Sunday, January 3, 2021

What do I do with this?

Thank god for audiobooks. I actually had the hardcopy of this book, and when I realized I could get the audiobook version, I switched. I get so much done while I'm listening. My headphones have become a fixture on my head. The BEST investment I've made in a long time. 

So what has me so engrossed at the moment? It's called The Broken Girls by Simone St. James. A murder - actually several murders - old ones and a bit of creepiness thrown in. Let's just say that my skin has gone cold a couple of times! I'll finish it today, but I'm still getting my work done. I'm happy! It's the second book I've read by this author - both were excellent if you're into ghosts. 

I'm happy to report that the quilt top and the backing for the magazine quilt are DONE. I have to make the binding later today, and I have to get it quilted, but first, there's a small table runner on the long arm. Guess where I'll be this morning? I also got all the stitching done for the second magazine project. No - I didn't get any writing done, but that's for later today. I've found it's a bit difficult to listen to an audiobook and write! I'm right on track!

There's no time to show off the new tidy spaces. But soon! I found more pictures of what I had to deal with! It's hilarious! Well, not really, but laughing at the mess makes it easier to deal with. 

Let's see what I found. 

Good grief - I found a kit for the Little Lacie Bag. I found a pattern that contained 5 zippers, and I found an extra pattern. 

Supplies to make The Little Lacie Bag

I don't think I need two copies of the pattern, so if anyone wants it - you can have it. It's cute but is made with those fancy zippers, so if you have fancy zippers and don't know what to do with them - this is the pattern for you. 

The pattern for The Little Lacie Bag

Here's a couple of things that got hung the other day. The letter E, a bicycle, and a quilt-related scene. These are all on some form of thin tin. I grabbed some nails and my hammer - they are now hung up after how many years of languishing in a box? 

Wall art - now displayed

One year at Quilt Market, Moda, had these cute little patches that they were giving away. Well, FREE is good. Not always! I collected as many of them as I could. I think they also sold some of the patches in the stores. Now they are all bundled together and in the bag making supply box. They would be good to add as an embellishment on a zippered pouch. 

Sewing related patches

Don't think that I'm writing all this to entertain you! Well, that's part of the reason. The other is that if I write down where those things are stored, I'm most likely going to remember, and if not, I can always search the blog to find where I squirreled some of the stuff away!!

OH MY GOD -- I was SURE that I had two of these open-toe applique feet. I only had one in my foot box. The other one? Who knows? But look - I found it at the bottom of this container. How long has it been missing? A very LONG time. This just shows you the importance of putting things back where they belong - ALWAYS. 

My missing open-toe applique foot

It's back to the pink and green theme. I found a spool of green thread and one of pink thread. They are now in the box with the rest of the threads. How many spools of thread does that make that I've found? No idea, but it's a lot. Note to self - you do NOT need any more spools of thread unless - well, you just don't! 

Green and pink thread

So far, I've been good with figuring out what to do with stuff and where to put it. However, I have a couple of things this morning that I've no clue what to do with. I inherited this pattern from someone. Their mother was making the vest. I think it's a given that the pattern can be tossed - seriously??? Who wants that? I have a way of disposing of patterns - recycling where possible. I've not done that, but I seriously need to start going through my pattern boxes and getting rid of some, but that's not for today.

The pattern for a vest

The pattern is the easy part - I also inherited the fabric, which is cut into strips. Now, what the heck am I going to do with these strips? They are not the same width, and I think they might be silk?? Not sure. I guess they could be sewn together to make a quilt top - I hadn't thought of that. I'm not sure how much is there, but there might be enough. Or does anyone want this?? If so - it's yours for the taking. Oh - and the pattern if you want. There's also some yardage in the bag. 

Fabric strips

And candles - what does one do with a dead candle. The wick is now gone in this thing, but there's a ton of wax left. OK - so I'm cheap, but I hate to throw something away that still has life - I'm trying to be good here! I suppose you could melt that down and then add a new wick! I do have other candles, which I'm adding one at a time to my cozy evening spot. I  may never leave that area, but I need to make one of those things that go over the chair's arm to hold pins and needles and threads. I must have a pattern somewhere for that. 

A dead candle

I also found this small tote bag that has obviously seen better days. But it's such a shame to throw that out. I thought of taking it apart and making it smaller to get rid of the damaged areas. Oh god - just shoot me now! 

A worn tote bag

I did some cleaning in the office, which I'll share another day. But look what I found—a bowling ball. Yes - I used to bowl in a league - I was NOT good but had fun. When I met DH, he was horrified that I belonged to a bowling league, so I haven't bowled in a long, long time. What does one do with a pink, personalized bowling ball? In a carrying bag even. 

A pink bowling ball

There's also a pair of bowling shoes. Probably size 8. 

Bowling shoes

See what I mean - these are the hard things to deal with. I'm ready to get rid of it all, but what to do with it? It would be a shame to throw the bowling ball out. Up for grabs for free should anyone want that stuff. 

I don't think I shared these photos with you for a while. This is for reference! It's the pile of current projects. I know - totally ridiculous. But I'm OK with that. It'll keep me entertained for several months. The trick is to NOT add to it. Unless - it's these crazy little things like the quilting of that table topper. And since I won't be having people over to sew, I don't care if the table is heaped - I don't have to move it! 

The pile of current projects

And this is the table from the opposite angle. I need to start working on that double wedding ring because it's the thing that occupies the most space on the table. It makes the pile look HUGE. 

The current pile of projects from the other angle

While I was busy sewing yesterday, my darn magnetic pin cushion fell off the table - AGAIN! I'm not sure how many times that has happened. 

Oops - the magnetic pincushion fell

But so far, I've been able to put it back together, and it works as good as new. No tape required. Each time, a few pieces break off, but it still works. These little pieces are what hold the magnets in place inside. 

Back together minus a few pieces

I will say that there's a HUGE problem with all this cleaning and tidying up. I'm finding all kinds of silly things that aren't finished or just need a bit more work. 

Last night, the handwork session involved sewing three labels onto finished items. One is a quilt that I'm gifting to my goddaughter's son. It should have been out of the house months ago. I just have to wash the quilt today and then get it ready to be shipped on Tuesday, when I can walk to the post office. 

The other two items were some of the very first projects I ever worked on in the quilting world. These are the pieces that I made from what was supposed to be a queen-sized tumbling block quilt for M. I realized that that was a complicated pattern, and so I made two pieces that were the size of a placemat for her night tables. 

I even made these hand-stitched labels - what did I know about label making then? Oh boy - look at that date!!!!

Label for the table topper

Here's the thing - I was sewing the second label on when I did a double-take. What the heck????  Oh, boy - you're kidding me!!!!  Have a look and see if you spot the issue. 

Beautiful outline quilting

That first one looks just fine - right? Now have a close look at the second one. 

Oops - something is missing here

Do you see (or not see) what I saw last night? Yep  - there is NO quilting in the medium blue diamonds. How many years have I handled those and used them in samples, taken pictures of them, and never realized that some of the quilting was missing. I had a good laugh about it!!!

And now that one is in the pile of current projects so I can finish quilting the darn thing. See what I mean about cleaning? It's a LOT more work than one expects!

I have to confess that I'm NOT good at stretching with all the walking that I'm doing, and it's starting to catch up on me and my hips! So, I got myself installed in my cozy spot last night with my yoga mat and an online yoga class from my gym. OUCH!!! That wasn't good, but I have to say that I was starting to feel ever so slightly looser towards the end of the half-hour. So - I have to add that to my list of activities. It's actually a good thing to do before bed. And my favorite part? The end when you get to lay on your back and - well, I might just drift off one night. That part is called Savasana - my favorite part! 

It's only 30 minutes, but 30 minutes is better than none, and it helps to clear the brain of everything in the day. I have to say I slept well. 

The sun was beautiful yesterday morning on the freshly fallen snow. The pictures just do NOT do justice to the beauty, but this picture will remind me how beautiful it was. 

The sun on the snow-covered trees

And look at these tracks I spotted at the foot of my front step. What made that track?? Someone suggested a puppy with a stick!! Ah no - that would be an opossum. There is one that lives nearby - remember Murphy spotted it the other day. 

Tracks of an opossum

It's hard to see the opossum, but he's sitting on the rock behind the tree. 

The opossum sitting on the rock

I haven't been out shopping in a long time - well, several weeks, and I see that we're running out of a few essentials. That means a trip to Costco. Hmm - do I dare, or do I just order online? I'm getting cozy with having things come to me! But I might venture out later this week - just to get out and run the car for a wee bit. 

On that note, I'm out of here! Loads to do today, and I know some of you are expecting e-mails from me. I tried to get most up to date yesterday. I need to work on the deadline stuff today and then focus on class stuff this coming week, so a few days of patience!

Have a super day!!!!  And don't forget to set your timer for 10 minutes. What can you get accomplished in 10 minutes? 



  1. I would love the extra pattern for that cute little bag, if it hasn't been given away yet.
    Your quilting space is quite awesome.

  2. I love the table piled with projects for the next few months. Tackling those tote bags first will visually free up a lot of space ;-)

    I'll be following along on your progress of course!

    Yea for getting your magazine deadlines met. You always do :-)

  3. Why not donate the bowling ball to a local thrift shop? Someone would be happy to have a perfectly good bowling ball at a low price.

  4. You could donate the bowling ball to a bowling alley. They use the balls for people who come to bowl without a ball.
    The Laurel Birch bag....I love Laurel Birch bags. I have many. And she has passed away. It seems a shame to just throw it away. But then, that's how I got in the same boat as you, not getting rid of stuff and now I am drowning in all this stuff. You are doing such a great job of sorting through all your piles.