Tuesday, January 5, 2021

First and second finishes for 2021

 I PROMISE to get the photos of Studio U to you tomorrow! It's dark up there at the moment, and so you won't see much. It's best to wait until it's light. 

Mission accomplished - the magazine article was approved by the editor, although I had to scramble to get a wee bit of information to her. No problem - it's done! Already thinking about the next topic. I'll let you know when the article gets published.  

The other magazine quilt is done! I didn't get a box out yesterday, but now I have two quilts to package up, so I'll be doing that today. And yes - I promised you a picture of the one that I'm gifting. I'll do that today! Hmm - a few pictures to take today. 

Today is going to be about paperwork. A lot of the clubs will be starting in the next two weeks, and I need to get the distribution lists together, figure out the homework for the year, and let the students know what they can expect. I do hope to get some quilting done, but we'll see how the paperwork goes. 

Oh boy -- this book - The End of October by Lawrence Wright. The one about the virus, written in 2017. Pretty scary, and well, I knew this, but the current pandemic is NOTHING when compared to the previous pandemics the world has survived. But all the talk about the virus and how it works - it's interesting. Compared to the virus in the book - our virus is nothing! The virus gets spread at Mecca during The Hajj so you can imagine what's going to happen when they shut down that city to prevent three million people from spreading it around the world. I'm right at that point!

After Monday sewing, I decided to take some time and work on that darn puzzle! I want to start another one, and well, I can't move forward until this one is done. I'm happy to report that I finished the darn sky and the trees, but not before I had to move a bunch of pieces around in the border! Yep - those pieces fit in multiple places, and that makes it tricky! All that's left is the grass and a wee bit of trees. Easy! HA!!

Progress on the puzzle

Last night when I was doing "hand" stuff, I dug out this pile of string pieced blocks. I had used newsprint from the yellow pages as the foundation, and so all of it had to be ripped away. I plugged in the audiobook, and away I went. 

String pieced blocks that need the paper removed

And now all those blocks are clean of paper and ready to sew together. I did add it to the current projects pile as it is a UFO, and I'd like to get it finished. This year!

All the blocks are now ready to sew together

Here's the bucket with the garbage. Gosh - I love that I'm focusing on some hand stuff in the evening. I just never seemed to get around to it during the day, but now that I have a dedicated spot, I seem to be on a roll. 

The papers from the blocks

Here's the rest of the hand stuff that needs to be done. 

The pile of handwork

No need to panic. While the tub is large, there are three crochet rugs to be worked on, and they take up most of the space. And one quilt that needs to be handstitched. I'll start that soon. 

But now I have a problem. There was a lid to that tub. It didn't fit when I heaped all the hand stuff into it. So what have I done with the lid? At some point, I'll want to use the tub for other things, but where oh where is the lid??? I'm sure I'll find it being used as a tray, but I've searched downstairs, and I don't see it. 

I had started to sew some of the green string blocks together. I think it's going to be a nice quilt. 

The green string pieced blocks

I did a bit more work on the blue string quilt. I didn't get any blocks finished, but I made good headway on all 80 blocks. 

One of the blue string pieced blocks

I've shelved it for the moment as I need to get some stuff ready for upcoming classes and blog posts. When I have a free minute or need something mindless to work on, I can dig it out. 

It's not far away - I tucked everything under my new stand for the laptop. 

The laptop stand

I'm not convinced that this is the best laptop stand on the market. The concept is great - you can adjust the height and the slope. The front lip is not very deep, so the angle can't be too steep, or the laptop will slip off. And it's not the sturdiest one, but for what I want it for - it works. Let's just say that it's way better than the cardboard box that I was using previously! 

The adjustable laptop stand

I got the binding on the blue table runner, and now it's ready to be moved upstairs to the finished pieces. This is my first finish of 2021. Ooops - that's a lie! This is the second finish. The magazine quilt was the first one. Wow - I finished TWO things in one day. Hmm - I guess I should write that down!! But it's a UFO that's done - well, technically a quilt top that's now quilted and bound. 

Finish number two for 2021

So I joined up with a local group that offers marketing to local businesses and services. Seriously - I'm getting myself off the list. It's very explicit what I do, and do you know how many times I've received e-mails asking if I sell craft supplies or this one. I guess people can't read or don't care. I don't even respond to them. Quilters Quilting Quilts is my business name, in case you're wondering! 

Oh well. 

On that note, I'm out of here. There's so much paperwork to do, my head is spinning. But I'm going to tackle it one piece at a time. That's all I can do! And oh my - I've got an urge to purge today! I better take advantage of that while it's there!

Have a super day!!!!


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