Sunday, June 28, 2020

Retreat Day Four

OK -- so I love the ladies on the retreat, but I think the walking thing has gotten a wee bit out of hand.

I like to get to bed early, but I've been going to bed a little bit later than usual, and since I'm sleeping on the main floor, I can sometimes (always) hear the noise that they make while they are sewing. That prevents me from going to sleep. Last night, some of them were geocaching and didn't get back until quite late, so I thought it was a good time to get to sleep. NO - I had been in bed barely 10 minutes, and they arrived. It looks like I won't go to sleep for a while.

Then they finally did go to bed only to have one of the lovely ladies decide before going to bed that she needed to get some extra steps in before she went to bed. Are you KIDDING ME???? This is an old house - and the person did not walk gently. How many friggin steps did she need? Apparently 600!!!!!  That's a serious offense and grounds for being voted off the island. Notice, I didn't mention any names.

Anyway, now I was irritated and totally wide awake. I finally got up and slept on the couch so I could read my phone and not disturb my roommate. Needless to say, I'm going to be tired and grouchy today. You'd think people would be more considerate of the organizer!!!!


So today is the last day. It's always amazing how quickly the time passes, and yet, it feels like we've been here for a long time. It's so peaceful and well - you wish you could stay forever. But the reality is, that's not going to happen. I must admit that I'll be glad to get home as I have some exciting stuff to work on when I get back, and I need to get these bags TOTALLY prepped so I can continue to work on them.

I went in a new direction for my walk yesterday morning. There's a small conservation area close to the retreat house. I've never gone that way before as I thought the road was too busy to walk on. Well, it was the weekend, and I had no bike, so it was totally fine to walk on that road. It's a beautiful little area and actually just 20 minutes from the house.

There are several short walks through the forest. I saw this truck pretty much as soon as I entered the forest. It belonged to someone local as his name and phone number is painted on the side of the truck.

An old truck in the forest

There were several benches in the forest, and most of them were dedicated to someone, which I think is a fabulous idea. I want a bench like this. People can come and sit for a spell. You can't sit and be comfortable in a cemetery.

A beautiful  spot to sit
I spent most of the day working on my snail's trails blocks. I was cutting bits for more blocks with no regard to lights and darks and how many sets I needed.

Bits for the snail's trails blocks

Towards the end of the day, I got things under control. I'm not sure how many blocks I've made so far, but I believe I have less than 10 to make. I have more darks cut than the lights, and I think I have two more sets of dark to cut. I have that fabric with me, so I'll cut it this morning. I have run out of lights to cut, so that'll have to wait until I get home. I'll dig out more fabric so I can finish cutting, and then I'll work on the piecing.

This is one of my UFOs for this month, and I do believe that I'll easily be able to get it finished before the next meeting. OK - that's a total lie. I hope to get the blocks done as they do take a while to assemble. Then I'll probably be sewing the top together on the morning of the UFO club!!!

It doesn't matter - progress is being made, and that's all that counts!!!

I don't really have a lot to say today. But I will say one thing. Getting out and chatting is really one good reason to get together with friends to talk. I learned so much about some of the retreat people. And if I ever think that my life was difficult growing up, it was a cakewalk compared to some of the others.

Now - to decide if I'm going to have a nap before I leave today? Or just wait until I get home.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Snails Trail blocks ARE a lot of work. I have made 56 this month for a UFO started back in 2013 (where's that gasping emoji when ya need it ;-)

    Enjoy the travel home!

    1. Elle--- Thank gosh it's not just me who decided that snail's trail are a lot of work. Thankfully, I only have 35 to make in total, NOT 56. But - we will be done those blocks soon!!!!

  2. Earplugs...I started wearing them as a freshman in the dorm, in hotels when at conferences,and at home when my husband 's apnea kept me awake.

    1. Joanne - YEP - earplugs will be packed for the next trip. Never needed them before - this was a rowdy group! Plus I go to bed early!