Monday, January 18, 2021

I'm so excited!

 OK - so for those of you who dread Mondays - well, I can't help you! I had the BEST weekend ever! Let's see what happened. 

We had an amazing first class for the Tula Pink 100 Modern Block sampler sew-a-long.

Then the incredible show and tell from the Long Time Gone Sew-A-Long. This is a continuation of a class that started in October. 

We had our FIRST embroidery club meeting, and I'm so pumped for that. There are so many possibilities for machine embroidery, and here's the thing. Instead of ONE person learning all this and struggling to learn, we are a group with a LOT of ideas, experiences, and well - we're going to learn so much. I'm pumped!

Then we had the FIRST session of our All in a Row Quilt Sew-A-Long. Some brave soles took on the challenge of designing their own quilt using the rows in the book. I was a wee bit apprehensive as no one had seen the book before the class, and well - I was so inspired after the class that I got everything organized, and we're all now madly cutting and pasting to design our own quilts. I cut and paste in EQ8, and OH MY - I'm in love. When you have the technology, and you know how to use it - well - it can be dangerous sometimes! 

I'm so excited that I might make two quilts. Oh, just shoot me now!!!  There's still time to sign up for this one if you want and Tula Pink! 

And the afternoon was quiet yesterday as we sat and chatted while we did handwork! I learned that binding a quilt does NOT qualify as handwork. What?? Oh no - ALL the others were doing cross-stitch or embroidery. Yikes! Thankfully, I had a knitting project close at hand and grabbed that. There was NO time for pictures as I was on the computer for hours after that. From low-tech to hi-tech! 

And the other great thing - I made amazing progress on my writing assignments. There are still many things to follow up on, write documents for, open up Facebook pages, etc. But I'm on top of it all. I LOVE that green binder thing that I found in M's crap. It's the BEST thing for the classes ever. I feel very much in control. Isn't that crazy? A simple piece of plastic that I found in the giveaway box! It's hilarious. 

It's becoming second nature to start a new document and immediately save the document on the Google OneDrive so I can use AutoSave. ZERO issues yesterday! 

I MUST get all the admin for those groups done by tomorrow (I hope to get it all done tonight) as this coming weekend is bringing another round of new classes. Once these first sessions are over, things will calm down. I've found the challenge has been getting the right people on the right lists. But I'm in control, and I'm adding things to my computer to-do list. I LOVE that list - it never gets lost, and I can see at a glance what's due today, what can wait. 

My e-mail is NOT, though, as I see that it's over 800 this morning. How did that happen that in 24 hours - I got over 100 e-mails? Some of it can be deleted, but I need to go carefully through it, or I'll miss someone for one of my upcoming classes. 

My little e-mail fiasco did miss three people for two different classes, but we're all good. 

OH - and I got to meet a blog follower for the first time. We've chatted a fair amount in the comments section or via e-mail. Linda - it was so nice to put a face to your name!!!! 

And with Monday sewing today - I mean, how can you not be excited? 

I did manage to get a customer quilt done. It needs to be trimmed and then ready for pickup. 

Customer quilt - DONE

There was one little glitch in the day. When I went to check my solo Cross Canada Walk, I couldn't enter my mileage. Why? A quick e-mail to The Conquerer, and they responded last night (wow - great service) to tell me that my free trial membership has ended. Really?? I don't remember even signing up, and I've been doing this challenge since last year. I must have had the same issue last year, I paid for the membership, and now it has expired again. I've no idea. Oh well - I'm going to cough up $24 US to continue my quest across Canada. I've come too far to stop now. 

Well, it's got to be short and sweet this morning. I'm still editing a document that I'd like to be out of my house ASAP. I'm almost done, and those girls are waiting for their walk. 

So how did the cleanup of the bathroom sink cupboard go? I heard a few ironing boards got cleaned of clutter, and Maria tidied up her sewing space. Oh, yes - we are all motivated. OH --- hey - there is NO cheating going on here. If you clean an area - you MUST deal with the crap - don't just move it somewhere else. Today - let's see what we can do about the cutting mat. Pictures - I want pictures!!!! 

This is an example. Here's the before. 

And here's the after. And all the crap got dealt with - it did NOT get shoved to a new area. 

Have a super day!!!!


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