Wednesday, April 20, 2022

A GOOD news day

 Have you ever had one of those days when the stars are aligned, and everything works out exactly as you want? 

That seemed to be the case yesterday. And I have to say that nothing was earth-shattering -- it was just good news all around. 

It started when I got this e-mail. 

While I knew this update was coming, I can now download and install the new software. The last time a new upgrade happened, I had to wait months for my turn. They don't want to overload the support team, so they stagger the updates. We paid a high price for that software which runs the long arm computer. And naturally, we expect updates and upgrades, but I certainly did NOT expect them to be included in the original price. Thank you to APQS and the Grace Company for the most fantastic support EVER!!!

I haven't had a chance to read about all the new features, but one I know that I'm excited about is the ability to do an edge-to-edge AROUND applique! Hopefully, it's pretty intuitive to make that happen. I hope to download and install it today. Tomorrow may not be a good news day, although the last upgrade I did worked like a charm. 

And here's the thing about those updates --- the instructions are super clear and straightforward. The support team that created all this stuff is AMAZING, and it means that we can do it unassisted in our homes. You have to LOVE technology and Angela Clark. I've NEVER regretted this purchase!

I hear a couple of sewing machine upgrades coming as well, and since both of my primary sewing/embroidery machines are Wi-Fi enabled, the next time I turn them on, I should get an update. Thank you to PFAFF and Husqvarna Viking for making that happen.  Again -- I don't have to take my sewing machines anywhere to do that. And what is the update? I should be able to use the NEW 200 by 200 metal hoop, among a few other minor changes. I'm so excited!! 

The NEW Quilter's Metal Hoop

And also, speaking about sewing machines and software, I ran a virtual software session yesterday ( for a local shop, and I absolutely LOVE when the students submit photos of what they have done. We talk about how they did it and is there a better way, etc. Well, the group yesterday did NOT disappoint. They were full of questions, and they were not shy to experiment. While I had an agenda, we went totally rogue and off-topic, and I could talk like I knew what I was doing, even when we ventured into digitizing. 

Me and digitizing in embroidery software? I love all this technology, and while I still have tons to learn in that software, each day brings a new victory! I WILL get good at it. Such a change from years ago when I first bought embroidery software, and I looked at the screen, and well -- I didn't get far. Now, I'm ready to conquer anything!

Speaking of conquering things, you know how much I love my Virtual Challenges from The Conquerer. Well, guess what???  They are bringing some of them to REAL LIFE.  OH MY GOD --- I was so excited when I got this e-mail, I could hardly stand it. 

That is crazy, and I want to go on the first one, which is to the Base Camp in Nepal. But the timing doesn't work for me, and I don't want to change my plans.  DRAT!!!!! There are some in New Zealand next year, but I would bet by now that they are full. 

They have a Facebook group with 168K members worldwide, and it's the MOST supportive group of people I've ever met. We all get each other, and it doesn't matter if some people are walking the first KM they walked in years, or you're a nut job like me. We all get it, and we all support each other. Knowing that I'm part of a community like that (even an online one) makes me very happy. It's so much fun to meet each other and get to know each other better. 

So -- I'll check again on those New Zealand trips, and I WILL walk a real challenge ---it's just a question of which one and when. 

As if that wasn't enough excitement in the day, I found Easter chocolate when I went to the grocery store. Now I shouldn't be buying this, but it's Easter. After that --- I need to cut back on the chocolate. I've been so good for so many years. I think the deadline stress is getting to me and well --- eat more fruit or something! I have no problem eating chocolate; I just don't need gobs. So I'm secretly enjoying my Easter chocolate over the next few days. DH's eyes aren't as good as mine when it comes to finding chocolate!

Easter chocolate

I got another customer quilt done to help with the good news day, and now, I've got some trimming to do, which I hope to accomplish later today. Although I have two deadline projects that I'd like out of the way by Friday. 

Customer quilt - DONE

And the BEST news of all is that I made fantastic progress on the Cherrywood Challenge. There are several styles of embellishments on the piece, and one type is completely done, and I have to say it looks incredible! I had to play with it slightly, but it's looking exactly how I envisioned it. 

Then I moved on to another embellishment style, which is also working out exactly like I planned. I love when that happens. I don't have a problem visualizing things in my head; it's the translation to the real thing that can be hard -- well, isn't that what a challenge is all about?

Scraps from making embellishments for the Cherrywood Challenge

I should quickly finish this style today, leaving two more embellishment techniques, and I also hope to get those done later today. Then all that remains is to trim the piece, attach the embellishments, and add the binding. I CAN DO THIS by May 1. 

If it gets into the Cherrywood Challenge, then KUDOS to me; if it doesn't, KUDOS to me for making it happen; either way, I'm a winner. I had fun thinking it up, and I've had the pleasure of making it, and it's more fun now that it's turning out exactly how I wanted. 

There was so much happening yesterday, and it was all good. The pond got opened, despite the snow, which is now all gone. I didn't get a picture of that. 

Murphy was totally bored, and this is how I found her when I returned from the grocery store. 

Watching the world go by

She absolutely loves that window seat!

And it's time to think about CHRISTMAS. Well, not really, but here's the thing. A specific quilt store puts out an Advent Calendar at Christmas. I haven't signed up for it, but I watched as the daily gifts were opened. So much of it was promotional items or items that I would NEVER buy. And it supports a US store. It is not a problem, but we are CANADIAN, and wouldn't it be great to support a quilt store trying very hard to be a great shop? There are LOTS of other fantastic Canadian shops as well! 

Guess what?? There is a store doing just that. And we need to support them. Check out Watergirl Quilt Co., located in Prescott, Ontario; they have put together a quilt Advent Calendar. I don't usually sign up for this kind of thing, but just this once, I signed up. (Thanks, Mary and Gwen! - enablers!!!) Check out the video -- Michelle is so funny and so excited -- she reminds me of myself on the excitement part. 

So if you were thinking of buying this advent calendar from somewhere else, support Canadian and get on the Watergirl Quilt Co. list!! Then, starting December 1, we can open our presents together.  

There might have been one or two other small victories yesterday, but I've forgotten them. Don't you just LOVE when a day comes together like that? 

Yes -- there is still lots of paperwork to do, there is lots of sewing/embroidery/digital cutting/quilting to do, but it'll get done. Slow and steady is my motto. 

On that note, I'm off to the gym for another spin class. Can I get a repeat of yesterday? I doubt it -- that was a gold star day, to be sure. But every day can be a gold star day -- you just have to change how you look at everything!!

Have a super day!!!!


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