Sunday, June 7, 2020

That's PINK!

solved the problem! Yep - it appears that I inadvertently changed a setting on the camera, so I was getting the FULL screen of the phone screen when it should have been 3/4. So that was an easy fix, and I'll just have to be more aware of it in the future. I really should sit down one day and figure out all the features of that phone camera. There are so many features, but who has time for that?

I popped out on my bike yesterday. I mean, the weather was so perfect that if you didn't get out - well, that would have been a total waste of a perfect morning. I cycled 45 K, and it was glorious. Loads of other cyclists out and traffic was good.

I passed by the sheep again, and this time, I couldn't see the shepherd. Does that mean they have learned to stay in their field? Or they have an electric fence? Either way, they seemed to be happy to munch on the grass and the trees.

However, I spotted this cow, and I had to stop and take a picture.

A cow going for a swim

OK -- so the cow wasn't exactly swimming, but the darn thing was pretty deep in the water. There was one other cow in the water as well, but only up to its knees. Let's just say that you wouldn't catch me swimming in that water. But the cow was happy!!!

I made a delivery on my bike. I had some yarn to drop off at someone's house. She is going to knit me something, and I'm going to quilt a quilt for her! I love swapping services. Six wee balls of yarn fit nicely into the back pockets of my cycling jersey.

Yarn that got delivered 

Her house is so close to the route that I take through that area that it was barely a detour!

When I got home, I had a long errand to do that involved driving to the other side of the city. I was hoping to buddy up the errand from the previous day, but that didn't work, so TWICE in two days, I got to drive across the city. Yeah! My car had no idea what was happening.

Guess what? I got stuck in traffic! Yep - on a Saturday! It didn't take too long to get past the accident, but the way people drive? Well, you can see why there are accidents. The one that gets me the most is the person who is riding your bumper or close enough. They pass on the left (like they are supposed to) and then proceed to move into the right-hand lanes to get off the highway. Can you tell me why they can't just move to those right-hand lanes without having to pass me??  Totally unnecessary passing. I just don't get it!!!

I had to go to a storage unit in a somewhat industrial area to pick something up. While I was waiting at the door, I spotted this on the ground. A pair of denim jeans. Why? Did they fall out of someone's packed box? Is someone running around without pants? It makes me wonder how and why about a lot of stuff I see!

A pair of pants outside the storage building

I was tidying up a few things in that laundry basket, and I found this. A piece of black ribbing to make cuffs for knit garments. Oh boy!!!

Black ribbing for knitted garment cuffs

I guess I remember buying this, but who knew where it was. I added it to the other THREE pieces (including one that was black) of ribbing that I recently acquired. It's all with the knit fabric that I'm supposed to be making a pair of sweatpants for myself!!

Ribbing for sweatpants

So now I have two pieces of black, and one piece each of grey and red. I think I'm good for all situations. But I hate it when I buy something I already have. I didn't even remember that I had that. Sigh................

I did get a quilt quilted the other day. It needs to be trimmed so the customer can come and pick it up.

Customer quilt - DONE

This morning I was loading another huge customer quilt. I need to keep moving on the list of quilts. I added five more Quilts of Valour quilts yesterday and a small challenge quilt, so there is no time for slacking!

As I'm loading her mostly cream-colored quilt, can you tell me why I'm finding red threads on the BACKING that wasn't even folded with the top? It always amazes me how I find all different colored threads on stuff at my house, and this proves that it happens at other people's homes as well. This was INSIDE the folded backing.

A red thread inside the backing of a customer quilt

And guess what else I found?

A gold thread

Seriously???  I've been sweeping almost every day in Studio B, and I just can't seem to get rid of the gold threads. This probably got picked up as I pressed out a fold in the top! I just had to laugh when I saw that.

When I went fabric shopping the other day, I had six swatches with me. I found something for all six. I'm going to share two of them with you today.

I'm working on my Christmas Fig quilt, and I'm using blues and whites for the quilt. My whites all have a silver sparkle in them. I know - who buys fabrics with silver sparkles?? 

You can see my swatch on the right-hand side. It's HUGE with sparkly silver snowflakes. It's one of those - "what was I thinking fabrics," but I was determined to get it used up. I have a couple of others with silver sparkles as well, but I'm running out!

The new silver sparkle fabric with the swatch of the one I had

I had to search the shelves twice to find this, and it was tucked way down in the Christmas section.

Yes - the silver sparkle is there!

It's hard to tell as the sparkles are less noticeable than on my swatch. It doesn't matter, I'm using several whites in the quilt. The more, the merrier. This one is subtle enough that no one will really know if it has sparkles or not. I've already cut into that piece.

I was going to start work on another project this week, and I pulled out another fabric that I found. Hmm - this might not work.

My swatch against the new fabric

I knew there was a difference when I saw it in the store, but I think that's a bit too much of a difference for my liking. The two fabrics won't touch each other, but I don't think I'll use it. However, it's a neutral fabric, and I'm running low on those, so I'm not upset about the purchase. It just means that I'm still on the hunt for a replacement.

Now technically, I can get away without this fabric for another two months, and hopefully, by then, I'll have hit another quilt store - a real one with a wide variety of neutrals.

When I finally did get home yesterday, which was late in the afternoon, it was too late to start anything, so I sat outside. I know - I can't help myself. I was reading an article in our local newspaper, and it's called "The Great and Essential Outdoors."

The article basically says that exercising at home and getting outside when possible is one way to strengthen our mental health. Some studies prove that being in a forest setting reduces fatigue, depression, anxiety, and confusion. And another study found that nature lowers our pulse, reduces blood pressure, and a hormone associated with stress. All of those things have happened to me. My resting pulse rate is around 53, my blood pressure is on the low side of normal, and I'm not really stressed unless I have a self-induced deadline.

So yes - regardless of the weather, I'm outside every day! In addition to my morning walk, and the bike ride, I still went for a walk in the evening by myself. I need it to keep me sane, and it's a whole lot more entertaining than watching TV.

I saw these gnomes in a front yard and had to share them with you. They are ADORABLE. There's so much interesting stuff at other people's houses. I'm not shy to look or stop and take a picture!

Gnomes in a front garden

I snapped this picture of the water lily yesterday. They are so beautiful. They will bloom all summer. By late afternoon, they have already closed. They are like me - open early in the morning and close up early!

Water lily

I also found this other picture that was taken a while back of raindrops on a branch.

Raindrops on a branch

In case you think I was a total slug in the backyard, I was NOT. I did some pruning in the forest as some of the trees were coming through the fence. I don't mind they come OVER the fence, but not through the fence. And I got rid of some weeds and did a bit of tidy up after the dogs. There's more work for later today, but little bits at a time - then it doesn't seem like work!!!

I also lay in a different chair because, by the time I got outside, the sun was pouring into the gazebo, and the last thing I wanted was to get a sunburn on my legs. I was doing some research on a challenge quilt that I want to make. It's the Cherrywood challenge. But what to make??? The inspiration just wasn't there. However, after the research, I figured it out!!!!  I'm happy with the design - it's now the execution of it that's going to be a bit challenging. And gosh - those fabrics are PINK!!!

Fabrics for the Cherrywood Challenge

I put in a lot of steps yesterday and guess what? I'm arriving in Saskatoon!! If that big truck wasn't in the way, you'd see the airport to the right! What's so funny is that I'm also passing the airport in Amarillo, Texas, on the Route 66 challenge.

Entering Saskatoon

My position on the map

That little section of the highway was fascinating to "walk" down. I'm heading south now on my way to Regina!!!

So it's time to STOP being a slug and get some work done. It's cooler today, and I'm not sure I'll go for a bike ride. I should, but I also have a lot of work to get done. I'll decide while I'm walking the dogs. I don't have to go far on the bike. OK - I might just get out. We don't get many good days.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!!   GET OUTSIDE!!!! Think of it as a boost to your immune system and your mental health. You'll be in trouble if you don't!

Have a super day!!!


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