Friday, June 5, 2020

Another HAPPY day!!!!

H, OH!!!!!  I'm so EXCITED!!!!  Can you guess why? Sometime yesterday afternoon, the ban on short term rentals in Ontario was lifted! Oh, happy day!!!  That means that the next scheduled REAL quilting retreat can take place. We did have one planned for next week, but some of the people coming work during the day and they had to rearrange their vacations. I doubt their bosses would be too happy if we switched around again. Besides - we do NOT know any of the rules and restrictions that come with this development. I can easily wait three more weeks!

Needless to say, I've already been in contact with the owner of the retreat and the group. So now we wait to see all the details and then figure out who really wants to come. Our bubbles haven't even been expanded, so that can have a significant impact on some people who live with others that have compromised health situations. There's the psychological factor to think about as well. It doesn't matter - there are three weeks to figure it out, and for everyone to decide if they can and want to break their self-isolation. I don't care - I'm so happy!!!!

However, that brought a moment of panic as well. I've been happily ensconced in my house with no plans to go anywhere, and all of a sudden, I could be away EVERY MONTH for the next couple of months. I'm not sure I can handle the stress of getting ready for a five-day sewing retreat! That lasted a few minutes, and I was over it! My retreat basket is prepared to pop in the car TODAY.

Let's get back to what's going on here and now. Let's start with a picture of Oreo on his quilt.

Oreo on his quilt
He looks suspicious. Like - what's with all this dog hair on this quilt and dog paws? Hmmm  - what's with all that? I'm sure after it's been in his house for a day or two, he'll be much happier.

Yes - I had a porch pickup and drop off yesterday, except that we also social distanced in the back yard. It was a beautiful day, and we decided to have ice cream. I've never been so excited about ice cream!!!

And the girls went hysterical. There was SOMEONE other than Mom and Dad at the house. They would NOT leave Ronda alone.

Ronda and Lexi
I think Lexi is trying to say - no one can see me here, but this is a NEW person at our house! I LOVE new people.

To honor the quilt made for Oreo, I had an Oreo blizzard!!! Ronda, thanks for the ice cream porch drop off!

Oreo blizzard

OK - so this is not a good idea, but Murphy got to lick out the container and took it to a quiet part of the backyard to lick out!

Murphy eating her ice cream

While I was on my binding marathon the previous day, I decided it was time to sort through the stack of quilted quilts and quilt tops in the community projects area and get that organized. This is what's been sitting there and accumulating since February.

The stack of quilts for community projects

I pulled all the quilts that needed to be bound. I've piled them on a table in Studio B. Might as well get them finished. We're not going to have a community day any time soon.

The stack of community projects quilts to be bound

I believe there are SIXTEEN in that pile. Now six of the items are placemats, but still! That's a lot of work ahead of me!!! There's no rush, but I would like them done.

In addition to that, I have this huge tub filled with finished quilts that are to be donated. We're starting with Project Linus, and then we'll find homes for those they do not want.

A tub of quilts to be donated
The first quilt I worked on had bias binding! That means the end of the bias binding is already cut on the diagonal. After the struggle with the other quilt, I managed to get this one joined much faster. Perhaps I have at last figured that out. I should say that these quilts are smaller, so hopefully, the binding process will go a bit faster.

The final join for the bias binding

Oh boy -- there's that darn gold thread again!!!

A gold thread!!!!

And there's one more quilt - DONE!!!!!

Community projects quilt - DONE

It's hard to tell in the photo, but my drawer of threads that I use for binding actually has HOLES in it. I'm not ready to buy more yet, but if I keep up this binding marathon, I may have to invest in more thread soon.

My drawer of colored threads for binding

I had to sort through a shoebox of scraps, and I found this. Seriously??? You can tell by the selvage that these pieces are NOT big. Why did I keep them? Because I'm crazy!!!  These pieces all went into the scrap box.

Small scraps!

Here's a shot of the "to be quilted" area. These are customer quilts on the top, and the next round of quilts for Quilts of Valour. Basically, hat's on top is what I'm quilting this coming month. Underneath are the tubs and boxes of community project quilts. Trust me, a few short months ago, that area was CRAMMED so tight that I couldn't get anything else in that space.

The "to be quilted" area of quilts other than my own
Look at all that room!!! The box is filled with quilts that are too small for Quilts of Valour, and the two quilts on top of the plastic tote are too large. I have to sort through the two large plastic totes to sort them by size. For the moment, my monthly quota is pulled. I'll sort through the tubs another day. 

The community projects quilts to be quilted

The other side of the stand

It's pretty exciting that things are progressing. I don't care what speed, I just care that progress is being made. I'm a happy camper. At some point, those tubs will be empty. BUT there are two boxes of quilt tops in the processing area that need backing, and then they are going to end up here! It's a never-ending cycle, but we are making significant progress, and that's all that counts. There's a light at the end of the tunnel.

I'm probably the only one who is running around with wool socks on at this time of year. Yep - shorts and wool socks. And yes - my socks have holes. I'm OK with that. I like these socks. Guess what I found the other day - a darning egg. In a box of stuff in the office!!!

A darning egg

So while I sat and watched some of the Zoom presentations the other day, I darned my socks with BLACK yarn. Hey - visible mending is a big deal these days!!!

My darned sock

I was doing something on one of the work tables and guess what I found? Yep - more gold thread!!!!

More gold thread!!!

That darn stuff is everywhere!!!

OK -- so I showed you that laundry basket of stuff that I brought down to be sorted. Guess what I found in there? Yep - a panel for a Christmas vest!!!! So the big question is what to do with it? I'm certainly not rushing to make it, so that means donate it or cut it up and add to the scrappy strip pile. Donate or cut???  Any thoughts??? I mean - does anyone wear these any more??? If anyone wants it - by all means - it's yours!!!

A vest panel
  I got a new toy to play with. These are Wi-Fi pods, which essentially retransmit the internet signal. I'm hoping to get better service in Studio B and Studio U, which are far from where the hub and router are located in our house. Maybe later today, I can get those installed.

Wi-Fi pods

I made it to the dentist yesterday!!!! I tell you - it seems that every day these days is a good news day. I walked to the dentist and called them from outside. Hand sanitizer inside the door and wear a mask. All the chairs were gone but three - one in each corner of the waiting room. I was the ONLY patient the entire time I was there. The dentist and the one assistant wore masks, and the dentist wore a throw-away gown. I haven't been that close to someone outside my house in months!!! I developed some irritation in my gums, but I'm sure that just because it was more exposed because the crown was not in place. After an X-ray to ensure that no damage has occurred to my other tooth beside this one and some cement, I was good to go.  Anyway - I can SMILE again! I'm a happy camper.

See what I mean???  Happy days all around!!!!

I had to wait before I could eat lunch, but when I did get to the stove to cook lunch, what did I spot? Oh, yes - GOLD thread!!! That darn stuff is worse than glitter!!!  Speaking of glitter, if you haven't watched this video on the porch pirates and glitter, it's a hoot!!!  I want to live in this guy's house. He does some very cool stuff.

Another gold thread

I managed to get a lot of miles in yesterday - over 8 miles. And someone in my house whom I will not mention by name asked if I was going to drive my car to the dentist. Why? The dentist's office is not far away, and I can wait outside - it's a big world!!!

Just outside Langham on Highway 16 - on the way to Saskatoon

Here's my position on the map. I wonder where my pace marker went???

My position on the map and closing in on SAskatoon

I thought I'd also share a photo of my walk along Route 66. I love that it actually follows the actual route where possible. I just can't imagine that this was once the BUSY highway across the country!!! This picture is just outside Amarillo, Texas.

Route 66

Lots of other stuff happening, but that's it for time today!!!! I'm so excited because today - I'm on a road trip! Oh wait - I have to tell you my car insurance story. Some of my friends have received a cheque to reimburse them for part of their premiums since most people are driving less at this current time. Both people who received a cheque were with the same insurance company. I have a different company, so I called them to see what the scoop was as there was NO information on their web site. I got a call yesterday from the broker. Oh yes - they could put a code on my policy to drop the number of annual kilometers from 15,0000 to 8,000. I don't know how much I'll save.

Now here's the kicker. She backdated it to May 15. I said - why not back to March? Oh no - that's too complicated for the company. They made this decision for May 1. Probably because they've had oodles of calls from customers. They are installing the new rate for 90 days, then it goes back to the old rate. I can live with that, but I'm a bit put out that I had to call. They are NOT paying the claims that they would usually, so why should they be collecting the premiums at the same rate? Oh well - it's done now, and one more thing checked off my list.

Have a super day!!!!


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