Sunday, June 21, 2020

Data Usage

One thing that has surprised me during this pandemic is the speed of the internet. At least where I live, the internet has worked amazingly well. No slowdowns, which is fantastic considering the number of people who are streaming videos, doing homework, searching, or whatever they are doing.

The first time, I noticed a slow down is this morning. It took a while for me to get into my Virtual Challenge website. Now it could have been that website - who knows. Let's just hope that we're going to continue to get this exceptional level of service and with NO huge costs associated with the excellent service after things settle down.

I dare not look at our usage, although we're generally not big users in our house. However, I wonder how much the day-long live retreats suck up data. I was on my account a couple of days ago, and the usage section is completely empty!! They don't want people to be armed with that kind of data. But don't you wonder? I do - I want to know how much data is used when I stream for one hour, one day, or whatever. That will make me more aware of my needs.

I am watching more BluPrint classes. I'm actually watching some of the on-line quilt shows -  the long arm one and the Modern Quilting one. I'm watching Season One of both of them. It's hard to binge-watch anything - first off - it's not my style, and there's only so much of quilting shows that one person can take at one sitting! If I get through these two seasons, and I finish watching the one class that I'm "taking," I'll feel like I got my money's worth for my subscription. I'm not sure when they will shut it down. Some people got letters, I didn't. I have already completed one class.

I know that some of us are sad that BluPrint is closing, but I listened to a presentation on quilting trends the other day and it appears that the sites that we have to pay for are on the decline. It doesn't surprise me because everybody is trying to gain followers so offers so much for FREE. That's good for the viewers, not so good for those trying to make a living. But like all industry - there's too much of all this stuff. There's too much for the base of viewers.

But that's OK - I'll keep watching a few episodes a day. A lot of stuff I already know, but there is a tidbit or two among the information shared, so it's worth it, and it keeps me entertained while I'm sewing.

I have to say that I didn't sew much yesterday. I went for a bike ride in the morning. I would have preferred to take advantage of the cooler temperatures in the early morning, but I didn't head out until 9:30. Thankfully there is a breeze when you're riding, so it wasn't hot - until you stopped. Then you can really feel the heat.

I've found a great little route of 50 K. A couple of short, nasty hills to ride up, mostly decent roads, some bike paths, and generally good cycling. Would I do it on a weekday? Likely not - even with the lesser traffic during the pandemic. I'll stick with the weekends, although I should try it once during the week just to see what the traffic is like. And there was NO wind yesterday. What happened?

A bike-friendly intersection

I'm not fast, but that's OK - I get to the end, and that's all that counts! My average speed was 20.1 KM. That includes all the waiting at traffic lights -  I didn't check the average moving speed.

The stats at the end of the ride

The traffic was great, although some people just feel it's their right to speed past as fast as they can go. And it's not just when I'm on the bike. The other night when I was walking past the mall, some guy comes flying out. He has a red light, and he's going to make a right-hand turn. He doesn't stop. He's looking to his left to see if he can zip through that red light. As he turns, he sees ME RIGHT BESIDE his car. I could tell by his face that he hadn't seen me, and he puts out his hand in the car as if to apologize. Sure - buddy - use that arm to apologize to my family if you run me down. What does it take to STOP (as is the law) and look to see if it's OK to proceed?

I swear - ALL drivers should be made to walk in a busy area and ride a bike on the street to see what it's like. That should be part of their test. And they need to experience idiots who don't stop at crosswalks and drive too fast. I swear - they have NO IDEA what's it's like. Granted, some pedestrians and cyclists don't obey the rules of the road, but I'm shocked that there aren't more incidents.

I slathered on the sunscreen, which is great to keep the sun from burning my skin, but all the road grit gets embedded in the sunscreen. ICK!!!

Dirt embedded in the sunscreen

After I was home and cleaned up, I had to go to the bank. OK - so I need some assistance with the hand sanitizing thing. Masks were not mandatory in the bank, but they had a giant bottle of hand sanitizer. In trying to look like I'm responsible, I did the hand sanitizing thing. Oh god - that was a tad too much. My hands were dripping! Thankfully, it dissipated quickly! I'm not paranoid - totally the opposite, so I do try to make an effort to comply! I do carry a mask and wear it where I have to. And I avoid places where I'll be in contact with others. In the future, even though it's not mandatory, I'll wear the mask in a shop, especially Costco. That place is just too crazy to avoid people.

Sometimes, on my walk, I must look crazy as I zip onto the grass or onto the far edge of the sidewalk to avoid those walking towards me. It's a game - will they move or do I have to? It's like a game of give and take!

I'm trying very hard to confine myself to that one laundry basket for the retreat projects. I needed to add some stuffing, and well, that's taken the stuff way over the top. BUT it's IN the laundry basket, and that's all that counts. I just have to add one box of sewing tools and feet, and even though that box is large, it's all going to fit in one basket! I can still slip a few small things in there!  But I've got more than enough to keep me busy.

The retreat laundry basket

I did get some sewing done yesterday. I see the e-mails with the UFO homework have been hitting my mailbox yesterday and last night. I need to compile all that to get ready for our Zoom meeting this morning. I did some work on my UFO as well. Is it done? Well, you have to wait until tomorrow to see. I did bite the bullet and ripped that one block apart that I didn't like. And I have a plan which I'll share as well tomorrow.

A snail's trail block ripped out

I ignored some of the paperwork that needed to be done, and now I must get that done today.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!!

Have a super day!!!



  1. I think respect for bikers and walkers is lacking all over the world. Maybe not in a country like the Netherlands where it is primary mode of transport ?

    Looks like a busy retreat is in the basket ;-)

    1. Elle -- you're probably right about that!!! Yep - going to be a busy retreat, although there are not a lot of projects in that basket. But they will take a few days to get through!