Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Monday Sewing

I'm glad we all stayed home yesterday. It was wet, it was cold and it's just plain ugly out there.

I did shovel the step off in anticipation of the UPS delivery. I knew the box would be big and heavy and didn't want anyone slipping down the steps. It wasn't that bad to shovel but took several attempts before I got all the snow and ice off the step. Didn't bother with the sidewalk or the drive - hopefully, it'll all be melted soon.

I do need to get out today - I have several errands and we need groceries.

I managed to get a lot of sewing done yesterday so that was a good thing. But wow - it's boring when you sew by yourself. So now I load audiobooks on my phone and listen to that. It's actually not bad. I think I'm almost done another book which is good because having the books on my phone means they disappear when they are due and I have 2 more days!

What did I get done?

I started off by stitching a binding to the front of another quilt. The PFAFF with the built-in walking foot works like a charm. Not that the other machine didn't, but any binding by machine is fast!!!!

Stitching down a binding to the front of a quilt

This makes finish number 30 for the year. And it was on the UFO list for 2017. I'm going to experiment with some labels today???  and see what it looks like to fuse them onto the back of the quilt. Name of the pattern, name of the designer, made by me and the year. I think that's good enough.

Half log cabin quilt - DONE

Then I switched machines. I needed gray thread and this machine had a gray thread on it. Isn't that crazy????  I had paper piecing to do and so got things set up for paper piecing. I'm almost out of gray thread - I'd better do a shopping trip SOON!!

Machine set up for paper piecing
I completed my six blocks for 150 Canadian Women. Just as if I were at Monday sewing. That leaves me with 42 blocks to complete. Who knew that this could actually happen???  That's SEVEN weeks left and I'll be done!!!

Six more blocks for 150 Canadian Women
Thankfully, the blocks are a lot easier these days and I was finished by noon even with some fussing around with other things. Speaking of the blocks, I saw (actually Ronda saw) a bundle of reds at Thimbles and Things when we were there last weekend. I snagged that bundle for my blocks. Hopefully, I have enough fabric now to complete all the blocks.

Bundle of red fat quarters

I did some more sewing on another table runner in preparation for the upcoming table runner class. Can't show you, but it's looking great.

Then I did more paper piecing as I prepped for my paper piecing class on Friday. I actually have two paper piecing classes this week - one on Friday evening at Oh Look Fabric (sorry - class is FULL!!!) and one on Saturday at Hobby Horse. We're making different projects at each class. Be sure to check them out.  I'll post the sample for both tomorrow. Shoot - I forgot to take pictures.

Here's a couple of pictures of things I bought while I was away last week. Here's the hockey fleece that we're going to use on the back of the quilts for the Humboldt Broncos. I love it and we should have enough for two quilts.

Hockey fleece for quilt backs
 Here's the other hockey fabric that I bought. This is flannel. White is NOT my favorite color for a backing, but the theme was perfect. I think I'll have a few more quilts to do so this will come in handy.

Hockey flannel for quilt backings
 And I saw this bicycle flannel and had to get some of that. I have a ton of bicycle fabric and will be making a bunch of quilts so better have backings for them.

There are a couple of neat digitized hockey themed pantos that I could buy and download to my computer - if I get it up and running in time. I might try that!!!!

Backing for a bicycle quilt

While I no longer buy fabric willy-nilly (as much as I used to), I did see these two prints and they were on sale. I just had to buy some - 1 meter of each.  I love camping fabric. Not sure what I'm going to make, but it's super cute!!!

Dog and camping fabric to add to the stash
Here's the rest of what I worked on at the retreat. A bunch of half square triangles that got marked, sewn and trimmed. They are now used up, but I can't share that project with you just yet.

Half square triangles
 And I made these blocks as well. I didn't cut enough to make all the blocks (I only cut half of what I needed - what was I thinking?) so now I have to cut more fabric. Drat!!!!

Pinwheel blocks

 I may share that project with you. Well I will, just not yet!!!!

From time to time yesterday I peeked out the window keeping an eye out for the UPS truck. At 2 PM, I saw the truck come around the corner. Our street isn't plowed and there is a lot of slush on the road. The poor driver looked frazzled.  I went out to greet him and OH MY - we have two big boxes. I helped him bring both of them into the house and he was thankful for that. He was way behind schedule but thankfully he delivered my stuff to me.

I went back to sewing before I could face opening the boxes to see what was involved in setting up the long arm. I finally opened the boxes. Well - I've got that story to share with you another day. I've only just started the process and it appears I have an issue - well actually three show stoppers. After sending pictures, it looks like I can resolve two on my hope. The third one is a bit more complicated and I hope to get that resolved today - but in my mind, it's a big issue. Hopefully, the support team can magically make two holes appear before my very eyes!!!!  Or let's just pray that I'm blind and can't see the holes.

On that note, I'm out of here. Got loads to get done today. I'm not panicking, but all of a sudden, I have a lot of things to take care of!!!  I need to get back to my routine of paperwork in the morning and sewing in the afternoon. But I don't think that is going to happen until May.

Have a super day!!!!!


And if you want to see how Murphy and Lexi passed their day, check out Lexi's blog.

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