Friday, June 26, 2020

Retreat - Day One

Well - yesterday wasn't the most productive day I've had at a retreat, but I'm on vacation - I don't care.

I'm happy to report that my shin splint is feeling much better, so I went for a long walk last night, and it seems to be just fine! That's more important than getting anything done!

However, I did get some work done on the secret project. Ronda helped out a wee bit with that as well. It's cute, and I won't get it entirely finished here, but it'll be close.

We were working on our backpacks. Hmm - let's just say that it's a challenge to work on that bag at the best of times, and yesterday with all the noise, it was even worse. So many pieces and so many instructions - perhaps working on the backpack here wasn't the best choice of projects. We should at least have been working in the same room which we were not. Let's just say that Ronda made a small error, and she was done, although Shelly helped her fix it, so you don't even now the mistake was made.

One of my goals was to learn how to put the zipper pulls onto the zipper tape using the zipper fork! I did post a picture a while back. I just couldn't do it. There was no way that zipper tape was going to slide onto the pull. Of course, Shelly just zipped the tape through the pull.

After the others went away from watching the process, I saw quietly in my corner, and I figured out how I could make it work. Not the same way that Shelly does, but I don't care - it works! Which is good because I have a lot of that zipper tape to use up.

I will also have to rejig one section of the backpack. The hardest thing is the insertion of the magnetic snap. Mine is just slightly too low. But I figured out that if I trim a wee bit off the top part of the pocket, it should be just fine. No one will be the wiser that I had to do that.

I didn't take a lot of pictures yesterday. As a matter of fact, I didn't take any. I just checked my phone as I was going to upload some photos of the walk in the forest from the previous day, and guess what? I found all kinds of pictures on my phone. When I went for my afternoon walk, I think someone took pictures for me. They even did a selfie, so I know who the culprit was!!!

Anyway, those are downloading at the moment. The internet is quite slow compared to what I have at home.

After the harried attempt of backpack making, we have both put that project away. I need a chalk marker, and mine is out of chalk, so it's probably just the best to put the entire project away. I'm going to fix my little booboo, and then this project will go back in the laundry basket for the next retreat.

I had a visitor, so Carol and I sat out on the porch step for a long, long time just catching up. I'm on vacation, I don't need to sew like mad all day, every day.

And we got to go to the local quilt shop!!! Thimbles and Things. This is one of my favorite shops in the whole world! Sue is just the best - we love her and never want her to close her shop! Anyway, I seemed to spend my entire time talking and not buying. I did get two of the three fabrics that I was looking for, and with my gift certificate, I think I paid less than $4.  I want to go back today or tomorrow as I did see some other exciting things. I need "no talk" time to focus on stuff, including shopping, making backpacks, and whatnot.

My brain just functions better in solitude or controlled chaos.

Shoot - the pictures are not being downloaded, and I need to get started sewing!

Wait -- here they are.

So if you're going to take pictures with someone else's phone, you shouldn't take photos of your legs so I can see who you are!!!  These legs belong to the culprits!!!!

The phone snatchers!

I see I got a beautiful picture of Shelly's toolbox. Quite frankly, I'm a little disappointed. This is just a jumble of tools. Usually, her stuff is the neatest and most organized of everyone!!!

Shelly's jumbled toolbox

We have a lovely picture of the pressing station.

The pressing station

AH -- but I did get pictures of what the others were working on. This is Ronda's backpack. As I said, there are MANY, MANY pieces to this backpack.

Ronda's workstation

Laura is working on the Everyday Basket. It's easy to make with a mini-charm pack. I was going to share that pattern with you, but I see it's pulled off the website. I should try and figure out how to put these patterns on my blog since I don't have a website.

Making an Everyday Basket

Kathi is working on her homework for Vintage Christmas. That's the puppy block. The other project is a kit that she bought, and I think she might get that finished before the weekend is up!!!

Kathi's work station
 I will say that it's nice with fewer people as we have a lot more room to lay out our stuff!!!

Dede is working on two projects. She has a TON of half-square triangles to trim and is making great progress on both projects.

Dede's work station

So thank you to the culprits for taking pictures because otherwise, there would be NO pictures of the work in progress for yesterday.

I have to share this photo from my virtual Cross Canada walk. There's a sign that I'm 31 KM from Regina!!!!  I might just make it there by the end of the weekend!!! Not that anyone is competitive at all. I swear that I've never seen so much walking at a retreat before. It's usually only myself that'll go for a long walk, but now???  Oh - long walks are the norm. And it's about time that Laura got back - she went out hours ago!!!

On the road to Regina

On that note, I'm out of here. I have a new project on the agenda for today - another bag, so let's see what I can get done when I'm working on my own stuff by myself.

Have a super day!!!!


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