Saturday, October 10, 2015

A dress you say.........................

By the time I actually get my Misty Pines quilt top together - I am going to be so sick of the fabric - I may never hang it!

Actually - I am very happpy to report that GREAT progress is being made on those kits and can you believe that I am almost done!!!!!  Which is great because I have an incredibly packed month ahead and well - those kits have to be done NOW!!!!!

Ah - just the right amount left over for this fabric.  I love when that happens. 

The leftover of this fabric

More components from another fabric
All that was from the other night. But last night, I was determined to make even more progress and so here I am packing up one more fabric.

More kit components getting bagged and tagged

And today if it kills me - I am finishing!!!!   Here is the last fabric that requires a major cut.

Last major bit of cutting
 I am almost finished with this fabric and once that is done - I still have a bit of cutting, but it might be 10 components or 2 components - NOT 16.  I had three fabrics that required 16 more components and they were killers.  BUT almost done!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Still to be processed
 And I still have to make the fabric key for the kits but that shouldn't take too long and I have a couple of movies that I can watch when I am doing that.

This is the leftovers - well the third one from the right is NOT a leftover, but I had purchased it because I thought it would make a good backing.


These leftovers will be used for binding or facing or in some cases backing (where there is enough). That is if anyone who is making the quilt wants to buy it. Otherwise - it will go into my stash.  For the moment, this fabric sits and waits in the event that I screwed up the quantities in anyone's kit or they make a major mistake that they can't recover from!!!!   Hopefully that won't happen.  That means that whoever is buying these kits had better get them done!!!!   I know two people from the class of 7 last time who are very close to being finished.  I hope the rest of them are.  I am going to set a deadline when I will put this fabric away for good!!!

Well - I am all over the place these days and have a great adventure to tell you about - but I am saving that for tomorrow. While I was on this adventure I had a weak moment. A very weak moment.  Because look what I ended up with.

Washi Dress pattern

Yes - I purchased a dress pattern.  Seriously?????   A dress - what was I thinking???????   I never wear dresses.  BUT I have a couple of trade shows coming up and lots of people wear dresses made with their fabric (the company they work for) and well - I am going to try it. Good grief - the fabric fumes at work have obviously taken over my brain. I will get my mother in law to make it since she is so good and hopefully I won't look like a sack of potatoes wearing it!!!!!   Of course - it is going to be BRIGHT!!!!!  

So what did you think of the row by row theme yesterday????   That e-mail came in at 8:04 AM  and within the hour, I had others forwarded to me. It was the hot topic of the day at work and outside work. Going to be an interesting year as we conjure up ideas for rows. Better get the design hat on my head and think think think!!!!!

The quilts that are going to be hung in our booth at Market are coming in fast and furious these days.  I get excited about the ones that come in complete.   I have bindings to do this weekend and OH MY GOD - I have to put them on by sewing machine.  I've never done that before so I will start with something small!!!!!   I've got batting to piece for another one, a HUGE backing to press - waiting for the call that the top is done and whisk it away to the long arm quilter.  Who said bringing your work home wouldn't be fun!!!!!

Remember that fabric that came in one week ago????   Well two of the six quilts are done except the binding which I will do this weekend.  Two went out the door to be quilted yesterday and hopefully the last two will be done by Tuesday.  Did I mention that the one that I worked so hard to piece and was up so early to finish came back yesterday and it is gorgeous.  The quilting is stunning and really enhances the quilt.   Wait for those pictures!!!!

Oh yes - I have bags and bags of projects from work that need to be done - well I want to experiement.

It is going to be one crazy weekend and I had better get started.

Have an awesome day.  Let me know what your thoughts of row by row are?????   What images does it conjure up??????   You never know - you might just see that image somewhere - I have my own, but I am looking for others!!!!!!   Leave a comment on the blog (there is a space at the end of the post - just fire off a comment) or send me an e-mail.


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  1. Hope to see a plate with a canola field/big sky and an elevator in the background!