Wednesday, January 6, 2021

I should stick with my quilting


I was all excited yesterday. I would set up a series of rules for my e-mail so the appropriate e-mails would be filed and it would be easy to find them. I've used rules before but haven't set them up in a while. So if you signed up for a class and cursed me when I asked that you send one e-mail per class, it's for that reason. 

I set up the rule and hit APPLY. Oh - I think something went wrong. It moved all my unread e-mails to the new folder. Oops! Then I thought I had lost everything, but no, that didn't happen. And I should state (although you probably already know this) that I have a LOT of e-mails. Many of them need to be deleted, but there's no time for that. All the e-mails are back in the right spot. 

I got rid of a folder that I didn't need. It was called Important and basically created a duplicate of everything that came in. I don't need that. I Googled it, and it's gone. Then I realized that at Noon, my e-mail stopped receiving. I can send e-mails, but I can't receive them. I was online with support last night, and she said my password needed to be changed. Well, I didn't get a notice about an issue with the password. 

I won't bore you with all the details. Let's just say that I can send e-mails, but I still can't receive them - at least not on my home computer. Sigh............   I'll be back with the support people this morning after the walk. I know it's not because of that folder I deleted - there's something that's preventing the e-mail from coming in. GRRRR!!

Needless to say, that entire exercise took way longer than I had planned on, and I only got the UFO group organized. I hope to get the rest of them done today. I learned a few tricks about Outlook yesterday, so that was good. If I get the e-mails coming in, I'll be golden!!

For this year, that's another goal - to get my e-mail under control, including the number of e-mails in the inbox and what e-mails I have signed up for. It's going to happen! I swear these e-mails that get sent daily and with the SAME thing for sale drive me nuts. I know - UNSUBSCRIBE. It's going to happen. Why can't these companies send ONE e-mail per week? That would be perfect - then more people would open them. 

The other thing I need to get under control is the mess in the office. Well, no more talk - let's get some action going here. Here's the tabletop - yep - a bit of a mess there. Lots of paper, but I'll get through it. My goal for the moment is to try and get everything off the floor. 

Crap on the tabletop

Here's another trouble spot. There's a box of electronic waste. I must find out if the recycling depot is open to take that. There is a coffee maker that we take to our sewing retreats, as well as some coffee. It doesn't need to be here, so I moved it downstairs and put it on a shelf. YES - I had a spot for it. Now I just need to remember where it is. I think I'm going to make a note on my calendar to remember to pack it and where it is. Done -- I made the note, and so I'm good, and this little corner is going to be clear soon. 

Another trouble spot

I'm trying to get rid of the boxes of donation stuff in here. I need to schedule a pick-up, and I'm not sure they are doing that right now. But I have to get another box from the garage (all tucked up in the huge overhead shelf, so they are nice and neat) to put everything in. 

I have a few things that I don't want. If anyone wants them, they are yours for free. These are various sizes and versions of decorative dress forms. I kept one, and it sits on the shelf by the long arm. I don't need all these. They will be donated if no one wants them. The tallest one is about two feet.  

Decorative dress forms

I also have three of these large ceramic buttons. I no longer have room for them, and they are up for grabs as well. There's a black one, as well as a red one, and a white one. There are about 8 - 10 inches in diameter. 

Ceramic decorative button

So my goal this week in the office is to get rid of the boxes for donation. Then I can move onto another step. Soon enough, it's going to be dealing with boxes of paper, and well, I'm in the mood to get rid of them. It already looks better in here, and that's all I care about!

I don't know about you, but it's tough to find magazines these days unless you have a subscription. This is the latest issue of Quick + Easy Quilts (February/March)

Quick + Easy Quilts


Yep - I have a quilt in there. Actually, one quilt (made with a panel) and a second one made for a different colorway - because I couldn't choose between two amazing panels. I see that Patti Carey also has a panel quilt in the magazine. I also have an article on panels - so if you get a chance, check it out. 

Contributors page

Speaking of magazines, here's an article in Chatelaine magazine about quilting and the pandemic. 

I got so wrapped up in the e-mail issue that I forgot to take photos of Studio U. This morning!!! 

But the one package got picked up by UPS to go to the US, and I walked the second one to the post office. But I did take photos BEFORE I boxed it up. Here's the quilt that I'm gifting. It's actually a HUGE panel that I bought at Fabricland many years ago. 

Hmm - can I technically count this as my third finish this year? I did sew the label on the other day. That sounds like cheating a wee bit, but I'm including it on the list!


Spiderman panel

I quilted it with invisible thread in a spider web design. 

And it's all fluffy because I washed it before it went. 

Puffed from being washed

I even had Spiderman flannel for the back. 

The backing of the Spiderman quilt

The recipient is a 6-year old boy with a Spiderman lunchbox. I think he's going to go crazy!!!

And yes -- I walked that box to the post office. I could have taken the car, but why? The box wasn't heavy, although it was big. The post office isn't that far away, and I got my afternoon walk. I haven't started the car yet this year, but I will tomorrow as I have some errands to run and they are a bit too far away to walk and besides, who wants to carry a huge bag of dog food home? 

As I passed the paint store near the post office, the front of this brochure caught my eye—spools of thread for color inspiration. Of course!!!

Spools of thread as color inspiration

I don't think I got any sewing done yesterday at all. However, I did some this morning as I have a couple of blog posts to get ready. But look at this huge distraction. Now that I'm close (well - it looks close, but it's not), that darn puzzle is calling me!! I snapped this photo this morning, but I put a few more pieces since the photo was taken. I should just finish it and get it out of the way! I might just do that, but only after my e-mail is working again. 

Progress on the jigsaw puzzle

Well, I've got a lot of work to do today. I need to get all those groups organized, and the e-mail needs to be fixed, and I've got sewing to do!! 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Made up my list of "21 in '21" today. It is a very ambitious list since we are planning renovations in my "Studio M" this year. I will have to put them all in one or two baskets so I can do some sewing on the DR table.

  2. As for not driving your vehicle, the new cars have "memory" that use battery power to maintain. You need to at least start your car once a week and let it run for 15 minutes to maintain the battery. Otherwise the memory will drain your battery. If I don't plan to use my vehicle in a week, I use the remote start feature. It will start and run for 20 minutes then shut itself off.