Saturday, June 20, 2020

Everywhere a sign

A day for piddly little things, but it was a good day.

I still had to make the label for the mini-quilt that I made for my swap partner. I knew she wasn't completed my mini quilt, so I wasn't in a rush. Then I saw a note from her asking for my address - she was ready to send. Yikes - so I dashed off a label and sewed it to the back of the quilt. I had the mini-quilt for my Mom and a couple of other things to mail, so I was off to the post office.

Those things are all out of the house, and that was good to cross those items off the list. And then it's on to other stuff!

I'm getting in a lot of walking these days. Since I don't walk through the forest with the dogs - there is just too much temptation for Murphy, I decided to walk through the woods on the way home from the post office. We have two types of garbage bins in the parks. One for recycling and one for garbage. 

Waste bins in the forest

What surprises me is that they have to label "no dog waste" on the recycling bins. And even then, the amount of garbage that goes into the recycling bins is obscene. Do people not read? Do they not care? Do they not know what is recyclable? I don't get it - where is the pride of living in a nice neighborhood and caring for the environment? 

So we live in a neighborhood where our compost is picked up every week, recyclables are picked up every two weeks, and garbage is picked every two weeks. I've said before that I can't believe how much waste some households produce. We put our carts out once a month (except the compost). We buy stuff - not much, but it's shocking at how much waste some households put out EACH WEEK. 

Now I noticed a new sign on the waste bins in the parks. 

A new sign on the waste bins

Yep -- I've seen people get out of their cars and dump their garbage bags in these park bins. Why? Garbage pickup is included in our city taxes, and you pay regardless of how much or how little you put out. I just think it's sad that we're not looking at ways to reduce the amount of waste we each generate. Changing our buying habits and sending messages back to the supply companies about packaging - I don't know the answer, but we need to figure something out. 

Speaking of walking, here's an article of some seniors in Calgary that are getting creative with their walking. I love the idea of mapping the steps. This is somewhat similar to what I do, and it's fun!!! It costs a bit to do it the way I do, but that's OK. 

I just heard a message on the radio above COVID that was sponsored by the Government of Alberta! Hmm - I think someone hit the wrong button!

I'm determined to get stuff cleaned out of our house and use up what we have before I buy more. I'm on a tea kick. We have odds and ends of different kinds of tea, so I'm experimenting. I'm making up my own tea bags using tea bag filters. Hmmm - sometimes, I fold that thing tight and other times not so much. 

Tea filter that opened

It's not such a huge deal, but I hate when the tea leaves leak out! I'm sure someone has a YouTube video to help me figure out the right way to fold the filter, so it doesn't pop open. While I used to think that I liked fruity teas, I'm not so sure. I seem to like others instead. Like I said, I'm experimenting and when I'm done, then hopefully, I'll know which ones I enjoy the most. 

Tea leaves left in the bottom of the cup

Hmm - do those tea leaves say anything about me???  I doubt it! 

I should have posted this sooner, but I did not. If anyone is still making masks and is using t-shirt material for the ties, here's an entire "skein" of t-shirt yarn that could be used. 

A skein of t-shirt yarn

 It was to make this crocheted basket. I started the basket - not happy with it, and well, it's time to move on! So if anyone wants it and is close enough for pickup - it's yours. I'll also mail it if you're going to pay for postage. 

The pattern for the crocheted basket

I had to go shopping for fabric yesterday. It was as simple as walking into the stash room and pulling one of the baskets of orange fabric off the shelf. I walked the basket to a table and dumped it. Now it's time to shop. This is such an easy way to shop. I can touch the fabric and lay the stuff I'm trying to match beside it. And nothing gets unfolded. It goes back in the basket, the same way it came out. Such a simple system! And I get a visual reminder of all the fabrics I have. 

Shopping in the basket of orange fabric

I pulled out a variety of prints that will potentially work. I pulled the one that worked the best for the scenario at hand. The rest got put into the project box so I won't have to shop next month. Yes - this is for one of my ongoing projects. 

The fabrics I "bought"

I got one more customer quilt done. I've started trimming the quilted quilts - the pile was getting too big! I hope to finish trimming the rest of the quilts later today. 

Customer quilt - DONE

I did make it out to the backyard late in the afternoon. The only problem is that late afternoon is the time when the sun hits the gazebo. No worries. I have another shady spot to relax in!!!

Another relaxing spot in the backyard

I love it when I get mail on my PFAFF creative icon!  It was a small project that involved embroidery. I looked at the project, but I have other things to do!!

You've got MAIL

Here are the two blocks that I completed for the homework for our Vintage Christmas sew-along.

The first one is the Happy Puppy block. He's cute, and I used a stitch on the sewing machine to create his eyes.

Happy Puppy block

The second was the Vintage Ornament block. The hanger was also stitched on with the sewing machine. Two more blocks are done!!! I think we have 18 to go and we're done! We're over halfway!!!

Vintage Ornament block

On that note, I'm out of here! More e-mails to answer today - it just seems like there is no end to e-mails! And my little stack of paperwork never seems to have an end! If I don't keep on top of it - well, I'm in trouble.

Have a super day!!!


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