adorable.  I love those covered blue buttons in the bottom left.

Marsha's impromptu quilt
There was other stuff shown at the meeting, but I wasn't allowed to take pictures.

The Modern Quilt Guild had issued a challenge a while back.  The theme was Bar Code and specific colours were designated for the challenge.  The blocks below are the result of that challenge.

The members very quickly put them up on the portable design walls (all stores should have portable design walls).  I have to say that I LOVE that classroom  - I bet Nancy is in her glory!!!!!   Nancy who came to visit me in PEI now works at that store.

Quilt Number One

Quilt Number Two

They are going to use some whites and creams to fill in the gaps and then someone is going to work their magic to quilt it.  I believe the quilts were going to be given locally to a charitable organization. I didn't hear all the details on that.

WOW WOW WOW --- I love what they are doing and well - I am going to become a member despite the distance.

OK ladies in the Mississauga/Brampton area  perhaps we need to get together to do our own guild.  Make it small and we are good to go.  Or we can all go out to Waterloo!!!!

I am going to be spending a LOT more time in the Modern Quilt World as we gear up to go to QuiltCon in California in February.  Oh yes - I am being thrown in feet first and I LOVE IT!!!!!!

Despite having a meeting with the Mississauga Cycling Advisory Committe last night, I got the binding on the T-shirt quilt and started the hand stitching while I was in the meeting.  I only did the hand stitching in the meeting.  Obviously!!!!!

Hand stitching has started

What can I say - I am a pretty lucky person. Love what I do - have the time and energy to do what I love and well - it is time to get started on another day!!!!!

Did I mention that we spent part of the day yesterday picking the palette for the  Northcott Palette for Row by Row?????   OH yes - wait for that - it will be out soon.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colours.

Off to work!!!!

Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!