Sunday, October 18, 2015

It's all about the BIKE!

The days just seem to blur into one another. Every day brings something exciting. As I was sitting yesterday morning waiting for my car to be serviced, someone sent me a note about "hope you have a great day!".  Well everyday is a GREAT day.  It all depends on how you look at the glass. Is it half full, is it half empty? I heard someone say - just be thankful there is something in your glass!

I try to keep myself upbeat to ward off the BAD things that happen, like having crappy internet!   One of the editing programs that I use is a heavy user of the internet. And this morning, things were S L O W.  God - I could have made the corrections on a manual typewrite faster!  Now here is the thing - is it the internet or is it my computer????   This is one of those situations - who are you going to call?  Computer repair or service provider?    This kind of stuff drives me crazy, but I am NOT going to let it ruin my day.  That editing process did put me behind, but no worries - let's forge on.

And I have to laugh because when I write for QUILTSocial, I am trying to change my style of writing. Use CONTRACTIONS.  I do NOT use contractions on a regular basis and I wondered why not?  I speak the contractions, but I don't (for the most part) write them.  I think it has to do with the keyboard. While I am a fast typist - I sometimes struggle with the apostrope and so I don't use it all the time.  I spend more time correcting contractions that I do anything else!!!!!

Let's just say that you are going to LOVE QUILTSocial this coming week. It is ALL ABOUT APPLIQUE.  Some fabulous information coming up!!!!  I'm so excited to share it with you!!!!!

As I try to tidy up a bit downstairs, I am trying to process things and put them away. Some of it has been there for months.

Well - I certainly do NOT need to go shopping for anything since I get so many leads from people or they buy for me and I reimburse them.

Carol bought me this lunch bag with a bicycle on it. Now I've had it for a while and I should start to use it - I think it will be more practical than the one that I currently have.  I just didn't want to get it dirty.  OH MY GOD - I sound like my mother.  OK - that lunch bag gets used starting tomorrow.

Lunch bag with bicycle on it
She also found this bicycle on a canvas type material. I think I'm supposed to make a pillow or perhaps a bag from it.

Bicycle panel
It could be reversible.  

Reversible bicycle panel
 But from the writing on the bottom of the panel, I think you are supposed to have the black outside.

The writing tells me this is the wrong side

Then recently, Carol was on another shopping expedition and found this perfect fabric for me. Bicycles and words. All that is missing is a spotch of orange somewhere.

Yardage of bicycle fabric

 Speaking of a splotch of orange, I have to tell you this story.  So I am at CreativFestival and I see two ladies pass by me.  I think they had orange T-shirts on. Next thing I know, they are whispering to each other and pointing at me. I was wearing an orange T-shirt, orange scarf, my orange purse and orange running shoes!  Let's not forget I had orange ear rings on and my orange wallet was tucked inside my purse.

I ran into another lady later on who said - oh my favorite color is orange and she had an orange shirt on and an orange purse. She wanted to know where I got my orange running shoes.  I couldn't remember nor could I find the brand name.  But I remember now - I bought them at Marshall's a couple of years ago.

Then Helen Anne or Karen or more likely BOTH of them were involved, alerted me to Mark's where they have PJ pants with bicycles on them.  Yep - that was my pit stop on my way home from the car maintenance.  I had to get dog food for Little Sammy and Mark's just happens to be next door to PetsMart. Since I was there, I bought a couple more pair of pants suitable for work. Now I don't need anything more - I am good. Well - I guess I could use another pair of shoes and I never did get out to look for those ankle boots.

Bicycle PJ pants

I am going to be toasty warm in those - they have cuffs on the bottom and are flannel.    I think it's time to let my pink Sponge Bob PJ pants go.

Well I could NOT help myself. Despite the fact that I have a couple of customer quilts waiting to be done - I just had to finish anther Harry Bosch novel.  Yep - I did and don't tell anyone that I pulled another book off the shelf.

I like to read books from a series in the order they were written.  I have so many authors that I read that I am finding it hard to keep things straight. And then I want to read the books on my shelf and they are not complete so I have to start planning. Order one or two from the library so I can catch up to what is on my shelf.  Can't just focus on one author - that is boring. It's complicated!  I have to say that I like what Sue Grafton did - it is easy to know which book comes next - they all have a letter of the alphabet in the title. That was brilliant!!!!

But thank goodnes for keeping a list of books read or I would be reading the same books over and over again!!!!!

By the way, I did manage to get the customer quilt done!   This is another of the Chunk of the Month (our block of the month that I designed a couple of years back).  So nice to see so many of them completely finished.
Customer quilt done!!!!!

I am sure you do the same thing at your house.  As you get stuff ready, you put it on the stairs - either to go up or to come down. There is always something at the top and bottom of my stairs.  I suppose if I took it down right away, I would get more flights of stairs in a day on my FitBit.

Stuff prepped to go up!

On that note - I am debating whether to attempt more editing with the internet or work on a customer quilt???

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    And yep - I had to scrap the darned car window in order to get my Tim's.  I should have walked or taken my bike!



  1. A word of warning about stuff on the stairs - I used to do that until the day I stepped on a baggie of quilt blocks while coming down carrying boxes of paper for recycling. I ended up at the bottom of the steps with a broken ankle. Never have finished that quilt.

    Barbara at Stash Overflow

  2. AH - good point Barbara. Normally it isn't this bad, but it was the weekend and I was prepping for a class, and stuff to take to work. By the AM - it will be gone! Thanks for the heads up.

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