Sunday, October 25, 2015

Quilt Market Day Three

OK Market is crazy!!!!  But before I get into that - I have to say good morning to Shirley!   Hi Shirley!

I don't want to be a name dropper, but well - I'm dropping tons of names today!  

I had a number of appointments yesterday with editors of The Taunton Press (Threads magazine), we met the folks from Annie's who publish Quilter's World and we met the editors from American Patchwork and Quilting. All very interesting conversations.  It is all about making contacts and networking!

Met up with Joyce Hughes (an award winning quilter from one of the big shows) who blew my socks off with what she did with some of our panels. Makes you look at panels in a whole different way.

Let's see - I had time to zip around part of the floor and I got to meet Jacqueline de Jong of Be Colourful.  Her paper pieced quilts are just amazing.  Saw her new patterns and before I can get excited about the new stuff  - I had better get working on some of the old. Yes - makes me want to go home and sew sew sew!!!!

I'm going to have to schedule time every day to get working on some of this stuff - make it from Northcott and sew every day at work!  I wonder if I could get away with that?  Not likely!

Who else did I  meet?  Hmm - well I didn't meet these people, but saw Jenny Doan - a huge line of people for her book signing. I have no intention of getting signed books while I am here. I"m here to work (well and enjoy the eye candy!)   Chatted with the staff at Lorelei booth, but didn't get a chance to meet Lorelei as she was chatting with someone else.  She has some amazing new stuff that is just to die for and I want to get one of them,   I can't remember what they are called - and I'm too lazy to dig through all the literature I collected yesterday.

Saw Jen Kingwell - love her designs and hope to meet her today.  Sometimes there are people in the booth when you walk by and rather than wait - I'll just go back. Got two more days of that so better make good use of my time. Besides - my goal is to meet and chat with people that I want to work with and while I love Jen's designs, it isn't a good fit for us.

And it seems that every time I wander away from our booth, then people come and drop off their cards because they want to meet with me!

Had a good chat with the folks at AQS and reserved two BRAND NEW books that would make excellent classes. I have to remember to pick them up just before tear down on Monday. Also chatted with Martingale - no I didn't chat - just browsed their booth.

I spoke to numerous designers - and I am on the hunt for Blocks of the Month.  I found several that I think are going to work in a couple of spots.

I  met the designer from a Wing and a Prayer which is a block of the month that I am currently teaching at The Hobby Horse.  I hope everyone had fun with Joyce who was subbing for me

Hmmmm - Oh yes - chatted briefly with Jaybird designs and saw their new quilt.  Chatted with the ladies from Sassafras - they have gorgeous Block of the Month. They are paper pieced.  What are your thoughts on paper piecing??????

Many many other designers - I want to go back and check out a few more because we had a brief chat with some of them, but I want to try on a jacket in their booth or something else and we didn't get time.  And while I like to wander the floor with others - it is fun to wander on  my own.  Then my colleagues don't think I'm nuts!

I also ran into a couple of people that I know from back home.  Saw Sue from Thimbles and Things. Wanda was with her who has designed several of the quilts in our booth. I chatted with Deb from Country Patchworks and I briefly saw Angie and Dwight from Quiltsource.

I took a short class with Sara Lawson in the morning.  It was a steal - cost $10 for the class - we got a kit with all the hardware and the inside stuff (Pellon) products to make Sara's camera bag. Sara is so sweet (she would hate me for saying that), but it was a great class. She is in Tulla Pink's booth which I haven't seen yet.

There are a LOT of fabric companies here - Moda, Island Batik, Timeless Treasures, RJR, Hoffman and many many more and all of their booths are filled with new fabrics they are trying to sell. 

The other thing that is exciting is being able to see some famous quilts. Like those of Jacqueline de Jonge which by the way are heavily encrusted with crystals.  Oh yes - loads and in the light - they are stunning.

I saw Matt and Brodie from APQS, but no chance to chat with them - they were busy.

Talked to a couple of designers whose name I didn't recognize, but when I saw their patterns or books - AHA - I know their work.

I think there are 26 aisles of vendors - I've seen about 1/4 of them. There is a ton of walking and I just decided to keep my running shoes on.  Yes - I could put my fancy shoes on, but I'd be even more exhausted at the end of the day - so running shoes it is. Especially since I have to walk all the way to the classrooms first thing in the morning.

Let me explain about the weather here.  Apparently there is the remains of a hurricane in the area and they have flash flood and major flood warnings out for the weekend. Yep- it appears that Houston was built just barely above sea level, at least the downtown part, the sewer system can't handle major rain falls and floods ensue.  So far we have just walked back and forth to the convention center - like I said - I can see it from my room.

Last night - it was pouring rain and I wasn't walking.  We got a hotel shuttle from the Hilton (which is attached to the convention center). The valet area of the Hilton was a mess last night as many tried to get cabs and shuttles to their hotels  I don't even know how many of us crammed into the shuttle to get back to the hotel.  While I was waiting for someone else to arrive so we could zip across the street, two of our group arrived after walking from the convention center with umbrellas  Their pant legs were soaked past their knees.  I see it is still raining  this morning - I think I am taking the shuttle to the Hilton and then I will be at the classroom end of the convention center!!!!   I must remember to book that shuttle before I go in for breakfast.

I guess in the past we have stayed at the Hilton, but it is a crazy zoo inside and the Westin is much quieter and cheaper. The only draw back is if the weather is bad - we have to get there.  And you CANNOT get a drop off in front of the convention center because the street is torn up for construction.  I didn't take pictures yesterday (only those I posted on Facebook), but I will carry my big camera today and take pictures.  Last night I was supposed to go back to the convention center for a Modern Quilt group thing, but I wasn't going back in the pouring rain.  I'm meeting with the organizer this morning, so hopefully I will get the scoop on what I missed.

Not only do I have a ton of other booths to visit (and I think I have four meetings today), but I have the exhibits to visit as well .  

The good news - I haven't bought anything - well except those two books that I have reserved.  People are here to buy for their stores and since I don't have a store - well I'm not buying. Some of the vendors will be staying for Festival which opens on Wednesday night, but many are leaving and so if there is something that I can't live without and I can't get from Festival - I will buy through the regular channels. 

Must be careful though as there is a ton of stuff that I want and none of it I need!!!!

On that note - I'm off to get ready for the day.

Have a great day!!!!!!!


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