Thursday, June 18, 2020

UFO day

It's almost time for our next UFO meeting, and I didn't share with you what we all accomplished this past month.

We have all been busy as beavers, and NO money went into the kitty. This group is pretty serious about those commitments. I need to get myself in gear to get my homework done as we meet on Sunday, and I don't need another entire day of sewing blocks to meet a deadline, although I will if I have to.

First up are Susan's blocks for the Farm Girl Vintage. These are all 12" blocks and so darn cute. You want to make them all!!  Some are from Farm Girl Vintage book one, and some are from the second book. 

The rooster block

The bee

The pig

The tractor

The cow

I'm sure I've said this before, but some of those blocks (for sure the cow and the pig) were available on Fat Quarter Shop website as a download that you paid $6 US for. Then she comes out with a book, and those blocks, as well as others, are included for $40 CDN in total. A bit of an unfortunate situation. But it is what it is - let's move on.

Her commitment for this month is five more blocks -  all of them 6".

Katheleen finished section one of Snow Days. This included sewing the blocks together and then finishing up the embroidery that flows over the joins. It's done! Her goal for the next month is to get section two finished.

Section one of Snow Days - DONE

My goal for the month was to get 80 log cabin blocks sewn. They are done. That was my quilt in a day project. What a fool I am!!! My goal for this coming month is 9 snail's trails blocks and to figure out how to finish the quilt.

My log cabin blocks - 80 of them!
 Dede's goal was to complete the last four of her placemats. They are done, and I think she even managed to sell a few of them to another group member. That's awesome!!!

Eight placemats - bound and DONE

Her goal for the next month is to add the border to this quilt and quilt it. Funny how people HATE the quilting part. I'm going to try and quilt some more things on my domestic sewing machine - just for practice and see what one can do. There are so many options! You can watch the blog for that. But you saw that little Christmas wall hanging from yesterday's post. Super easy and looks fantastic.

Dede's quilt top to work on this coming month

Diane's goal was to get NINE of these snowflake blocks done. These are the A blocks for a much larger quilt, and they are together! I think she and I have the SAME flooring, as it looks like what I have in Studio B.

Diane's snowflake blocks - DONE

Her goal for the coming month is to finish TWO of these placemats. What I love is that we're dredging up small projects that have been hanging around FOREVER. Not only hanging around, but there was an issue or a reason why they didn't get done. Those reasons are being trashed, and we're moving forward! I love it!! I love how the group and a small amount of money are so motivating to everyone. Including ME!!!  We'll be rerunning the club, and it seems to be working virtually so for those of you who don't live close -- something to watch for later this year.

Diane's placemats to get done for homework
 Linda has been quilting up a storm. She got this spool quilt quilted, and the binding is on!!

Linda's spool quilt - DONE

The blocks on this Art to Heart quilt were made, but they are now assembled into a quilt top, also known as flimsy!!!

Linda's quilt top

It looks like the leftovers were made into a backing. Works for me. This is a great way to use up any leftover fabric as some of the collections you buy are so specific that it would be hard to put them together with something else.

The backing for the Art to Heart quilt

Her goal for next month is to get the top of this quilt together. It's a kit she bought many years ago and well - it's going to be finished soon!!!!

Linda's homework

Diane P got her blocks for the Stitcher's Garden Quilt done!!! This quilt is from The Stitch Connection.

Applique completed on block one

Applique completed on block two

Applique completed on the third block

Her goal for this coming month is to get three more blocks done.

Elaine's goal was to get the five borders on this large quilt.

The borders are on the Snowman Collector quilt

OH - shoot - not before there was a small mishap with one of the trees. I do know that that minor issue got fixed during one of the Virtual Retreat days! A tedious job, but it goes quick when you're chatting with everyone!!!!

A slight mishap with the bottom row

Sharon is hand stitching like mad! This block is finished, and her homework for the coming month is to work on the background of the double block. There are THREE Blocks left in this Piecemaker's Calendar from 2000. That's huge!!!  And I think this is the oldest UFO we've had in the group.

Sharon's block for Piecemaker's Calendar

I haven't edited some of these pictures. But I think Jane has the SAME problem that I did with my phone. She has it set to the FULL view of the phone screen instead of 3/4!!!  I'll have her check that setting. Anyway, her goal was to put bindings on three quilts.

Quilt number one

Quilt number two

Quilt number three

I think she is doing a great job with the binding by machine!!!!

Binding by machine
 This is a bonus project that she made for the Nova Scotia victims. There are 22 blocks in the quilt, each one representing one of the people killed.

Quilt for Nova Scotia

Her goal for next month is to applique three sailboats to the background and to quilt one more column on her Christmas quilt.

Laura's goal was to get the center circle of the quilt done! We'll have to trust her since we can only see ¼ of the quilt in this picture. Her goal for next month is to get the outer border cut and sewn together. This quilt is called PRISM squared.

Laura's quilt center and borders

The homework for next month
 Liz is working on an Amy Bradley quilt - The Garden Quilt? I can never remember the name of this pattern.

Anyway, her goal was to get one block completed. And she got it done!  Her goal for next month is to get the Vintage Boat panel together as a quilt top and have the backing made as well.

Applique is done on one quilt block

Lynne's goal was to get her cat quilt completed. Notice that the label is even on the quilt!!!

The cat quilt is done!
 Her goal for this month is to get this panel quilted up and finished. It's a baby quilt, and we all agreed that just quilting up the panel is a good idea. A quick gift.

Panel to be made into a quilt

 Shelley's goal was to get the backing completed for her Abacus quilt.

The backing of the quilt

 OH. and to make the binding as well.

The binding for the Abacus quilt
Her goal for next month is to finish the quilt. Quilted and bound.

Ronda's goal for this past month was to get 6 more section paper pieced for her winter wall hanging.

Six more paper pieced section
 She even made some extras, which is good since there are still a LOT of sections to go on this project.

Bonus paper pieced sections

There you have it - the homework completed and what needs to be done this coming month.

I sure hope that they have all started on their homework. We meet on Sunday morning, so that doesn't leave a whole lot of time to get the homework done! Says the kettle to the pot! HEY - I've made some progress on my UFO project.

On that note, I'm out of here!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Ya'll got me to join you for this month. I dug out a UFO from 2013! I have 42 Snail Trail blocks complete with 14 to go. My aim was to have the flimsy done by the end of the month. I will get it accomplished!

    I love the $10 threat since I too hate to waste $ :-)

    1. Elle -- that's awesome. Do you want to make some snail's trails for me??? And yes - that $10 is enough to get us all working hard!! You WILL do it!!!