Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Mission(s) accomplished

I ran around all day yesterday and I was able to check off a lot of the TODOs from my list.

The car is fixed, the water bottle is exchanged, the long arm should arrive by Friday and the magazine quilt will be dropped at the UPS store later today (I was hoping for yesterday, but that didn't happen!)

There are a few other things that need to be done, but those can be done when I'm away. Like e-mails - I can send those from the retreat.

The car is packed and there is only ONE tote bag of projects.

Retreat project bag

I would say that's about the same size as a laundry basket. All my supplies, all my tools - everything but the sewing machine are in that bag!  Which is good because there really isn't any room left in the car. I had to pack up the Husqvarna Viking Epic to take to the CreativFestival and the box for that machine is HUGE - plus the wagon to transport it once I get there and well, I think you get the picture! I'm full up!

Now I have a problem. It's a good problem, but of course, I've left it until the last minute. I was trying to find an outfit that I could wear to the CreativFestival. Remember all that weight I lost? Well, it would appear that pretty much NONE of the pants in that huge pile are going to fit me anymore.

Lots of pants, but none will fit

I was laughing because it's not like they don't fit - it's like I'm swimming in them. They are 1, 2 or 3 sizes too big. I tried on a few pairs last night, had a good laugh and a happy dance, then they got washed and they are in the giveaway pile. I'll do the rest next week. But it would appear there are TWO pairs out of that pile that fit. A pair of jeans and a pair of LuLu Lemon pants. OK - it's LuLu for the show. With a long top, it'll be just fine!!!

I did get a wee bit of sewing done yesterday. Well, I had to put that binding on the quilt and sew a sleeve on. That got done and that was finish number TWENTY-EIGHT for the year!!!!  Isn't that exciting??  I'm taking pictures and putting them in a folder so that at the end of the year, I can reflect back on what I accomplished this year! Never mind looking at what I started, but I'm doing great - most of what I've started new this year is already completed and I am working on those UFOs. 

Speaking of UFOs, here is the triple four patch quilt. This was on the UFO list. Now it's on the TO BE QUILTED list. The top is done, the backing is made and the scrappy binding is prepared.

Triple four patch

Hopefully, when the long arm comes back, I'll be able to slip a few of mine between the customer/magazine quilts.  Of course, I'm going to schedule that. I'm on a roll!!

I had to do some cutting yesterday in order to lay out the next block for the pixel quilt. I've cut all the green and all the red that is required to finish. I've got a good supply of white and more white strips in the bag so hopefully, I'll be good to finish the quilt.

Laying out the next block for the pixel quilt

Not sure how much I'll get done as I've a lot of chain piecing with me for the retreat. We'll see how it goes.

Since I no longer have a laptop, I have to blog on the iPad and that presents a wee challenge. It's like there is a buffer in it and it will only let me post so much?  I don't know.  But I've got pictures edited and loaded so hopefully, I can get some blog posts out for you!! I can show you what else I've been working on as well as a couple more treatsure that I unearthed.

On that note, I must get the girls out for their walk.

Have a super day!!!


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