Saturday, October 24, 2015

Quilt Market - Day One

Yesterday was a very long day.

Never mind that I got home the evening before at 9 PM and had to pack for the trip.  I know - I know -  who leaves everything to the last minute.  But I got it all packed and I was ready!

The flight was at 7:45 AM so there was ample time to get to the airport without getting up at a ridiculous time.  Couldn't do pre check-in because we were flying United, but that process went very smooth, as did getting through Customs.  "Where are you going?"    "Tradeshow."  "Have a nice day."    Christina got a different Customs agent and got grilled.  I sailed through security as well - just take your shoes off - but everyone had to take their shoes off.  And I was through - very painless.

Then a long long walk down a hallway to get to the gate. I missed the Tim's because it was down another aisle.  No worries - I found a bagel shop and ate there.

The flight was pretty uneventful and Christina and I had a good chat since we ended up sitting beside each other in the back of the plane. 

A car awaited us at the airport and we were off to downtown Houston.

Of course - our rooms were not ready when we arrived so a quick bite in the restaurant and off to the convention center which is walking distance from where we are staying.  Some of our group was already here, but the plane behind us got delayed by an hour.

I remember the convention center with the big red pipes and the big round windows.  I was here in 1999 but I remember that and likely took pictures!!!!   BUT the area around the Convention Center is a MESS.  A huge construction mess.  The sidewalks around the center are closed off, no signage - oh yes - it's a mess. But we entered through the Hall A door and we were good  Quickly found our booth - right at the front - and the crates were open and some of the crew was starting to unpack. 

We have three very large metal structures that have to be assembled. And they have to be assembled in a specific order. The first one went smoothly, the second one - I screwed up.  I had the numbers in the right order, but counterclockwise, not clockwise. DUH!!!!    Not before we laid all the floor tiles.  I think we are 20 feet wide and 80 or 100 feet in length.  That is a LOT of floor tile.  I would never complain about Alma's booth at 10 by 30 again!!!! 

Of course - it is muggy here and we were all soon drenched in sweat.  I never thought to bring shorts - DUH - well I guess I did and I didn't pack them.  Note to self for next show - bring shorts!!!!

We managed to get the structures up, the lights on and some of the other display units assembled.  Today apparently is an even bigger day as we hang the drapes, the quilts and the fabric squares.  I can hardly wait!!   Today is also Schoolhouse so I'll be making the presentation with Patti.  We also have a meeting where I'll be meeting all the reps and everyone I didn't meet yesterday.

I took several spins around the show halls yesterday.  Seriously - this is like letting a kid loose in a candy store.  I mean - this is HUGE - all the products, all the designers, - it is fabulous!!!!!   I met Debra from Zebra Designs - she designed the graphics for the license plates.  Actually, I think she can up with the idea for the license plates.  No pictures - we were all a mess yesterday. Perhaps today!

We left the convention center around 6. Had to get my room and then worry about something to eat although I wasn't very hungry.  I got my room and there was a fruit/cheese tray welcoming me to the room.  That was just about all that I needed. I hopped into bed, ate my way through the fruit and cheese and fell asleep.  I was EXHAUSTED.

Today is another day!!!!   As much hard work as all this is - I'm very excited to be here.  

Don't forget - today is the last day of my blog posts on QUILTSocial.   I don't have access to the internet at the hotel - too cheap to cough up the dough.  I'll upload at the convention center later this morning.

On that note - have a great day!!!!!


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