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I don't know if you did this as a teen, but in many of the movies depicting the 50s and 60s, the teens would cruise up and down the main drag on a Friday or Saturday night - ring a bell?  OK - I think I did it once, but we were going by specific people's houses (OK - homes where cute boys lived!).

Well that is what it felt like yesterday, except my main drag was Winston Churchill!

The day started out by teaching two one hour classes at Ruti's.  Lots of great homework show n tell which will be posted this week. The photos are already edited. I know - I haven't posted the homework from last week's class.

But here is one of the show n tell items - I believe this was Mary's.  It is all made from Northcott Shimmer and it is gorgeous.  Shoot - I don't see the pattern on the website, but it was designed with Northcott Shimmer in mind.  The pattern is available at Ruti's.

After those two classes, it was home to have a quick lunch and then off for visit number one.

I went UP Winston Churchill to visit  my  MIL who is making some garments for me and I was due for a fitting and to chat about the next steps.  Oh boy - she doesn't sew clothes like I do.  She sews them like a TAILOR because that is her training.  I am not sure if I mentioned it, but when I went to drop off the fabric a week ago, she grabbed her tape measure and measured various parts of me.  She didn't write down a thing. Now I had given her a pattern for one of the items, and she said my  measurements were like the pattern.  The garment fit like a glove!!!!!   I think I am really really going to like it and I will definitely wear it more than once!

Then it was back down Winston Churchill to drop off one of the URGENT quilts that has to be made.  Once we got all the details taken care of, then I was off further down Winston Churchill to visit Fabricland and pick up a few items that I needed for my MIL.

While I was there, I got a call from the second person I was dropping off a quilt. I was hoping to catch her at her workshop which wasn't far from Fabricland. Oops - she is already in the car headed home.  Guess where?  Yep - I had to go back up Winston Churchill to get to her house.

Here is a picture of what Teresa did in Elizabeth Dillinger's class.   Check out the flower on the left compared to the flower on the right.  It is absolutely stunning, but then everything that Teresas does is STUNNING!!!!

Workshop sample by Teresa (Elizabeth Dillinger class)

After I left her house, I was inspired so I went even further up Winston Churchill to Micheal's to pick up some glitter glue.  I have a great idea on where to use it.  Now if I can just find that damn panel that I bought the other day.  I bet it got whisked into one of those bags when I cleaned up!   It is probably the same place that the pattern I need for today is!!!!   Oh well - I will just borrow one from the store if I can't find it!!!!

I was tempted to whisk back down Winston Churchill and go to Chapter's, but I decided against it and came back down only as far as the grocery store and then back home!!!  I had work to do and it was getting late in the day at this point. And it isn't as much fun to go magazine shopping because I get to see them all (well a good many of them) for free at work.

But I accomplished a LOT and the third project for Northocott went out the door after dinner.  That leaves two left and there was a teeny problem with some of the fabric quantities so I will have to get that organized tomorrow.  I can't wait to see these quilts - the fabric is GORGEOUS and BRIGHT and well - they are going to be spectacular.  Did I mention that these quilts are hanging in our GIANT booth at Quilt Market!!!

It seems that everywhere I go, I get little gifts from people.  All of them very unexpected and most have a particular purpose. People just don't go out and buy something that is meanlingless.  Which makes the gifts VERY SPECIAL!!!!

I did a favour for Jane the other day who was most appreciative and look what I got in return.  TWO bags of scraps.  One was bigger scraps which I briefly looked at and put with the pet mat stuff.  This was the bag os SMALLER scraps.  Oh boy - I'd love to live in her house - what she calls a small scrap - well I could make a quilt out of that stuff for sure!!!!!   Thanks Jane - it will all go to a good home for sure.

|Scraps from Jane

Then Helen Anne handed me a small wrapped package - wrapped in tin foil that is.  I couldn't believe it. She commented that she was making fruit cake the other day and well - I coveted a piece. I love fruit cake.  However I was cautioned - not to drive immediately after eating this fruit cake.  Apparently it has a "touch" of brandy in it!! Mmmmmmmmmm - I can't wait to sample this!!!!!    Thanks Helen Anne!!!!

Specially seasoned  fruit cake!!!!

And then Carol - well she went and broke the bank with her gift. Actually it is a gift for the office. I like gifts for the office but I don't think I'll be taking Helen Anne's to the office!!!!   Well - we all got a big chuckle when I saw what Carol pulled out of her bag.   A LINT ROLLER!!!!!

Lint roller
 I know - you are asking why???   Well - for those of you who know me - I have been known to wear jeans and a fleece jacket with a bicycle T-shirt pretty much all the time. Now that I am working - I feel that I have to leave the fleece jacket at home (my security blanket!!!), so I am wearing a sweater. The other day I was sewing like a mad person at work and then went straight to the guild meeting.  Apparently my black sweater was covered in threads and everyone got a chuckle out of that!!!!  Now I have a lint roller.

Oh - perhaps they were right - a sweater covered in LINT!

However if you remember from a few years back - I taught a class about caricatures and this is the one I made of myself!!!!   If you enlarge the picture you will see that I am covered in threads.

If the shoe fits......................

I guess I am going to have to ditch the fleece, ditch the sweaters and wear very slippery materials that no threads will stick to me!!!!   Ah heck - I don't mind showing a few threads, but I had better remember to use the lint roller BEFORE the next guild meeting!!!!   But oh my god - I had a weakness the other day and I am actually contemplating buying a pair of ankle boots for work.  Hell must have frozen over.  I could wear running shoes, but well - I like ankle boots - just no need to wear them when I wasn't working.  This working thing is messing with my mind!!!!!

Like I need more fabric or kits, but I couldn't help myself.  Now this is from a competitor - GASP!!!!!!   Hey - I am still a quilter and quite frankly - as much as I adore all the Northcott fabrics - I couldn't sew just them all the time.  Yes - I signed up for this new Canadian Mystery Block of the Month. You can get the Canadian one or the US one.

New Canadian Mystery Block of the Month
Oh shoot - I swear that I saw a list of the blocks when they were being released and also the breakdown of the US regions. Do you think I can find that darn list now?????  Of course not.  But if you want to sign up - call Ruti's or your local shop.  I know Ruti's has sold out of their initial shipment, but she is placing another order.

The information I am looking for may have been taken down since it is supposed to be a mystery.   Well if someone else finds that list - let me know.

And if you are seriously addicted to Row by Row - check out this web site that was created by Janet Lutz - who is the founder of the Row by Row.  The theme for 2016 will be announced this coming Friday.  You can sign up and get the scoop FIRST by checking out her web site.

On that note - I am out of here.  A crazy busy day - yet again.  I MUST get my free pattern download DONE today.  It has to be posted tomorrow.  The problem is how do you write a pattern that everyone can understand.  I see a teaching moment coming with this one and let those YouTube videos roll!!!!!!  Stay tuned for all that info!

Have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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