Monday, April 16, 2018

Motivational Monday!!!!

It's Motivational Monday and time to check in with everyone to see how we're making out with our UFOs.

I'm making progress on stuff - just not necessarily my UFOs. But I'm working on them. I was going to work on one yesterday, but I seem to have misplaced the border fabric. Seriously??  I hope to locate that today.

There is no Monday sewing today because of the ugly weather. While the worst of the ice storm is over, it's a mess outside with all that rain/ice/snow melting FAST so we all decided it's best to stay home and sew by ourselves. I did that all day yesterday and I have to admit it was a bit boring. But I managed to get quite a bit done and I'm happy.

I have a sewing day at my house on Thursday so I had better get those work tables cleaned up! While I did make headway on them, they're still pretty full of projects.

I started by prepping the foam bases for the tuffet class. There were 18 bases and all of them had to be marked so they could be trimmed.

Tuffets are all marked
They are now repackaged in the big plastic bag, the beveled edge is trimmed and there's a hole in the center of each to make it easier to pass the tufting cord.

Bases are prepped for class
 Will this be the last of the tuffets?  I would hope so, but I don't think so!!!

Then it was time to fire up the creative icon by PFAFF. What a nice sewing/embroidery machine. I was only messing around with the sewing machine part. I managed to download the manual to my iPad although the entire manual is built into the sewing machine. It's just easier to have the manual in a different spot when you're learning so you can play with the buttons and not have to keep switching screens.

No problems winding bobbins and threading.

The creative icon by PFAFF
 It's just very bizarre to be sewing on a machine that I know nothing about. How to change the presser feet? Fortunately, most of the buttons/features are the same as what I'm used to but they look different. I'm sure in no time, I'll be doing everything on the machine and not have to think where the buttons are. But for the time being, I'll keep the manual handy.

I managed to get this backing together for that black/white/red quilt. I had forgotten that the backing fabric was WIDE so when I cut it, well - let's just say that I'm not sure I did the join the best way possible and this is a woven fabric. I'm thinking it should be washed before it gets quilted????   Thoughts??? Shoot --- I should have washed it. I may do that today and reevaluate the size.  But isn't that fabric a perfect match for the quilt??

Backing, binding, and top - ready for quilting

As part of the clean-up, there's a stack of quilts that need to be bound. I put the binding on the back of the three quilts - well two quilts and one table runner. There is one more that needs the binding attached, but I had a black thread in the machine and that one needs a lighter colored thread.

Bindings are attached to the back of both of these items

Then while I was at it, I decided to stitch the binding to the front of at least one of the items so I could have one more finish for the year. Here are the sewing machine tables set up in the "binding/quilting" position.

Stitching down the binding
And here we are - finish number 29 for the year. This was a UFO from last year and I had no intention of getting it quilted so it's a bit of a bonus.

Half log cabin quilt - DONE
Now all the quilt has is my small label inserted into the binding. I'm thinking of making a small label with the name of the pattern and the design source on it. It was made just for fun for me so no need to go into why the quilt was made. I was thinking of even putting steam a seam on the back of the small label and attaching it to the quilt. GASP!!!!   But it would be small. I would appear to be getting very lazy in how I finish off quilts!!

I have to say that those bindings went on FAST. Not that they aren't fast with the other machine, but it just seemed faster yesterday. Must have been the audiobook distraction. And no need for a walking foot - the PFAFF has the IDT system - built-in walking foot technology!!!

I also got a table runner put together while I listened to the audiobook on my phone. I can't show you the table runner because it's the upcoming homework for the table runner class. That's absolutely unheard of that my work is finished BEFORE the class. I must be going mad!!!   Actually, I have a wee surprise for the table runner class so they will have to wait for that. But in addition to making the top, I also got the backing ready as well as the binding.

Backing and binding for a table runner
 I don't want to get it quilted before the class because it would be hard for them to get that design out of their head. I provide a number of designs and they get to choose what they like best.

I haven't had a chance to post what I finished at the retreat but here's one thing I did complete.  This is the table runner from February. I had only made two big squares, but I liked it so much and had extra fabric that I decided to make it bigger. I got the extra four blocks completed at the retreat. All the paper was removed.

Table runner - top is done!!!!

I got the backing and binding ready for this one. Notice that the backing is the same design as for the green one above - just a different color!!!

Table runner top, binding, and backing - ready for quilting

 I hope to get this one quilted before the next class, but not sure that will happen.

The long arm didn't get delivered last Friday which was a shame because I could have had it up and running yesterday. It's due to arrive today. I hope to get it up and running by tomorrow - I have a quilt that needs to be done ASAP.

On that note, I had better shovel some of the wet, wet, wet snow off the front step to make way for the UPS man. Otherwise, I wouldn't care. It's already melting like crazy outside - it's very wet and slushy. A nice day to stay inside and quilt!!!   I have to get those 6 blocks done for 150 Canadian Women - just because we don't have Monday sewing, I can't slack off the pace!!!

Have a super day!!!


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