Monday, January 25, 2021

Whirlwind weekend

 WHAT A WEEKEND!!!!!!   It was crazy with FIVE different classes or clubs. For a minute, I thought I wasn't going to be ready for all of them, but I was, and everything worked PERFECTLY. That's what happens when you plan. You think I'm outside just walking? Oh no - I'm thinking about staying ahead of the students and planning the upcoming lessons. That walking time is valuable for my brain and for my body!!!

Speaking of which, I'll get the walking update out of the way.  On my Appalachian Trail walk, I'm making amazing progress. I was flipping back and forth between Tennessee and North Carolina, but now I've crossed the border into Virginia. Yeah!!! My third state on this trek. I'm not sure how many states I'll go through; I didn't check. 

I'm now in Virginia

I got a chuckle when I checked for a photo this morning. Because most of this trek is off-road, Google has figured out how to add photos not taken from the Google car. I'm literally on the balcony at some resort overlooking this water. That's a HOOT!!!!

My view this morning on Google

Note that this is not my actual position on the trail; it's the location where I place the little yellow Google marker. It just happened to be on this balcony, as it's hard to get it pinpointed in your exact spot. 

I'm going to get this office cleaned up before I die! When I was prepping for the classes, I knew I had stuff in this buffet related to software. I opened the doors, and OH MY - I don't remember there was this much stuff. But honestly, this would probably take an hour to empty and go through. It's mostly CDs or programs or games. Almost everything is on a CD, and I don't think I need those since I don't even have a CD player. 

The computer software storage

The big question would be - does anyone want that stuff these days? Or does everyone download software, and so all this should be junked??  I should do the responsible thing - buy a CD drive and just look at the CDs (I know - if I don't know what I'm missing - how can I miss it?) I can buy a CD-Drive for $30. I think I can spend that money and get one. I have a LOT of stuff on CD, and having it attached to my computer would make sense to file the stuff I want to keep (embroidery files) and toss the rest. I think I might do that, and I"ll pick it up at the store. That could be my car trip for next week as I have another errand to do this week that requires the car. 

Look at what else I found. Embroidery software - 6D embroidery. Oh boy -- I forgot I even owned that!!

6D Embroidery software

Look at what else I found. Oh my -- I surely didn't remember that I had the 4D software either. Well, now that I have the latest version and as long as I continue to freelance, I'll always have the latest; I don't really need these. So what the heck does one do with this stuff??? 

4D embroidery software

I notice that I always went for the cheapest option. Thank god I didn't buy the full software and then let it sit - I'd be furious at myself for that!

Oh - speaking of walking, remember how I wanted a rack for my medals? Pat left me a link yesterday, and the owner and I had a great chat, and I've got a rack ordered. I can't wait to get it. It did cost more than buying it online, but I'm supporting an artisan like myself, and I'm 100% thrilled to be able to do that. He has a Facebook page called Twisted Wrench, and you should check it out. I LOVE metal stuff like this, and well - I want more. I love the firepits. He lives near Orillia, so I can go and pick it up when it's ready. Another road trip! Besides - we are supposed to be running our vehicles about once a week, and so I save up the car errands for such occurrences. 

Let's see - oh my - I found a bunch more stuff in that cupboard, which I pulled out, and I'm leaving out until it gets dealt with. These are add-ons for EQ (Electric Quilt). So - why would I want to install a Stash library of fabric from 2000??? And I have to confess that a couple of them are not even opened. Why?? What was going on in my life that I would WANT something this bad to spend good money on it and then never use it?? What is wrong with our brains??? 

EQ Stash libraries

Helen Anne said that they will not even work on Windows 10, so she's going to do some investigating whether the individual files are there or this just goes in the garbage. What a waste -I hang my head in shame. BUT - I won't do that again. 

I also have some block add-ons that I've never used. Well, I might have used one or two of them. 

Add-ons for EQ

And then there is Dear Jane. I did use this a lot as I taught a class, and this came in very handy. I only made one Dear Jane block, but I think I'd like to make the quilt someday!!!!

Dear Jane add-on

I quickly went through that cupboard. Oh my -- I'm going to share with you tomorrow what I found. Amazing!!!!!!  BUT all the software stuff is in ONE place, and that's a good thing. 

Not only was it a whirlwind weekend of classes, but it was crazy trying to get the distribution lists finalized and to get the written assignments out to everyone. And people are still signing up!!!! That's awesome - I appreciate the support of everyone and hope that they are enjoying the classes. I have two more assignments to write up - one will take a bit of time, but the other will not. And I have three blog posts that NEED to be done ASAP. And it's Monday sewing. So it's going to be an insane day, but that's OK. I really thrive in this kind of environment. Why? I've no idea!! When I stop teaching, it's going to be hard to focus on anything. 

I've decided to start prepping for the next round of classes in February, so I'll be cutting today while we sew on Zoom. 

We had an amazing UFO session yesterday, and everyone is madly finishing UFOs. Not advancing them, but FINISHING them. There are a couple of new EXTREMELY keen people who joined the group. They are putting the rest of us to shame! I'll be sharing that with you, hopefully, tomorrow. 

Oh - it's Monday, and so time to get back to organizing. Well, how about that kitchen junk drawer? I have to confess that we don't have a junk drawer. Well, we have a draw with odds and ends, but I cleaned it up a couple of years ago, and it's still exactly how it was when I was done. Oh - we use the stuff in the drawer, but NO junk goes in the drawer. That's what ends up in the office. So get busy and empty that junk drawer. I'll take pictures to show you!!

WAIT  --- you should clean something else. Save the junk drawer for tomorrow. Today - IF you have ANY EQ (Electric Quilt) products, get them out!!!  You are going to go through the same agonies that I am. So dig out any EQ products, whether that is software, books, add-ons, or whatever. We're going to get this cleaned up! So stay tuned - today is all about gathering. While we're at it - get out ANY embroidery software that you have as well. What are you waiting for???  Go and get all that stuff out. I want reports --- who has what - we're going to deal with this stuff. 

I learned something yesterday. Well, I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't care. I walked to the grocery store. Well, that's not true. On my walk, I stopped at the grocery store. I saw some apple crumbles in a box and decided to buy one. I knew it would get messed up on the way home as I had to tip it on its side in my backpack! Hey - it's apple crumble - it's all a jumble anyway! It wasn't too bad, but I probably shouldn't do that again! 

On that note, I'm out of here!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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