Saturday, January 2, 2021

I stand corrected

Ooops -- I made a mistake! Remember I showed you the label on my orange tray? Well, Colin + Justin are still alive!   I was thinking of Steven and Chris (and it was Chris who died). Oh boy - thank goodness, I have you all to keep me on track! Thanks, Pauline!!!

My orange tray

And I knew Katheleen would not disappoint. I got suggestions on what to do with those transparencies. So I'm keeping them. I knew she would have a purpose. I can sew through them and use them for pockets in journals. How clever!!!

The transparencies are saved

Do you remember the doll quilt that got a bite taken out of it? Believe it or not, but Elaine S has that border fabric!! I used the same fabric for the backing and binding that was on the border. So, I'm going to get some and repair the darn thing. Oh boy!!! I can't help it - it's the pioneer spirit in me!

The doll quilt to be repaired

I did not have time to tidy up anything yesterday. Well, nothing major - just a few bits here and there that didn't make a dent. Nope - I have TWO projects for magazines due on Monday, so I'm working on those. I made excellent progress on both yesterday, and I should finish a good part of both of them today. I need to do some writing so it can be edited tomorrow and sent off on Monday. 

I'll be working on both of those today. 

And I hope to grab this first box from the office and get rid of some of the paperwork in it. Oh, yes - I want to keep going. I know that I'm going to get busy very soon, but I still have one or two days to mess around. 

Next in line to be sorted

Wouldn't it be great if I could tackle this wall of stuff? I know that I keep calling this place a huge mess, and while there's a lot of paper in it, it's not bad. The floor is relatively clean, so I'm not in a panic, but it would be nice to get it in better shape. 

The next area to sort through

It's this kind of thing that I'm dealing with - oh - there's another orange tray. Every time I went to HomeSense, I had to buy anything with bicycles or the color orange. I don't do that anymore. The tray does NOT match the other one. It's these odds and ends, of which this tray is filled with that are the worst to deal with. 

A tray filled with odds and ends

The first thing I see are six gloves/mitts. None of them match each other. I wonder where the partners are? I might find the partners in this place! I'm pretty sure they are NOT in the closet - I've been through that. I don't really care about any of them except one! The black glove in the top right is a very nice winter glove with fingertips for a cell phone, and I think I had bought that for cycling. I must check upstairs to see if I can find the other one. But why do we have so many odd gloves/mitts? 

Odd gloves/mitts

Now - you're not allowed to judge! I loved this pair of running shoes, and so did Murphy. One day, I found that she chewed the heel out of the right one. Bad doggie!!! She has a foot fetish. She really does need a salt lick like they have for cows. Yes - I've hung onto them (in the office) for a year or two so I could take a picture to show you. I know - stupid!

My orange running shoes

So I bought another pair of black running shoes. And well, over time, I've damaged the heel on the left shoe. Oh, shoot. It's still wearable but looks ugly. 

My black running shoes

Yep - you guessed it - I took the left one from the orange pair, and the right one from the black pair, and I now have a funky pair of running shoes. I don't wear these that often as they have ZERO support in them, but when I do - well, I'm sure I'm going to get a few looks. I'll tell people that they came that way!

My new pair of running shoes

So some stuff did get cleaned up from the office. Not a lot, but a few things did. 

Speaking of Murphy and her foot fetish, look at her! I'm using my programmable foot pedal, and several times, I cut the thread when I didn't want to cut the thread. Bad doggie!

Murphy and her foot fetish

Speaking of shoes, it was time to replace the running shoes. The real running shoes. Yes - I know when you look at the heels of these shoes, they needed to be replaced a long time ago. I'm going to have to replace them every 1,500 KM instead of every 2,000 KM. 

Running shoes - totally worn out

I'm trying a different brand this time - New Balance and so far, I really like them. But it's only been one day. Thanks to Linda for suggesting the leather uppers. While those shoes look clunky, they work for me. And thanks to Diane, who didn't need these shoes!!

My new walking shoes

The other thing that happened yesterday was that I finished quilting that modern scrap quilt. Yeah!!! But not before I had to add a bit more batting in one spot. The fit was tight, and I didn't get the quilt quite right on the backing and the batting.  

Adding some batting 

I also had to add more backing. The backing was large enough, but the quilt went on slightly askew, and that caused some issues. Thank goodness, the backing is busy, and no one will be the wiser that there were a few issues. 

The backing needed to be fixed as well

It's now quilted and trimmed. It's the first time that I quilted a spiral - the piece is about 40" square. I really like the effect, and I'm glad that I waited to figure this one out. I only waited about 10 years or so!!!

The modern quilt is quilted!

The detail of the quilting.

Spiral quilting

But I learned a lot while doing this. Things that I won't do again. Oh - I'll do the spiral again, but not with that raised extension table. I needed to be on a much flatter surface. And I think the quilt will have to be blocked as the edges seem a bit wobbly. Hmm - how am I going to do that? I just love how I get one thing done, and that leads to another thing!  Sigh................

As I started the magazine quilt yesterday, I pulled it from the pile of current projects! Yep, I'm now going to be working on that pile, and we'll just see how fast it goes down! I've got samples and blog posts to prep, and NONE of those materials are in the current pile! One day at a time! That's all we can do. 

I haven't had a chance to work on the puzzle for a couple of days, and oh my - I was able to keep myself away. That's a shock as normally, I'm in there like a dirty shirt! 

I got a bit of handwork done last night - I love that new little corner I carved out for myself. I do have a huge bin (of course!) of handwork that needs to be dealt with, so now I'm tackling that as well. My space is in such good shape! 

Oh - I promised photos of Studio U today. Ooops - that didn't happen—hopefully, tomorrow. 

On that note, thanks to everyone for keeping me honest! I love all your comments and suggestions. Now, what are you going to do with your 10-minutes of tidying today?

Have a great day!!!



  1. I'm glad you got a new pair of shoes, it was past time. And New Balance are my absolute favorites. I have really wide feet and it is difficult to get wide sizes, but New Balance has a great selection of wide styles.

  2. Love the "new pair" of shoes-the black/orange. I wore New Balance for many years until my feet changed again. (I'm in Brooks now).

    Yea for continued progress and oh my, someone has the fabric needed to repair your quilt? That is priceless!

    Happy Saturday.