Thursday, April 12, 2018

Fireside retreat - DAY ONE

So here I sit with my iPad and of course, there is issues as it won’t allow me to use the photos that I uploaded yesterday. There seems to be a buffer issue????  I’m going to have to hit the Apple store to find out how the heck to resolve that issue. I love the iPad (oh god - did I just say that?). Anyway, the iPad is light and easy to carry, but sucks for blogging unless I get this issue fixed.

We’ve been madly sewing since we got here. OK - that’s a total lie. First off when I arrived at 9:02 AM, there were four cars in the driveway! These ladies are keeners and I love them all! It didn’t take long to unload my car and I was ready to get sewing. I did a lot of trimming of blocks and squares yesterday so made good progress on that.

But we seemed to have spent a lot of time at the store. Whether that was the local quilt shop or the local Fabricland.  We went to find some fabrics that we could make a couple of quilts for the Humboldt Broncos. Mission accomplished and when I can load pictures, I’ll show you what we did. I think three quilts got made here and I’ll quilt them (two of them) when I get home.

Of course, we’re eating like queens, BUT it would appear that everyone is very conscious of what they are eating and there is much discussion about calories and sugar and what is good and what is not. That’s very exciting.

I was going to take a walk yesterday, but then it was time for bed and well, the walk never materialized. Oh - I did make it to the UPS store to get rid of the last quilt that needed to be mailed. Yeah!!!!

I’m going to try and post a picture that my kid put together. It’s hilarious. She told me the other day that she was on her way to Tofino in BC. I told her that she had already been there. Oh really??  So I sent her some photos and she put the collage together. I LOVE it.  Who knew when she was there when she was two that she would be back when she was 22.  Isn’t this a hoot!!!!!   I’m out of here for today.  Have a super day!!!!!

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